Walk Derwent Water. πŸ₯Ύβ›΅

A favourite walk of mine in the Lake District is the circuit around beautiful Derwent Water. Although 10 Mile long, this hike is mostly low level and if you keep the lake in sight, you can’t really get lost. πŸ™‚ And there’s so much to see, it’s stunning in any weather. Here’s a Link to a map of the route.

I joined my sister, niece and nephew for this walk, we did the route anti clockwise, starting from the small free car parking area by Portinscale Suspension Bridge. We passed through the waterside village of Portinscale and found the path to the lake.

This Way Please. Portinscale Suspension Bridge.
The Marina.
We admired this rather nice house.
A bonnie bridge on the pathway to the Lingholm Kitchen & Walled Garden.

The Lingholm Estate on the shores of Derwent Water surrounds a grand Victorian House where the family of Beatrix Potter would spend their holidays. The garden where the Walled Garden is now inspired Beatrix’s ‘ The Tale Of Peter Rabbit ‘.

Alpaca at Lingholm.
Catbells in the distance.
Kayaks by the Lake.
Entrust Sculpture looking very weathered.

A Wooden Hand Sculpture ‘ Entrust ‘ can be found at Brandelhow Park. The Sculpture commemorate s the centenary of The National Trusts first land purchase in 2002. But recent storms seem to have moved the hands from their original position. I susoect they might be seen floating away in the future….

Lots of Gorse in bloom.
Teddy In The Window Shed.
Teddy. ❀️

Aw look it’s ‘ Teddy In The Window ‘ a popular landmark on the lakeside path. The unclaimed Teddy Bear gets sent postcards, letters and photos from all over the world. He raises money too for lots of good causes. We stopped to say Hi.

Cake by the Lake.
Chinese Bridge.
Looking back toward the bridge.

The Chinese Bridge that spans The River Derwent is a great spot for playing poohsticks. In fact there is even an extract from A A Milne’s Christopher Robin underfoot.

Lodore Falls Hotel ~ our pitstop for a dry off and Hot Chocolate.
A noisy flock of Barnacle Geese.
Wild Garlic, the only one in flower.
Centenary Stones at Calfclose Bay.
Millennium Seat.

The Centenary Stones are another National Trust Sculpture. These are found at Calfclose Bay. Nearby is a bench with a lovely view over the Lake, a bit too wet for us to sit on though.

Boardwalk through boggy woodland.
A tumbled tree.
Canada Geese.
Hollow tree base.
Keswick Launch.

At Keswick we made a detour into Hope Park to see the bronze statue of Max The Miracle Dog, who had sadly passed away the day before aged 14 and a half. Max was a very special Springer Spaniel therapy dog who raised alot of money for various charities and brought alot of happiness to alot of People. The orange coloured flowers are a tribute to the orange collar he always wore. 🧑🧑

A detour into Hope Park.
To see Max’s Statue. 🧑
Heading back to Portinscale Suspension Bridge.
Herdwick Sheep.

It had been a soggy but very enjoyable walk. Well worth doing. Thanks for joining me.πŸ₯Ύ


32 thoughts on “Walk Derwent Water. πŸ₯Ύβ›΅”

  1. It looks like a nice walk but I’d want nicer weather than that πŸ™‚ If you hadn’t said that sculpture was hands I wouldn’t have known, it looks just like rounded lumps of wood to me. I like the ‘teddy in the window’ shed – I wonder who originally lost him? I remember you mentioning Max’s statue once before – it looks lovely with those flowers round it πŸ™‚

    1. I have done it in snow and in summer so all weathers really. The hands are definitely looking a bit worse for wear these days. The Teddy has been there 30 years according to his Facebook page. Wow! Max the Springer had to be put to sleep only the day before , was very sad, he had a brain tumor. 😦 X

    1. They did! Though my nephew is way taller than me and my sis now, lol, my niece is a shortie but I bet she passes me eventually. πŸ™‚

      1. I remember quite a few years ago being picked up from Liverpool airport after a 6 day work trip to Dublin. My wife had brought our son and daughter with her. The first thing I noticed was that my son, in the space of less than a week had grown so he was now taller than my wife!
        Kids grow too quickly!

      1. All those sculpture installations I need to see.
        Your picture of the Lodore Hotel shows in the background on the skyline Gowder Crag. That is a popular climbing venue. A route named Fool’s Paradise says it all.

  2. Oh, what a lovely walk & it makes me want to come over again and spend time with family, friends and walking in beautiful countryside. Thanks so much for sharing the photos & my goodness, your niece certainly has gorgeous thick hair. Take care & hugs.

  3. I’ll be there next week, so looking forward to seeing all the views around Derwent Water as we’ll be staying in Keswick as normal. I remember seeing lots of people being caught out by Chinese Bridge as the path beyond had flooded, watching them wade through the water to the near side always makes me laugh, quite why they don’t go back and the long way around to Grange I’ll never know

    1. Ohh we were lucky then! We did walk on the road a little way after the Lodore Hotel as the path was flooded there. Have a great time in the Lakes. I love Keswick, it’s a great little town. πŸ™‚

  4. It looks like a wonderful walk. I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while now, perhaps it’s one for a long summer’s day. X

  5. I am not sure I have done this entire walk in one go, but I have definitely walked all the sections of it at some point. It is a wonderful walk, so many interesting things to look at, thank you for sharing them all with us.

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