Binsey. ⛰️

Hey, I’m pleased to report I finally made it up a fell on Good Friday. To a soundtrack of Meadow Pippits and Skylarks, I conquered Binsey. Binsey is my 9th Wainwright and it’s a diminutive one. Still, it is a hill, and that means a walk uphill and that means me wheezing my way up, a bit like the asmatic guy Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle. Except I’m not asmatic. Wil literally always calls me ‘Stevie’ on these occasions…

Seriously though, if you do fancy bagging a relatively easy Wainwright Fell , Binsey is a grand one to do. It’s in a quiet part of North Lakeland and what it lacks in stature, it makes up for in fantastic views.

To get to Binsey we headed Caldbeck way and over Uldale Common , where we were literally surrounded by mountain peaks. We passed through the little village of Uldale and found roadside parking at a crossroads near Binsey Lodge, a private residence at the bottom of the fell.

Binsey Lodge.
Windswept Hawthorn
Mountain Views.
Briefly I was ahead of Wil.
Then he was gone…and Hugo too.

You can’t really get lost hiking to the Summit of Binsey. You just head straight up the hill. At the top there is a cairn, a trig point and a wind shelter.

Wil sat on the Trig Pillar.
Finally at the top. Bassenthwaite Lake in the distance.

From the top of Binsey there are views of Lake Bassenthwaite, Overwater and the Solway Coast. Out of my rucksack emerged Little Herdy ( affectionately now also known as Little Binsey) to conquer her first Wainwright Fell.

Little Herdys 1st Wainwright.
Hugo and I are on Wainwright No 9. Wil has one extra under his belt.
Overwater from the Cairn.
Solway Coast.
Heading back downhill.

I am never going to be a big fan of hill walking but looking back on the day I bagged Binsey inspires me , to maybe think about my next Wainwright……. 🙂


41 thoughts on “Binsey. ⛰️”

  1. Good ‘un Shaz. I’ve not been up there myself yet, but, as I’ve discovered recently, these smaller fells often punch above their weight when it comes to the views.

  2. Thank you. Yes I think your right, the views were wonderful. I liked that I could see Overwater, but wished it wasn’t a private Lake.

  3. Binsey was suggested to me last year as a walk I might like to do but then someone else suggested Latrigg as it has much better views. I’m not really into ‘bagging’ Wainwrights – to be honest I don’t see the point of walking up a fell just because some old bloke did it years ago – but looking at your photos I might do Binsey next time I’m up that way as I intend to revisit Caldbeck. I like your little sheep, I think it’s rather cute 🙂

    1. Thanks Eunice, it is a nice little fell, though Latrigg is too. I am sure either are a good choice. I got Little Herdy from the Herdy Shop in Keswick. 🙂

  4. I need a hill! The highest point here is the top of a sand dune where I can spy the top of Blackpool Tower and (on a clear day) take in a panorama of the Lake District, Wolf Fell, Parlick and Winter Hill – without getting out of breath! Nice pics. I want a Herdy! x

    1. I could do with a bit of coastal air and loveliness. 🙂 Sounds like you get some pretty good views from the top of a sand dune anyway. Herdys are so cute, get one! X

  5. Well hats off to you for huffing up a hill. Yours was the greater achievement because it was harder for you. And wow those views. Herd is very cute. Don’t let Hugo get him.

  6. I have never been up Binsey but it is a dear friend of mine’s favourite hill. She walked up it every day in December to raise money for a local mental health charity. I have seen many of her pictures from the top and the views always look amazing.

  7. Well done and the views are breathtaking and must have been worth the effort. We’ve driven past Bassenthwaite when we’ve been in UK, so sort of know where you were. Thanks for sharing, take care and hugs.

      1. Yes it’s over the road from Windermere train station. Dead easy-it’s tarmac about two thirds of the way up. Great views over Windermere.

  8. Inspiring is not a word which springs to mind when I think of Binsey, but the views are wonderful 🙂
    What do you have in mind for your next fell? X

  9. Binsey is a decent fell and you have some lovely pics here even on a cloudy day. I remember using these easier ones as a leg stretch having driven all the way up from Plymouth, Binsey was one of these, Sale Fell and Ling Fell on the other side of Bassenthwaite are two other good ones for this, along with the Mell Fells (Little and Great). The hills at the back of Skiddaw also are nice and grassy and can be picked off individually if needed

      1. Yes we did thank you. The weather was really good, and it makes a huge difference to the holiday. We had a lovely time, considering it was Easter and the week after it was busy but not as bad as last year, bit of planning had us booked into places to eat in the evening and all the cafes had spaces when we fancied a brew. Plus I managed 9 fells which I was pleased with

  10. O my!! Such mood. What landscape and time. Wind and light. Images are exquisite as much as that selfie. You look lovely, and family. Thanks for sharing Shazza.
    Narayan x

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