Into The Woods. 🌳

Skipton Castle Woods is a lovely place to wander whatever the season. I always seem to be drawn here in the Winter , when it is easier to spot birds busy in the bare branches of this centuries old woodland.

Spirit of the Medieval Huntress by Anna & the Willow.

The Woodland is looked after by The Woodland Trust. Eller Beck runs through the valley and Skipton Castle is nearby. You don’t even have to imagine the medieval hunting that went on amongst the shade of ancient oaks. Anna Crosses evocative willow sculptures give you a glimpse of what it was like here all those years ago.

Stag by Anna & the Willow.
Stalking Horse by Anna & the Willow.

After a saunter around the Woods a Hot Chocolate was a welcome treat. The Chocolate Works on the High Street ( there’s one in Clitheroe too) was a great choice. πŸ™‚

The Chocolate Works.
I took this photo purely because of all those smart doggys in the window. Looks quite a specialist shop though!

Skipton Canal.

Do you have a favourite woodland you like to have a wander in?


24 thoughts on “Into The Woods. 🌳”

  1. I spy a new (to me) sculpture! The stag, how beautiful is that!
    My fav woodland? Grasswood near Grassington πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous sculptures. I recognise these woods from Attic 24’s blog. I don’t think I have a favourite wood here yet, but I am very fond of the Forest of Dean.

  3. I love the willow sculptures, especially the stag and horse. As for woodland, I don’t mind if it’s part of a walk but I don’t purposely go to any as I much prefer light open spaces.

  4. What lovely sculptures, they are stunning. I have not been to those woods, I have visited the castle and i love Skipton. I haven’t walked in a woods for a long time now, they are lovely at this time of year aren’t they. We don’t have much woodland around here which is a shame as I love walking in woods.

    1. Woods really come alive in the Spring too. Looking forward to snowdrops, primroses, wild garlic, wood anemone and bluebells, as time goes on. πŸ™‚

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