Robin Hood’s Bay. 🐟

Back in October we stopped at Wils brother & sister in law’s static caravan on the Yorkshire Coast. We were a little inland, but within walking distance of the coastal path. One way to Whitby, the other to Robin Hood’s Bay.

Robin Hood’s Bay is a picturesque former fishing village with a history of smuggling. The twisting tumbling cobbled streets and alley-ways were the perfect escape route for pursued smugglers, the old fisherman’s cottages and inns cellars had ample hiding places ( and connecting underground tunnels) for stolen gin, tea , silks and lace.

It is often wondered why this Yorkshire seaside village is named after Nottingham’s very own Robin Hood. Some say the Man in Lincoln Green kept a fleet of getaway boats here and others that he was called upon to help rid the area of Viking marauders. Another legend is that Yorkshire’s Robin Hood was actually a forest sprite who resided in nearby woodland.

There are some eclectic independent shops and cafes in Robin Hood’s Bay. It was great to see that Muir Lea Stores ( Muir is Gaelic for Sea) and Tea, Toast & Post are still going strong, since my last visit in 2015.

I do love the beach on this stretch of coastline. If you know what your looking for ( unlike me 😜) it is possible to find fossils that are millions of years old. Another treasure to be found is a semi-precious Gem Stone called Jet. We did notice a few people on the sand looking for washed up pieces of the shiny black mineraloid. Unfortunately lots of coal deposit gets washed up here too , which looks very similar to Jet. To tell the difference , scratch a piece of your Jet on a pale sandstone. If it leaves a black mark your find is most probably coal. A gingery brown mark however, could be Jet. Needless to say, we didn’t find any. πŸ˜‚

It was lovely to just wander amongst the quaint cobbled alley-ways of the village, admiring the red tiled roof views. They looked so striking set against a rare blue October sky.

Walking along the cliffs here was a fantastic idea, though I was glad that there is a regular bus service too. We were able to have a drink outside a pub at the top of the village, and hop on a bus back.

Where do you recommend visiting on the Yorkshire Coast?


31 thoughts on “Robin Hood’s Bay. 🐟”

      1. Yes, far too steep for me now. Although I greatly enjoyed the shops, I have to admit that I found the beach to be a bit disappointing, considering the effort involved in getting down and back up again. An eccentric troupe of morris dancers was performing at the bottom, next to the pub, which was an extra consolation. For me, the quirky street was the highlight, the beach not so much.

      2. I love that you saw Morris Dancers! Always a treat. I quite liked the beach, but there again I did spend alot of my walk finding coal, thinking it might be Jet. πŸ€ͺ

  1. We love that part of the Yorkshire coast … Sandsend, Runswick Bay, Staithes and on our last visit we went up to Saltburn by the Sea, which was fab. Love the chippy at the bottom of Robin hoods bay, take them up to the quarterdeck to eat looking over the beach in the sunshine β˜€οΈ

    1. The chippy by the pier in saltburn is pretty special too. I think it’s won awards. We bought fish and chips and found a bench on the pier. I’m thinking it sounds like we eat too many fish and chips lol

  2. I love exploring coastal villages – they are so very different to the inland moorland ones. The little streets are quirky and definitely ‘designed’ to foil the customs and excise men! Your photos have captures some rather good little ginnels and snickleways 😁

    1. Been to Robin Hood’s bay twice, both times walking there from St Bees! It’s not Yorkshire but Beadnell and Seahouses is a lovely part of the coast a big further North

      1. That’s a good long walk you did, wow! I’ve been to Seahorses years ago, but yes I would love to explore more of the Northumberland Coast too.

    1. Thanks Cathy, I have been to Staithes in 2015 and would love to go again, it’s even more beautiful than RHB I think. Haven’t been Ravenscar though, will look it up. X

  3. Love your photos. Robin Hood’s Bay is one of my favourite places along that coast as well as Staithes and Saltburn. Also Ravenscar and Runswick Bay and bird watching at Bempton Cliffs:)

  4. Thanks for sharing & yes, I’ve been there a few times when we’ve visited UK as DH hails from Leeds, so we do spend a lot of time in Yorkshire. Take care & hugs.

  5. I went to RHB about 15 years ago and wasn’t impressed. As we walked down the hill we kept seeing people walking up eating fish and chips but we never found where they’d got them from, and lots of the little shops were shut. Not impressed with the beach either, all that way down to find just a pub and an ice cream van 😦 Admittedly it was a very dull grey day, maybe I would have liked it more if it had been sunny weather. I went to Staithes a few years later and really liked it so I would go back there but not to RHB.

    1. I love Staithes and hopefully if we get over that way again, I would love to visit. Both are quirky places and RHB does have a few more shops and cafes nowadays. Xx

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