July Round-Up. πŸ’›

Well July has bound by! So hopefully now I can relax a bit , I’m one of those lucky people that get a whole month off work in the Summer. Here is my July in a nutshell.

Reading ~ an actual book! It happened, I picked up a book and persevered. Maybe my reading mojo has returned. ‘The Tsarina’s Daughter’ gripped me from the beginning. Its a tale of indulgence, trechory, lavish luxury, dastardly plots and deadly revenge. Who is friend and who is foe in the Russian Royal Family? The young Tsarevna Elizabeth Romanov has to keep her wits ( and her head! ) in order to survive and gain what is rightfully hers. A sweeping piece of historical fiction that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Tsarina’s Daughter.

Watching ~ another Channing Tatum film. Yep , he seems to be everywhere at the moment. Not that I’m complaining! Also Sandra Bullock ( who looks amazing) and Brad Pitt ( still got it) star in The Lost City . Definitely taking inspiration from ‘ Romancing The Stone’ and ‘Indiana Jones’, except with Sandy B in a figure hugging purple sequinned number, this is an amusing and rip roaring watch. Buy in the popcorn!

Sandra in a sequin catsuit ~ The Lost City.

Sipping ~ a Candyfloss Cocktail πŸ’“. Yep this was definitely my favourite tipple of the month, and you can read all about my experience at Cloud 23 Here! The Cocktail is called a Metropolis if you fancy trying it yourself.

Metropolis in the Metropolis.

Touristing ~ and generally wandering in the general direction of Hadrian’s Wall which is about 45 minutes drive from our caravan in Melmerby. The most iconic site on the wall is probably Sycamore Gap , where a lonely Sycamore Tree sits majestically in a dramatic dip. Not sure if there is a more photographed tree in the country! We spotted The Sill Visitor Centre and walked up from there. I recommend The Sill for a mooch around the lovely gift shop and a walk up and around their wildflower meadow roof.

We also discovered Talkin Tarn near Carlisle. I wondered if this body of water was man-made, but actually it is a natural glacial lake. It was a bit damp and drizzley on our visit, but still very popular with sailing boats, paddle boards and other watersports. There’s a footpath around the tarn and a small cafe, gift shop and gallery in the boat house. β›΅

Sycamore Gap.
Talkin Tarn.

Celebrating ~ lots in July! Of course there is the fact that England won the Euros ..at last! I am not a sporty person ,but it is brilliant that such an amazing win will inspire all the young girls out there who love to play football. That includes both my god daughters who are eleven and twelve, they play for their local teams in Clitheroe. My niece too had a wonderful moment in July, she played Matilda in her drama group play. And smashed it! Proud family moment. ❀️

Lionesses Bring It Home!
10 Years !

And I can’t go on without mentioning this little blogs 10th Birthday! Can’t quite believe that in July I had been blogging on WordPress for ten whole years. I have loved documenting the good things in my life, sharing places I’ve enjoyed visiting and of course reading all your lovely blogs. The blogging community are such a supportive and interesting bunch!

To celebrate my 10 Year Blogversary, I am hosting a little giveaway. To be in with a chance of winning the above box of Extra Long Matches ( they are certainly super size! )in a beautiful box adorned with swallows, just leave me a comment below. I will put all names in a hat/teacup and pick one out at random , when I write my next post.

Thanks for reading. πŸ™


37 thoughts on “July Round-Up. πŸ’›”

  1. Ah, what a fabulous round up post! Loving the sound of the Tsarina’s Daughter sounds a great read, you had me at ‘lavish luxury and dastardly plots’. Also how amazing does Sandra B look in purple sequins? I’m pretty sure I’d look like a purple quality street sweet in similar. I’ll look up The Lost City, I find myself drawn to the fun, nothing-but-entertainment movie offerings these days. Escape from the gloomy news of the real world, I guess!

    1. It’s a fun film, I think you would love it. I definitely would look terrible if I wore that purple sequinned number! Sandra B looks fabulous doesn’t she. I enjoyed ‘The Tsarina’s Daughter’ and it has made me want to check out ‘ The Great ‘ on channel 4. X

  2. I think two sips of that cocktail and I would be under the table πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’m not really into sport of any kind but I’m really pleased that the Lionesses won for England. I was in Manchester during the last half hour or so of the match, there must have been big screens up in Piccadilly Gardens as the noise coming from there was deafening – needless to say I kept well away from there.

    Congrats on your 10th blogversary – the matchbox looks beautiful and will be worth keeping long after the matches have all been used πŸ™‚

    1. I can imagine Piccadilly Gardens were packed! I was at home and did watch the match on the telly.
      I do love a decorative matchbox. And Extra Long Matches are brill. So much easier to use than the very short ones. X

  3. Congratulations on your decade of writing your blog – that is really quite an achievement without feeling like you are running out of steam and petering out. We so rarely get ourselves up to the north of England, I enjoy reading about it in your blog. So here’s to your next ten years!

    1. Thanks Judy. Glad you enjoy reading about stuff here Up North. I always love hearing about your beautiful meadows and reading about your travels too. πŸ™‚

  4. I love that WordPress celebrate your longevity! Do you ever go back and read through your escapades and adventures from previous years? I have done a couple of times and love that it reminds me of enjoyable holidays and silly shenanigans we’ve got up to in the past! Congratulations on ten years x

  5. I’m not that into sport either, but I loved the exuberance of the England team and was so pleased for them. The other sporting event that affected me even though I have no actual interest in it was Eilidh McColgan winning the 10,000m yesterday. Very emotional. Congrats on 10 years – I got there last year, and although my output has dropped off a bit lately I do want to keep going. As you say, it’s a lovely community.

    1. Hi Anabel I saw Eilish McColgan on telly this morning and I actually do remember her mother Liz McColgan running in the eighties/nineties. It’s brilliant that she got the Gold. Love reading your blog Anabel, do you have another Outer Hebrides post on the horizon? X

      1. I think Eilish is special because with most sportspeople they just aloe are, whereas I remember her being born and the speculation about whether her mother could still return to the top of her sport. Which she did, so it is lovely that Eilish has done it too. Thanks Shazza, there will be a lot more Hebridean posts later. We had such a wonderful time.

  6. Congrats on 10 years of blogging, that’s impressive! July sounds like it was a good month. Sandra Bullock is one of my favourite actresses, saw a trailer for The Lost City a while ago but didn’t know it was out, will need to watch it. X

    1. You can’t really beat a Sandra Bullock film for a good entertaining storyline. Speed, Practical Magic, The Proposal, The Lake House all faves of mine. And The Lost City is up there with them. X

  7. Just on catchup with your blog and love the last post on Alston & Kirkhaugh where my paternal ancestors come from and yes, I have been there twice now. Congrats on your ten years of blogging and glad I found your blog & have been following your adventures now for a few years. Mine actually comes up in January next year, I’ve just. realised. I love your monthly roundups. I have a little trouble getting into your blog on my old laptop, but try and read all your posts somehow when I’m on the PC. Take care, keep blogging & hugs from down under.

  8. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. So many memories captured here, so many interesting places, tempting meals and naughty drinks. And then, of course, there’s the wonderful Hugo, possibly my favourite online hound!

  9. Happy Blogiversary! It’s be a delight to share so much of those last 10 years with you! So glad you’ve stayed blogging when so many people are dropping off the platform and even though I don’t often comment, I always read and enjoy.

  10. You have enjoyed a fun packed month.
    I love how our paths often almost cross. I am intending to visit Hadrian’s Wall over the next few weeks, so thank you for the information on the visitor centre.
    Happy Blogversary! Xx

  11. Happy Blogiversary πŸ™‚ A month off sounds fantastic. There is a new, modern YHA hostel at the Sill I’m quite tempted to stay in one day. I walked Hadrian Wall a few years ago but, annoyingly, never reached the tree!

  12. Keeping busy as usual Shaz πŸ™‚
    10 years blogging – doesn’t the time fly. Like you, I suppose, I started blogging as a way of recording what I’d been up to but it’s been a real bonus making contact with people – you being one of them, of course :-). I enjoy reading your posts and it has certainlygiven me a few ideas of places to visit!

  13. July has flown by for us too … we hardly seem to have been at home, hopefully things will calm down a bit now, though we are off to the lodge again at the weekend for some pure chill out and down time. I can’t wait πŸ™‚

  14. Just catching up on some blog reading :). July sounds like it was a great month for you filled with so many lovely things. Congratulations on the blogiversary, I think I had a ten year one early this year too but I did not get a reminder. I love walking up at Hadrian’s Wall it is a bleak but wonderful place to walk.

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