Latest Weekend Wanderings.

When I haven’t been to the caravan for a couple of weeks, I’m always amazed at the changes in the garden. Not being a gardener at all, I struggled to identify this latest blossoming shrub. Any ideas?

My poor pansy pot has been used by a moth to lay their eggs in the flowers. The culprit is below. I think it’s an Angle Shades Moth. Oh well! It’s good to give back to nature. πŸ˜ƒ

Saturday morning in Melmerby and the church was all decorated for a wedding with pretty white wildflowers.

And there’s always something to see on little walks round about the village.

In the afternoon we went to Honister Slate Mine where Wil would be going to Infinity and Beyond! His Birthday present from me this year was an Infinity Bridge Experience at Honister. Rather him than me! Scroll down for Wils photo of the bridge. Meanwhile Hugo and I explored around the site. There are some cool slate sculptures. 😚

Wil was buzzing after the Infinity Bridge.

I had noticed several people heading up the fells from the Honister Car Park. Has anyone done a Wainwright from there?

We then went for tea at Mary Mount Hotel near Keswick. The terrace has wonderful views. πŸ₯°

How was your weekend?


43 thoughts on “Latest Weekend Wanderings.”

  1. What an idyllic countryside you have! Those Alpacas hehe, they donΒ΄t mind the disturbance for a photo session right. I am not a gardener myself but IΒ΄m trying to be…those looks like our local Flieder here, comes in other colors as well but their scent is lovely.

    1. The alpacas were very curious. πŸ™‚
      I didn’t notice a scent. There was a lilac blossoming the time before when we were there and that was very sweet smelling.

  2. That’s a weekend well spent, I’d be with you admiring flowers and views. I’m not so sure about the bridge! Love the old style caravan, what a beauty.

    1. No you wouldn’t get me across that bridge! The old caravan was hidden in a little glade, the owner takes people on camping holidays , they travel in the van and set up camp I think.

  3. No way would you get me on that infinity bridge! I like the old caravan and the view with the poppies looks lovely πŸ™‚ My weekend passed in a blur of nothingness as I’m still recovering from a less than brilliant holiday in North Wales 😦

    1. Oh no, just read your first post , where everything still ok. Bit scared about what’s to come. 😱 But your home and that’s the main thing. X

    1. It could be mountain ash, not sure as lots of blossom and not many leaves. Can’t remember it last year, though if it has a short flowering period we might have missed it.

  4. Excellent photos (not sure if the infinity bridge would be my thing either!!) we had a lovely (brief) jolly out in the van up near Lancaster – collecting youngest son from uni (the final time – good grief where did the last three years go???) but the weather was glorious and we managed a couple of good dog walks before becoming movers and shifters for youngest.

  5. Yes I’ve done both Fleetwith Pike (very easy up the drum path and turn right to the summit). And also been up to Grey Knotts and Brandreth (more difficult over rocky outcrops). Have a search on Google for walks to fleetwith pike from honister, for a cracking Wainwright walk

  6. Wow, Honister & the slate mine. Been there twice, but in 2019 we tooke hubby’s brother & wife who live in UK & they’d never been before & found it fascinating. I couldn’t believe it. I know someone who has done that bridge too, but not for me. Glad you really enjoyed your time away. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

  7. I just had a look at this Infinity thing, looks scary but safe (I hope!). They do Via Ferrata too, don’t they ? I worked at Mary Mount many years ago, I’m still in touch with them…

    1. Mary Mount is such a lovely place to hang out. I love all the bird feeders. πŸ™‚ Yes Honister has a Via Ferrata , which some friends have done! I am not that adventurous 😜

  8. That bridge looks amazing, I would love to cross it but I know that kind of thing is not for everyone.

    I have walked from Honistor for both sides of the road. I cannot remember the names of the peaks just now but both are lovely interesting walks with great views.

  9. Is there still a Youth Hostel at the pass? I did Dale Head from there. (Then Hindscarth, Robinson, that little ridge between there and the North-Western Fells, then up on to Sail and round the rest of the Coledale Horseshoe, before dropping down to camp in Braithwaite. I was 19 and full of energy!). That infinity bridge is giving me the colly-wobbles just looking at it!

    1. Hi , yes there is a hostel there still. Your walk sounds epic! I could never do the bridge. Wil says the way they have photographed it makes it look worse than it really is, hmm not sure!

  10. Wil was very brave taking on the bridge, though I bet it was an amazing experience. We have only managed one visit to our holiday bolthole so far, but are looking forward to getting used to it. Take care. x

  11. Don’t think I’ll be trying that bridge anytime soon 😱. I’ve never started a walk from the Slate mine but have come down from the fells to there after a walk up and over Great Gable, Green Gable, Brandreth and Grey Knotts – a rather long walk as I then had to make my way down the pass and back to Rossthwaite!

    1. Your walks are just too big for me. Honestly Hugo and I just walked up in the general direction that Wil had been taken in , to do the infinity bridge. We didn’t get very far as I nearly died, even though Hugo was on a lead and pulling me up.
      A couple of people have mentioned Fleetwith Pike from there, so may do it yet. Have to be mentally and physically prepared.

  12. I think your shrub at the beginning is a fire thorn, a cotoneaster, they were everywhere the beginning of June. i think you can do fleetwith pike and haystacks from honister, though not done it myself xx

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