May ~ Round-Up. 🧡

My goodness these months are whizzing by are they not. May seems to have come and gone in a flash! I am currently off work as it’s the Spring Bank Half Term Holiday ( advantage of being a school cleaner) so it’s a good time for me to do my May Round-Up Post.

Reading ~ not that much to be honest. After recently extending my hours at school with five earlies a week, I find myself frankly too knackered to pick up a book. Wrong I know! I have bought The Lake District In 101 Maps & Infographics to take to the caravan. And I shall learn all about Haunted Cumbria, Cumbrian Film locations and quirky Cumbrian place names, amongst other things. Should keep me going for a while!

Everyman Cinema trip to See Top Gun Maverick. As soon as I heard the original soundtrack music I was hooked!

Watching ~ it’s all about good old nostalgia for me at the moment. I’ve been to the movies! We Clitheronians are very fortunate in that we have a fabulous Everyman Cinema in town and May has not disappointed on the film front. I have enjoyed both Downton Abbey A New Era and Top Gun Maverick , they are both appearing on the big screen right now.

On the box my go to show is Grace & Frankie. I am as usual a bit late to the party with this one. Not sure how a witty comedy series starring Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin escaped my attention until now but I am loving the pairing of uptight Grace and Kooky Frankie. 🙂 Other shows I have returned to in May include Ozark , Bosch Legacy and of course Stranger Things.

A lovely meal at Roundthorn Country House near Penrith.

Eating ~ It is rare that Wil and I spend time up at the caravan without our Black Labrador Mr Hugo, but we did have one weekend in May when we were there without him. It seemed a good time to book a meal out somewhere where you wouldn’t usually take a dog. Roundthorn Country House on the outskirts of Penrith is one such place, there wasn’t a four legged friend in sight. Which was strange for us, though also kind of liberating not eating in front of a drooling hound, eyes transfixed on our dinner. The food was yummy but I couldn’t help missing my boy.

Lowther Castle.
A walk through Cow Parsley.

Exercise ~ Our pet free weekend was all because we actually won a prize! We won half a days E-Biking at Lowther Castle In the Lakes , it was great fun. However I still felt like I had done some proper exercise even if it was power assisted cycling. 🙂 There haven’t really been many notable walks this month, just my normal dog walking routes. I have loved seeing the wild flower displays, the lacey blooms of Cow Parsley have been beautiful lately.

Relaxing at the van.
Lilac Time. 🙂

Enjoying ~ Relaxing at the caravan ~ My favourite area at the van is probably the front bit of decking, which is a real sun trap and perfect for lounging about on a deck chair with a brew. I especially like to look up and watch all the Swift’s whizzing about the sky, now they have returned from Africa. The scent of a lovely lilac bush in the garden there was a real treat too.

~ Friends Reunited ~ On the last day of May it was great to meet up with some friends I haven’t seen for two years. I love how normality has returned at last, I’m not taking it for granted.

Catching up in Holmes Mill.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope your May has been a good one. 🧡


28 thoughts on “May ~ Round-Up. 🧡”

  1. You’re lucky if you get school holidays off if you work as a school cleaner. When I worked in a school – and maybe even now – the school holidays were the times the cleaners had to go in and do a deep clean, and out of the six weeks long holiday they only got two weeks. My cousin worked as a school cleaner for years but eventually got fed up of having to go in when all the other staff were on holiday.

    That Lake District book sounds interesting, I might have a look for it as it could give me some ideas for the next time I’m camping up there.

    1. Where will you camp next Eunice?
      We do use some of the holidays for a deep clean. Two and a half weeks of the Summer time ones are devoted to it and part of the February half term. All in all though we are very lucky with our holidays…for now. X

      1. I’m actually off on my travels on Sunday, was going to go to the Lakes but decided to go back to North Wales as there are several places I still want to see. A nice long holiday this time, I’ll be away for ten days 🙂

  2. You’ve had a lovely month! I must add Grace & Frankie to the watch list, I’ll be a massively late adopter but I’ve heard so many glowing reviews. Hope you have a good month to come 😊

    1. I am glad I started watching it, it starts a little slowly but the characters get better and better. I also admire how Jane Fonda can wash sand off her foot ( her character ends up living in a beach house) in the sink. I cannot lift my foot up that high!

  3. Yes, the year is flying by here too, but glad you fitted a lot in being out and about, though I was surprised you being without Hugo, until I realised you’d won the break. I enjoyed what you’ve been up to and my we don’t go to the cinema as my DH isn’t a big fan, but we do watch a lot of documentary type of things on TV, especially all the English car shows and other bits like The Yorkshire Vet, Sarah Beeney etc. Have a great weekend, take care & hugs. PS also enjoy the half term break.

  4. So many wonderful things you have done in May. How lovely that you have been able to catch up with friends that you have not seen for two years, I hope you all had a lovely time together. I hope you have enjoyed your time at the van this week, it looks like a lovely site.

  5. I am always in awe of how much you fit into your free time. You’ve enjoyed another month full of wonderful activities and I’m glad you’re now having a relaxing week off work. Your book looks interesting, I might need to have a search for that one. X

  6. You’re right about the days and months whizzing by, can’t believe its June already. Like the look of that Lakes book you have, looks like one you can pick up and put down easily if needed. As for the films well no one would go and watch Top Gun with me but Jurassic Park is coming and I’ll be there for that

    1. The new Jurassic Park looks great , especially with the return of Sam Neil, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum. I can’t believe no one will go and see Top Gun, it’s fab!

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