One Night In Settle.

My Other Half treated me to the best early Christmas Present this year. A night away in the lovely Yorkshire Dales town of Settle and a gig in its popular Victoria Hall. It was a Sunday and quite a few shops in town were closed but there was still a festive atmosphere about the place. Here are a few photos from our trip.

The gig venue ~ Victoria Hall.
View from the Market Place.
A beautiful Christmas Tree in the centre.
Inside my favourite Settle gift shop ‘ Car & Kitchen ‘.
Talbot Arms pub.
Mulled Wine moment.

We stayed at The Golden Lion on Duke Street which is one of those welcoming Yorkshire hostelries with a cosy wood burner and a good Full English breakfast. πŸ™‚

The Golden Lion.
Golden Lion Room.
Toasty fire.

In the evening we went to Sydney’s Tapas Bar & Restaurant for a meal, followed by Peat & Diesel at Settle Victoria Hall which amazingly is the World’s oldest surviving Music Hall.

Lit up Shop.
Fish & Chips at Sydney’s.
Support act singer ~ Cody Feechan.
Stornoway band Peat & Diesel rocked on the last day of their UK tour.

The next morning we had a leisurely lie in ( for us!) followed by breakfast at the pub. Then there was a small detour on the way home……

Dining room and tree.
Love the Highland Coos.
Golden Lion Breakfast. No egg on mine as I’m not a fan.

It was absolutely pouring it down as we set off back. Still time for a quick visit to award winning Cheese Monger The Courtyard Dairy to finish off our trip. Cheese was tasted and cheese was bought. 😁

Merry Christmas Cow.
Cheese Grommit!
Too cold for ice cream today.
Quite random but , Ski Lifts. 😁

Hope you are enjoying your December so far. β™₯️


28 thoughts on “One Night In Settle.”

  1. Brilliant! We bought some pictures in Settle many years ago from a shop in a square (?) but the pictures have long since found new homes!πŸ€” We were returning to north of London from a holiday in Hawes, and visiting an aunt in Manchester! That was a long trip home and the children and the two of us were all grizzly by the time we put the key in the door! πŸ™ƒ
    It’s not long now until the winter solstice (21st) and the daylight begins to grow again! 😎

  2. I used to spend quite a bit of money in the upstairs at Car and Kitchen, I always thought they should have had a better name as they sold quality stuff. Glad to see they are still trading.
    What a lovely Xmas treat.

  3. A lovely cosy post- that fire looks glorious! Intriguingly named cafe there as well. I had a quick google to see what it was all about, thankfully no ‘olde naked man’ just lots of lovely cakes!

  4. It sounds like that was a very enjoyable early Christmas present. I like the lit up shop, the windows look really pretty, but I don’t think much of the Golden Lion breakfast, it looks a bit pathetic – I’d be asking for a refund if they put that in front of me. I like the look of the cheese shop though, I think I could go mad in there πŸ™‚ I’ve never heard of Peat & Diesel, what sort of music do they play?

    1. Hi Eunice, Peat + Diesel are a bit like the Pogues I would say. πŸ™‚
      The Golden Lion Breakfast on Wils plate may have suited you better, as it had black pudding and Egg on it, both of which I’m not a fan.And there was toast. I was full, honesty. 😁

      1. The name Peat & Diesel conjures up images of an Irish farm, but if they are like the Pogues then I definitely wouldn’t like them. I never did like the Pogues and I hate Fairy Tale of New York with a vengence, but all that matters is that you enjoyed the gig. I’ll take your word about the breakfast but I never go anywhere where they serve a meagre amount of food in the middle of a big plate and probably charge an arm and three legs for it, it’s just so unnecessary – I’d rather go to a truck stop and get a decent breakfast πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. That looks like the kind of trip I would enjoy – sweet looking hostelries and cheese after !
    Going to look up Settle online to see where it is now!

  6. So behind keeping up with the blog-scene! Loved your Settle, Clitheroe, Silecroft, Arnside blogs – all places we can relate to and would love to visit them all again in a different life?! So fed up with all the shit and nonsense going on! Just glad we can find space that offers peace and tranquillity on our doorstep. x

    1. So true. I hope you are okay Bea. At least you live in a beautiful part of the world ( as I do) and have all that fresh air and seaside on your doorstep. X

      1. All tickety-boo! Yes, we’re both lucky living where we do. Hope I haven’t offended any of your followers – meant to type “stuff and nonsense” but my fingers went off on one! πŸ€”

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