Easter Staycation.

It’s not often that Wil and I have a week off work together and don’t book at least a few days away. . So recently it’s actually been quite nice for us to spend some time at home pottering, doing a few jobs and erm ….eating cheese!

We started our week with a ginormous order of cheese from Tipsy Cows in Great Harwood. Their amazing cheese bags are Β£35 and include a pie, pate, smoked sausage,Β  crackers, bread, a bottle of wine, chutney, grapes and of course a shed load of cheese. Still getting through it now..

From Monday we were allowed to meet up with friends & family for outdoor walks again. We met up with my sister and the kids and walked further into the Dunsop Valley. A truelly beautiful place.

On Wednesday we decided to go up to our caravan in Cumbria, mostly to check that it was still in one piece. Luckily it was! And everywhere we went there were daffodillions of daffodils. On the way we stopped in Kirkby Lonsdale for a walk.

Daffs at St Mary’s in Kirkby Lonsdale.

The caravan ~ still standing.

Daffodillions of daffodils on Melmerby village green.

Gallivanting Geese.

Hugo amongst the daffs.

Easter display.

A pew with a view.

We turned the water back on at the caravan and gave it a quick spring clean. The weather was really warm.

Back in Clitheroe, the new Nature Reserve has opened at last. As we live nearby it has definitely become our go to place for a stroll with Hugo. One morning we bought breakfast from Marks Artisan Bakery on Whalley road after our walk. Sooo good! I am making a note of the wildlife I have spotted at the reserve, which includes Little Egret, Mallards, Teal, Grey Heron and Canada Geese. I will get working on a post soon.

Worsaw Hill.

Looking towards Pendle.

Hugo and Jo having a moment. Or maybe Hugo is watching a ham sandwich, out of shot.Β 

On Good Friday we met some friends for a walk from Worston to Downham and back. We are so lucky to live in the lovely Ribble Valley and have definitely discovered lots of new local walks and rediscovered old favourites during the numerous lock downs.

There have also been less energetic pursuits. On Saturday I met some friends for a Hip flask walk. We didn’t get very far. From one bench to another in the local park..πŸ˜€

Park Bench Crawl.

We had planned to stay home on Easter Sunday and enjoy our new fire pit. πŸ”₯

Wil bought a fire pit. πŸ”₯

But after checking the weather forecast we realised we would have to head back up to the caravan again and drain it down. Forcasted minus 7 temperatures meant we had obviously been too previous in opening the van up for Spring. So here are some more lovely Easter views from Melmerby where the van is based.

We also called in at my Mum’s in Askham and had a brew in the garden. Got introduced to these cuties. ❀️

Cute calves.

Farm kitty’s.

Today ( Easter Monday) the sky outside is deceptively blue. It is freezing out there! There was even a smattering of snow this morning.

Happy Easter. πŸ‡πŸ£β€οΈ


33 thoughts on “Easter Staycation.”

  1. I love this post, it looks like you’ve had a great week πŸ™‚ Some great views here and the daffs of the village green are a gorgeous colour. Your ‘hip flask walk’ made me laugh, I like the bunny in the basket and love the farm cats πŸ™‚

  2. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the north. Some lovely walks. It was so hot and sunny earlier last week, I got sunburnt, and like you, this morning we woke to flurries of snow! It can only happen on these islands! 🀣

      1. We have a beautiful blue sky just now but it’s bitterly cold wind. Hat and gloves needed just to put the bin out for tomorrow and 🀣

  3. Some lovely pictures and so very England at Easter time. We have had a couple of garden catch ups … yesterday was positively balmy … today … well, don’t let the sunshine lull you into a false sense of security … it’s been bitterly cold 🐣🐣🐣

  4. The cheese bag looks amazing! Beautiful daffodil photos too. Must’ve felt like a real treat finally getting back to your caravan. It’s so odd comparing coming out of lockdown now with the first lockdown this time last year, let’s hope it’s our last lockdown. X

    1. I really hope so. The cheese bag was a great treat, especially when there are no pubs and cafes open ( yet) to spend your Dosh in. πŸ™‚

  5. It was very chilly today – we had snow flurries first thing but we still went out for a walk (had to cut it short coz was so very very cold!) Went up to Bordley and nearly froze thanks to the bitterly fresh wind! It was still very nice to be out (once back at the van with a fresh brew in my rather cold hands!)

  6. Nice to see a post appear as I was going to email to make sure you were OK. What a lovely lot of photos from your Easter break & your weather sounds not unlike ours & fluctuating madly between warm & cool. Love the crowds of daffodils & hope you soon get time away at the van. The calves & cats seem to be beckoning me to come over (ha ha), unlikely in the near future. Take care, stay safe & hugs.

    1. Thanks Susan, yeh I’m good thanks. Just didn’t have anything to write about for a while. Been a great few days though. πŸ™‚

  7. Sounds like you had a good time. Hasn’t the weather been crazy? Just when the daffs are nodding. Good job they don’t mind snow πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I am glad the flowers are surviving. Saw some house Martin’s back from their travels. They must think they landed in Iceland by mistake! X

  8. Looks like a really lovely time. We love having a stroll around St Marys in Kirkby Lonsdale, don’t the daffodils look so pretty. Downham is a place we like very much too. I think we might have to check out the cheese, that does sound good. xxx

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