Weekend Wanderings ~ A Flowerpot Festival And A Roman Wall.

Of the Flowerpot Festival in Settle, the Visit Settle website says ‘ Be Entertained, Astounded and Astonished by the beautiful flowerpot displays in our lovely town’. I couldn’t agree more! Here are a small selection of what we spotted when we dropped by Settle last Saturday afternoon. The Yorkshire Dales town is showcasing it’s stunning flowerpot creations until the first week of September.

The resemblance is uncanny!

On Sunday we were in Northumberland, a county we are discovering more of from our caravan base in the North Pennines. We visited Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 73 mile wall was built under the orders of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD122 , guarding the Northern frontier from invaders further North. Today what remains of Hadrian’s Wall is looked after by English Heritage and other organisations.

We parked at Housesteads Roman Fort and walked along the Hadrian’s Wall Path as far as Sycamore Gap, about 4 miles there and back. Confusingly Housesteads is looked after by both English Heritage and the National Trust, yet the car park is run by National Parks. So as NT members we still had to pay for parking. Then I realised I had left my membership card at home anyway! So we didn’t bother paying to see the fort remains, we just went a walk instead.

The wildflowers along the wall are beautiful. Plenty of harebells, knapweed, ladies bedstraw and field scabious. The heather was just starting to bloom and mountain pansies were dotted here and there.

Your not really meant to sit on an ancient monument but Hugo and I did have one quick photo taken just before Hotbank Farm. A very scenic spot for a hill farm. 🙂

To the left of Hotbank farm lies a body of water called Crag Lough. I had no idea before I wrote this post that lakes in Northumberland and very Northern England are known as loughs . There are several loughs near Hadrian’s Wall.

Sycamore Gap is an iconic and well photographed spot along Hadrian’s Wall. A few hundred years old Sycamore tree 🌲 grows in the dip. The sycamore is known as the Robin Hood Tree as it appeared in the Kevin Costner film Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves.

My goodness, there is so much more to discover in this fascinating part of the world. I am sure there will be future posts!


28 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings ~ A Flowerpot Festival And A Roman Wall.”

  1. We love it up there. The flowerpot festival looks fabulous, we’ve been to scarecrow festivals but never heard of a flowerpot one … it’s a great idea. We called in at Settle on our way back from Yorkshire for lunch … it’s a lovely little town to explore, with a very nice cafe in the Folly museum 😃

    1. The flowerpots were wonderfully creative. And there are lots of cafes and shops there that weren’t there a few years ago, it’s certainly a lovely town. 🙂

  2. Love those flower pot creations. Especially the meerkats and Percy the Postman ( not sure if it meant to be Percy but it looks like him). My friend from Cumbria took me walking along the wall and we passed Robin Hoods tree. So clever that they planted a young sapling near by as a replacement. Hopefully not for many years to come. It was a lovely walk!!

    1. I think the postman is Postman Pat with his cat Jess. Haven’t heard of Percy, is he Canadian? I didn’t know about the sapling, a great idea…

      1. Percy the postman was a children’s book we picked up while traveling through England way back in ‘96. I think there’s a series of them. The illustrations were fantastic. 😊

      2. Ahh , I’ve just googled Percy, he looks quite similar to Pat. I never realised we had two post people children’s books. Both great for kids. X

  3. I love all the flowerpot creations, they are so well done. I think my favourites are the elephants and the ones in the third photo – meerkats? bears? To be honest I don’t know why people make such a fuss over a 73-mile wall, I’d be more interested in the tractor behind you and Hugo 🙂

  4. It is such a long time since we were in Settle but it sounds like it is just as it was! Wonderful. You’ve had some brilliant walks and outings lately 👍

  5. OMG, those flowerpot creations are amazing. I’m just hoping this comment stays put, as I’ve commented lately on both yours & Tigermouse’s blog & they disappear. I’ve visited Settle a few times when on holiday in UK & thought it very nice along with the wonderful rail journey too. Can’t remember exactly where we stopped at Hadrian’s Wall, but had thought one day we may take a short walk along it, but alas overseas travel is going to be banned to us for the foreseeable future. No more seeing K’s family or catching up with friends. boo hoo……..Take care, stay safe & hugs.

  6. That’s a particularly nice picture of you sitting on the wallwith Hugo 👍
    We saw the flowerpot festival in Settle a few years ago. Looks like they’ve been even more imaginative and creative this year

  7. David and I visited the Sycamore Gap years ago on a trip we took to Hadrian’s Wall. I never knew there were loughs there either, but I visited before my swimming bug. That farm does look very picturesque. Lovely photos as usual xx

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