An Early Morning Clitheroe Route.

I am loving the weather at the moment. Cold and crisp, hard frost and no squelchy mud. Hugo coming home clean and no danger of him shaking dirt all over the house. Bliss!

During the week it’s mostly just Hugo and I on our walks as Wil works full time. I can fit the doogal in round my part time hours and we stick to local routes around the outskirts of Clitheroe. Happily It isn’t very far for us to find some fields and below is one of our usual hikes from home.

Walking past Primrose Nature Reserve.
Teals can be seen over the reserve fence.
We avoid walking up a busy Whalley road by using a shortcut . πŸ™‚
And cross the road into fields.
Kemple End through the trees.
One of my favourite fields. I hope it never gets built on.
Hugo likes it here too.
Obligitary sheep pic. πŸ‘
Tree lined path leading to Four Lane Ends.
Ivy Cottage.
Which way now?
We pass Ivy Cottage with its Wheel bench.
And Opposite is the entrance to a private residence ~ Standen Hall.
Four Lane Ends.
At Standen Bridge I peer down into the brook and spot a Dipper. πŸ™‚
Now this is a new addition, a vandalised caravan. 😦
A nicer new addition. Somebody has hung a few bird feeders along the lane.
A short detour to take this photo of Pendle.
And back to Clitheroe through the fields.
I spy Clitheroe castle. 🏰
Somebody’s watching me.
Heading into town.

Let’s hope this dry cold weather continues πŸ™‚


26 thoughts on “An Early Morning Clitheroe Route.”

  1. Looks like a nice walk, I like the blue tit and the cat, and the view of the castle is a great shot. I’ve actually managed two walks myself this week, yesterday and today as the weather turned out glorious even though it’s still cold πŸ™‚

  2. I agree the advantage of this crisp and cold weather is a dry and mud free dog (a definite positive) however I am ready for some summery weather, I personally do feel the cold and although wrap up well would love some warmth right through to my bones! Lovely photos πŸ™‚

    1. I think some Spring like weather is forecasted for next week. I only feel the cold if I stand still. Our dogs are definitely fans of Mud and puddles. πŸ™‚

      1. Oooh interesting. I have got back that far with some of my family tree, hoping for some fabulously rich ancestors, but found farmers and miners. πŸ˜€

  3. Nice dog walking territory.
    I find it fascinating that you are wandering by Mearley Brook which ran alongside your childhood home, a good connection with the past. I never knew where it went through Clitheroe.

    1. Hi yes me too. I was surprised to see the teals, first time I’ve seen any here in town. Think they were hidden away in the reserve, before it became a nature reserve. X

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