Snowdrops Galore.

I just had to share these photos from our walk on Saturday afternoon. We found ourselves in an enchanting snowdrop wonderland. And we had it almost to ourselves, apart from a couple of others with their dogs.

We were walking through a little woodland adjacent to NT Acorn Bank in Cumbrias Eden Valley. Although the house, gardens and watermill are closed until March, a public footpath meanders through the woods. Much of the ground was carpeted in one of our most delicately beautiful Spring flowers ‘ The Snowdrop’. Seen as a symbol of hope and purity, snowdrops were apparently named after pearl drop earrings, not flakes of snow.

It was really magical to wander amongst them. Have you seen any impressive Snowdrop displays this year?


27 thoughts on “Snowdrops Galore.”

  1. It’s always great to see the snowdrops arive!
    And I recognise those views from our visit to Acorn bank in the autumn – no apples for you, though 😉

  2. The snowdrops look lovely, and so many of them too 🙂 I went to Lytham Hall last week but it was so cloudy and dull it didn’t show the snowdrops in the best light. Of course sod’s law said that the sun came out and the sky turned blue as I just as I was leaving to come home for work 😦

  3. The walks through Acorn Bank are lovely aren’t they, the snowdrops are wonderful there. There is a wood in the village of Askham that used to have wonderful snowdrops but I haven’t been there for a while so not sure if they are still a lovely display.

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