Wildlife Seen in 2022.

It seems like a good time to do my Wildlife Moments Round-Up post of 2022. Currently wrapped up in my duvet with snotty tissues and a snoring cat, the ideal conditions, you might say. 😚

Anyway this year hasn’t seen me discover any new to me wildlife, but I have managed to photograph some of my favourite mammals and birds. Red Squirrels especially, have been very obliging. Most of the wildlife I have seen in 2022 has been either near my home in Clitheroe, Lancashire or local to my caravan in the Eden Valley of Cumbria.

My favourite wildlife moments have included watching the beautiful courtship dance of a pair of Great Crested Grebes and feeding Fallow Deer apples. ☺️

A Kestrel on a telephone wire. This beauty was spotted from the car , so I got Wil to pull over, and I took the photo.
Bee orchids appear in June in my local Nature Reserve.
An alert Hare on a walk around Slaidburn in Lancashire.
Little Grebe aka Dab Chick , Culzean Castle, Scotland.
A photo that needs a witty caption? Red Squirrel, Shap, Cumbria.
Foxgloves next to a red sandstone wall, Melmerby, Cumbria.
A pair of oystercatchers on a Melmerby wall.
Siskin at the feeding station, Mary Mount Hotel, Keswick.
Newly returned Sand Martin, resting after it’s April journey here from Africa. Clitheroe, Lancs.
‘ A Little Bit of Bread and Cheese ‘ is a song I heard frequently in the Spring. A Yellowhammer in Melmerby, Cumbria.
Nesting Lapwings can be seen from The South Tyne Railway, Alston, Cumbria.
Always a treat to see a Stone Chat. Spotted this male bird on the cliffs above Robin Hood’s Bay.
A bonnie Pied Wagtail on a Melmerby wall.
A sun basking Peacock Butterfly in Melmerby.
Courting Great Crested Grebes at Dean Clough Reservoir near Clitheroe.
Such a cutie ❤️. Red Squirrel 🐿️ at Dalemain, Cumbria.
Kingfisher at a favourite spot, Mearley Brook, Clitheroe.
Fallow Deer Stag eating an apple at Dalemain, Cumbria.

What have been your own favourite wildlife moments of 2022?



27 thoughts on “Wildlife Seen in 2022.”

  1. A lovely roundup of your nature photos. Thanks for sharing & my favourites are your squirrels, the kingfisher & that very stately deer. Merry Christmas, take care & hugs.

  2. Most envious of your red squirrel photos! The ‘needs a caption’ picture is so cute!

    ‘Did you know a doctor for obese squirrels is called a NUTritionist and they have invented a new squirrel diet? It’s just nuts’

    How’s that?!🐿️🥜

  3. Oops, I accidentally hit too soon! I was trying to say that it’s encouraging to see red squirrels are still hanging on in your part of the country. It’s always a joy to see them, which for me means a very long trip.

  4. Some incredible photos. Hard to choose a favourite, so in no particular order I loved, the kingfisher, the stag, the pair of grebes and the cheeky squirrel. You have a real talent.

  5. Wonderful photos, like others have said you have really captured each and every one to enhance the essence of them. Very hard to choose a favourite but I do love the Grebe’s doing their mating ritual, it is a long time since I have seen that in the flesh.

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