Kirkby Lonsdale.

With staycations high on the agenda this year, Wil put the gift cards he received for his 50th birthday towards a couple of nights away in the pretty South Lakeland town of Kirkby Lonsdale . Luckily he invited Hugo and I along too. πŸ˜‰

Kirkby Lonsdale lies at the edge of the Lake District , retains a Carnforth postcode from its former Lancashire days and is minutes away from the Yorkshire Dales National Park too. An excellent base for lots of exploring then!

The town itself is incredibly picturesque with plenty of old inns, fantastic eateries and quirky independent shops. It’s also very dog friendly, which is great when your holidaying with a certain lovable labrador. 🐾

The Royal Hotel on Main Street.
Room 2.
The Bath πŸ›€.

We stayed in the very accomodating Royal Hotel opposite the Market Square. This elegant Georgian townhouse has tastefully furnished rooms and friendly approachable staff. We couldn’t fault it!

Though to be fair all the local businesses in Kirkby Lonsdale are super friendly and very happy to be recieving visitors once again. πŸ™‚

After arriving and checking in at The Royal on Friday evening we took Hugo for a walk through town and headed straight out for a couple of drinks. Fortunately we managed to find seats without booking ( hurrah!) , everywhere was buzzing but not rammed. We especially liked the warm local feel of The Orange Tree and those good vibes in The King’s Arms .

Orange 🍊 Tree Refreshments.
Belated Birthday πŸŽ‰ the King’s Arms.

I took a couple of Summer evening photographs of the town between pubs.

St Mary’s Church and The Sun Inn.
Ruskin’s View. A painting of this vista by Turner was much admired by Ruskin, who described it as ‘ One of the loveliest views in England’.
St Mary’s churchyard is a haven for wildlife.

Saturday promised to be a scorcher of a day . After a tasty breakfast at the hotel we went for a wander before the shops opened and then took Hugo for a walk along the river Lune.

Royal Hotel Breakfast.
Devil’s Bridge.
Hugo living his best life. 🀣

The nearby River Lune is spanned by the three arched Devils Bridge and is an attractive riverside amble from the town. The bridge is a popular spot with motorcyclists and there is a long established butty & brew van that always does a roaring trade. We also saw two guys being egged on by friends to dive off the bridge…and they did! It’s a well known dare spot for such jumps, but probably shouldn’t be encouraged. πŸ™

Beautiful listed building ‘ The Old Manor House’.
I love the street names in Kirkby Lonsdale. Salt Pie Lane named after the hot salted mutton pies on sale here in former days.
Jingling Lane. πŸ€—
There are plenty of cute shops in town , such as Abraham’s Store.
Bath goodies shop.
And Parma Violet, to name but a few…

In the afternoon we decided to drive to nearby Sizegh Castle . The National Trust property was pretty busy, but the estate is so large, it is quite easy to avoid people. Dogs are unfortunately not allowed in the gardens but are permitted in the cafe and within the grounds. We ended up walking a good eight miles or so around the estate. Phew!

I did have a peek in the garden.
Vivid blue irises were in bloom in the garden.
Small Heath πŸ¦‹.
Views across to the sea from the estate.

Once back in Kirkby Lonsdale we needed an ice cream to cool down. A long queue was forming outside The Milking Parlour on Jingling Lane. Although this new ice cream shop has very positive reviews, we were keen to jump the queues. Chocolat on New Road is a delightful little chocolatier that also sells deliciously decadent ice cream. They were so good!

Ice Cream Waffle Cones in Chocolat. Oh yes. 😊

After all the walking and the ice cream treats we headed back to the hotel for a while. We reemerged later for another night out , having booked a table at a lovely restaurant called Plato’s . The food here was excellent and the staff made a big fuss of Hugo. We also had a couple of drinks in local brewery tap house The Royal Barn ~ my favourite tipple was the rhubarb flavoured Rosie Pig Cider. 🐷

The Royal Barn.
A savoury custart tart in Plato’s. Yummy. πŸ™‚

On Sunday morning it was time to check out of our hotel after breakfast. We had such an enjoyable stay, stopping in the Royal had been a great experience. The whole town is loving recieving visitors once again. πŸ’—

Before heading home we drove thirty minutes to the coast for a walk along the foreshore at Hest Bank near Morecambe. It felt good to take in the sea air and enjoy the vast views of Morecambe Bay.

Wading bird sculpture by the car park at Hest Bank.
Along the foreshore to nearby Bolton Le Sands.
Windswept trees.
Praying Seashell at Red Bank Farm, Bolton Le Sands. The sculpture looks over the mudflats where 21 Chinese cockle pickers lost their lives in 2004, they were caught by the incoming tide. 😦
Rocks at Bolton Le Sands.
Yellow Flag Iris. Spot the snail.
The Shore Cafe, Hest Bank.

There is free shoreside car parking over the level crossing at Hest Bank and a couple of cafe options on route between there and Bolton Le Sands. Lots more in Morecambe.

Have you any weekends away planned?

35 thoughts on “Kirkby Lonsdale.”

  1. Kirkby Lonsdale looks really great. Nice to see pictures of Hest Bank again, where I walked through last year on my coastal walk. It seems so long ago now!

  2. Looks such a lovely weekend away! Beautiful place and Hugo looks to be absolutely living his best life in that photo!! We have just had a little weekend away just to family in Dumfries and wound our way home through the Borders, was really lovely to be away for the first time in so long! So glad you all had such a lovely time x

  3. It sounds like you had a really good weekend away, especially as you were able to take Hugo. I really enjoyed my day there last September, it’s a lovely place especially down by the river. I have a photo taken of a notice on the end of Devil’s Bridge, dated 1972, saying that jumping off there is punishable by a fine. Apart from the nightmare of finding somewhere to park – it was a weekday in late September so heaven knows what it’s like at weekends or in peak season – Kirkby Lonsdale is well worth visiting πŸ™‚

    1. It does get very busy so having a base there was a really good idea. We have camped in a camper van there too before, I looked at my post and it was back in 2015! The blokes who jumped off the bridge were pretty stupid really , there are rocks that pertrude out of the water on each side. Rather them than me! X

  4. Lovely! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, it felt like we were with you. We visited Sizergh many years ago, the gardens were lovely including the vegetable garden with its bees πŸ’πŸ’

    1. I didn’t get chance to see much of the gardens what with Hugo being with us, there’s lots more of the estate we need to explore too. One day!

  5. What a gorgeous place, lovely range of quirky street names and independent shops as well! The Old Manor House is a beauty, bet its just beautiful inside.

  6. On first glance at the title of your post I thought you was referring to Kirkby in Liverpool. No offence to the people there, but I don’t reckon it’s as scenic!

    1. He did! Wil has just told me to zoom in on the photo of Hugo in the river, I didn’t realise he actually looks like a dog possessed!

  7. Thank you for sharing your short break with us and it was like taking a holiday for myself which won’t be happening here for a looooong time they say. I loved all your photos & certainly spotted that little snail on the iris. The colours are wonderful. Take care & hugs.

  8. I’m glad you were able to have such a nice break. My Great Uncle Jack used to live there, but it looks as if it has changed a lot from what I remember.

    1. Really, it makes me think of somewhere that hadn’t changed much, though there a few nice new shops. We had a lovely break, thank you. X

  9. What a great, varied weekend.
    I’ve been in the gardens of Sizergh many times but never thought of walking around the estate – must investigate.
    That bath must have been a treat.

  10. A great use of those gift cards πŸ™‚
    It looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful stay and really made the most of the local area. Kirkby Lonsdale looks beautiful and I love that sea of buttercups. X

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