Ribble side ramble. πŸ¦†

The weather is so surprising at the moment. Blue skies then snow. Warm sunshine. Then snow. And repeat.

I am wondering what to wear for a week night beer garden drink. Looking in my wardrobe, I seriously haven’t bought any new going out clothes since 2019! Pjamas ~ yes. Walking pants~ yes. But no new tops or dresses. However I suspect I will still be frequenting my warm puffa jacket for any approaching social activities!

At present social activities still revolve around walking, so here are some photos from yesterday’s walk along the river to Chatburn and back. A repeat of a post I did earlier in the year, but a little more wildlife on display. πŸ™‚

One of many picture slabs in Brungerley park. A fox and a hare gaze at the moon.
A hunched heron.
Greylag and Canada Geese.
Golden forsythia blossom.
A lone mute swan.
Hipping Stones.
Mary Horner’s bench.
Beautiful blackthorn.
Twisty tree.
Bridge at Grindleton.
In the Woods.
By the Ribble.
Hipping Stones.
Hipping Stones.
Female Goosander. A favourite water bird. Love her Nut brown quiff.
Hugo waiting to play ball.
Wood Anemones or Wind Flowers.
Dog Violet.
Love this cherry blossom painting.

Hope you have had a pleasant weekend.


17 thoughts on “Ribble side ramble. πŸ¦†”

  1. This looks like a lovely walk and you got some great shots, love the first view with the hipping stones and the one with the bridge, also like the fox and hare picture slab, the scruffy looking heron and the swan close-up – I wonder why it was on its own? The goosander looks cute and the cherry blossom painting is really pretty πŸ™‚

    We have certainly had some odd weather over the last few days. Lovely sunshine with temperatures ranging from fairly pleasant to bitterly cold in the same day, last night I opened the door to take the dogs out and after a day of sunshine it was snowing but looked like white rain – crazy πŸ™‚

    1. The weather definitely is crazy, I agree. I never know what to wear. We have seen the swan a few times and it’s always on its own and in the same place too, which is slightly strange. Looks healthy enough though. X

  2. The weather is bonkers, isn’t it? Still, dig out your most glamorous/glitzy pub/going out costume, and get ready for the joy that will be meeting up with people/socialising and just leaving our ruddy homes that is to come!

    1. No I can’t find anything about M H. Other than the bench. The stones are not usable as they turn into a waterfall in the middle. Yikes!

  3. I shudder at the thoughts of crossing the hipping stones, my other half has family at West Bradford and so he as a child/teenager visited that area a fair bit – we have walked along the Ribble but I have this inate fear of slipping off the stones (even when there is only a trickle of water rather than the raging torrent it can be!)

    1. I think these stones would be a bit dicey as there is a little waterfall in the centre. But I know what you mean, whenever I cross some stepping stones I tend to freeze at the middle stone!

  4. A lovely walk Sharon & thanks for taking us along. I’ve had trouble recently with commenting on wordpress blogs, but think whatever it was has fixed itself. Our weather is so like yours at the moment, a couple of very warm days for this time of year, then icy wind & rain here and snow on the higher peaks above us. Brrrr!! Weird. Take care, rug up for your night out & hugs.

  5. You wouldn’t think it was the same river that we both walk along! Great pics. Love the goosander and her rockabilly haircut. Her sort don’t get this far down the river. Seen goosanders, smews and mergansers on the Ribble alongside the beautiful Preston parks (Avenham & Miller). Just eiders, cormorants, oystercatchers, little waders, and gulls this end! Not complaining! x

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