Looking Back ~ Cannes Film Festival & The Monaco Grand Prix.

So the 75th Cannes Film Festival will soon be under way. All the glitz, the glamour, the Red Carpet, the film stars dressed in their finery…

This year Tom Cruise will take the centre stage with his eagerly anticipated new Top Gun Film. I am definitely up for watching it. 🙂

62nd Festival De Cannes.

Well quite a few years ago I was actually in Canne on a festival day. So I thought I would try and reblog my post again. I already have once in 2014! Not sure that reblogging is a thing now though but WordPress has let me share it below.

Please excuse my original post for spelling mistakes and lay-out ~ WordPress is not for letting me Edit it! I will hide my embarrassment behind a film poster of Inglourious Basterds, a film contender for the year I attended, 2009. 😚

During the same holiday we were also in Monte Carlo whilst the Grand Prix was on. My claim to fame ( according to Wil and our friend Andy, I never even noticed ! ) was almost being run over by Lewis Hamilton on a scooter, whilst trying to take a photo!

Click on the link to see my post of the 62nd Canne Film Festival.



10 thoughts on “Looking Back ~ Cannes Film Festival & The Monaco Grand Prix.”

  1. I don’t ‘do’ celebrities so things like this don’t interest me but I read your re-blogged post and it does look and sound like you had an enjoyable time. I like the mime guy with the cats though I can’t imagine what he was doing with them.

    We were in Monte Carlo/Monaco at the time Prince Edward and Sophie were on honeymoon and I got a photo of the royal Rolls Royce parked outside the hotel across from the casino.

    1. I thought the cats were actually stuffed or toys at first, as they didn’t move for ages. They seemed totally chilled but I wasn’t sure they should have been part of the mime.
      Monte Carlo is definitely popular with the rich and famous!

    1. I would love to go to Nice! The South of France is beautiful from what I remember. I especially loved the walled hillside villages . X

  2. I’m like the two commenters above & not really into ‘celebrity’ stuff, but don’t mind a good movie and we are motor racing fans, though more our own Aussie touring or V8 type. Seen a bit of Europe many years ago, but none of the places you mentioned. Take care & hugs.

    1. Being in Monte Carlo when the Grand Prix was on was amazing, the best bit, going to the paddocks after to try and photograph the drivers. It was great that Jenson Button won that year, but couldn’t get near him, lol. X

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