Clitheroe Castle Wanders.

Recent mornings here are chilly and bright. The Autumn colours at Clitheroe Castle have been particularly striking. Hugo and I have spent many a morning walking in the grounds, though I am well aware we need to get a few longer routes in. It’s not just Hugo who is turning into a chunk!

After eighteen months of having nowhere to go for a hot drink in the castle park, the former Bowling Green cafe building is back in business. Now called The 3 C’s Cafe ,it’s a bright cheery place selling coffee, cakes, milkshakes & ice cream. I think it will be very popular with the kids. A quiet brew though, can be snatched early on a week day morning. πŸ™‚

See you soon. πŸ€—


20 thoughts on “Clitheroe Castle Wanders.”

  1. Lovely. I wouldn’t mind a walk there too. In the top picture there looks like a BIG bird; I can’t enlarge the photo but are you able to make out what it is? Buzzard, probably. πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

  2. Another lovely walk, thanks for taking us along!… and what a better way to end it other a cup of Coffee…! and I love that ” Life is like an Ice cream, enjoy it while it melts..”

  3. I remember going to the castle with my parents when I was in my early teens, there was a classic car show on and I was bored to tears, both with the castle and with the town as there didn’t seem to be much there but maybe it’s changed over the years and deserves another visit. I do like those pink seat backs though πŸ™‚

  4. Great pics. Hugo doesn’t look chunky to me, but then he’s not eating the ice-cream is he? I’m not a huge fan of castles, I’ve always thought they must have been hell to live in way back when, all that stonework, poor/zero heating and very little comfort. But that said: great pics. Thanks for another outing.

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