It’s Cold Outside.

Brrrrrr, it’s been so chilly recently, but also as I said in a previous post, perfect walking weather for dogs and shoes. No mud!

I hear the temperatures may be in double figures by Monday. Advantage being new growth will  peep through what is at the moment cold hard earth.

For now some photos of a walk from home around the meadows and lanes of Waddington civil parish.

We find a footpath through fields, off this road signposted Bashall Eaves.

One of a flock of lapwings. Lovely to see. 🙂

A beautiful old house called Bashall Hall.

Bashall Hall buildings and fallen tree.

Hide and sheep.

A cold looking Pendle.

Friendly flock.

Frozen brook.

Icicles. ❄️

Fairy Bridge.

Hazel Catkins.

We settle for a brew and sandwich on a mossy bridge.

Hugo sat nicely ( on ice!) because we are eating and he’s waiting for crumbs.

Heading to Waddington.

Snowdrops in a little wooded area by a stream.

Cold as ice..❄️

Fairy door.

The Lower Buck. An excellent stop off in usual times. They have roaring fires in there.

Once back home, time for a brew and thaw out. ❤️

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

28 thoughts on “It’s Cold Outside.”

  1. After three really lovely days here it was back to being dull and grey again today. Apart from a quick shopping trip to Asda down the road and a ~ very ~ short dog walk round the nearby field I haven’t been out as it’s been so lethally cold. I like your ‘hide and sheep’ and love the way Hugo sits so nicely 🙂

  2. My Uncle in law lives a stone’s throw from Bashall Hall, it is a lovely area to walk 🙂 and I have to agree with you (although I am not keen on the cold) that frosty weather walks mean clean dogs!

  3. It’s been absolutely bitter here too … we’ve not ventured far at all. Lovely to see the snowdrops. I’m hoping ours won’t be long now 😃

    1. I’m sure they will appear soon. Milder weather from tomorrow. Definitely behind at seeing lots of spring flowers that should be making an appearance by now.

  4. Not had snow down here at all, casting envious glances to the north at a white world. We just had 40mph winds from the east permanently, making it cold but no snow, so the ground is still pretty muddy. Love the hide and sheep photo

  5. What a lovely, although cool walk & glad you shared. We are back to “very” local walks again, being in a Stage 4 lockdown once more. Take care & stay warm & safe.

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