In The Dunsop Valley. 🦆

I have posted about the lovely Dunsop Valley before but I couldn’t resist showing some images from a 5 mile walk on Sunday morning. Only 20 minutes drive from home, the scenic Trough Of Bowland is every bit as picturesque as the Dales of Yorkshire, yet this is a Lancashire gem through and through. The area can also claim to be the Centre Of The United Kingdom, though quite a few other settlements in Northumberland, Yorkshire and even Wales claim to be also. The weather was both blustery and calm, it didn’t really know what to do with itself….

Right here 🤗
Into the woods.
Hebridean sheep in Lancashire.
Here’s my close up. 😊
A vibrant green moss on the woodland floor. Almost star spangled.
Not a muddy walk for us today.
River Dunsop.
Mrs Mallard.
Witches Butter or Orange Brain Fungi..
Sheltering sheep.
Scenery. 😊
Curly Tup.
Cock Pheasant.
Brew stop.
Water Intake.
There are a few United Utilities information boards in the valley.
We walked as far as this footbridge, but hope to go further next time.
Mini Monkey Puzzle.
Alder Catkins.
Dog days.
Nearly back in the village of Dunsop Bridge.

A well deserved breakfast butty topped off the end of our walk from Puddleducks in Dunsop Bridge. 🦆

33 thoughts on “In The Dunsop Valley. 🦆”

  1. Looks lovely. Is it all on the hard path? I think we did it once. Love Carol. X

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  2. Really missing the countryside! A favourite ToB walk. Beyond the waterworks we’ve got lost in the hills many a time! Hope it won’t be long before we can do it again! 😊

      1. If you cross the bridge you were stood on there is a track and then a good path up the east side of the valley to Whitendale Farm and then you can walk back along the road.

  3. What a fab pic of the pheasant!! And those trees!! Looks like shots people take here in Sask. We have a small corner of high elevation that the glaciers of the last ice age didn’t grind down, now an interprovincial park called Cypress Hills. The lodge pole pines look just like that!! And the moss!! —have you ever read the book “The Signature Of All Things”? Elizabeth Gilbert. Alma Whittaker, the heroine and a historical person makes a career of studying mosses, and arrives independently at the same theory of evolution as Darwin. I think there were two other men who did also but the book is a fascinating read—not at all like “Eat,Pray,Love” which she also wrote but which falls far short of the brilliance of this book. Sounds like reading the equivalent of watching paint dry but just try a few pages—you’ll be hooked. 😊. Pics of the butty next time or it didn’t happen 😝

    1. Thanks for the book recommendation , I had heard of Eat, Pray, Love but not The Signature of all things. I will try and include the food next time. 🙂

  4. What a lovely walk & not too far from home. Thanks for sharing & I loved the black hairy (not woolly) sheep (giggle). Take care & hugs.

  5. Looks like a really nice walk and a butty stop at the end of it – can’t be bad 🙂 I love the vibrant green moss, it looks very pretty 🙂

  6. There’s so much of the Forest of Bowland which I don’t know, even though it’s almost as close to us as it is to you. That looks lovely – I’ve added the Dunsop Valley to my ‘to visit’ list.
    That moss photo is outstanding – love the pattern and the vibrant colour.

    1. Me too, there’s loads I haven’t visited either. Dunsop Bridge is one of the nearer places to us, quite popular, but once you get further into the valley or hills, really quiet. 🙂

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