Sunday Lunch Walk To Mitton.

This tree has an all seeing eye!

I’m blogging a walk I’ve most probably blogged before, but sometimes don’t you notice things that you haven’t previously, like the tree above with its magnificent eye. ๐Ÿ˜Š The tree by the River Ribble in-between Clitheroe and Mitton has several eyes in fact. But one really does stand out!

Hugo and I met my Sister and Niece for a walk to Mitton ,where my sister had booked us Sunday lunch at the The Aspinall Arms, a favourite countryside pub of all of ours. It’s dog friendly , spacious , does great pub grub, and on a sunny day it’s riverside beer garden is deservedly popular. On this occasion we would be seated inside though, it’s still a bit nippy out there.

This cheerful robin chirped away as it posed for a photo, reminding us of the friendly robin from ‘ The Secret Garden’.

I met my sister and niece at the car park on Edisford Road in Clitheroe , we would then follow the Ribble Way to the pub. This is a pleasant stroll alongside the River Ribble and through some farmers fields.

The River Ribble.
Along The Ribble.

It didn’t take us as long as we thought it might to get to the Aspinall. In fact we were half an hour early. I’m glad we were booked in though as it soon got very busy. Lots of dog customers too, including 2 Basset Hounds and a Cocker Spaniel Pup.

We washed our boots, but only managed to wash one of Hugo’s paws. He’s not a fan of the Dog & Boot wash!
The Aspinall looking dressed for Spring.
Sunday Roast. Yummy!
Beautiful pot of primroses in Ukrainian colours.

Lunch was lovely and not to massive either, we were pleasantly full but not so much that we couldn’t bare the thought of walking back. I had decided on a different route that would eventually bring us out on the opposite side of the river.

We walked over the bridge and past Great Mitton Hall which is a private home, with some unusual guards.
And down past All Hallows Church , a place of worship since 1270.
Looking back at the road lined with Snowdrops.
We saw some black fungi called King Alfred’s Cakes. Also known as Cramp Balls!

We passed through several fields, most with Stiles. Hugo the Labrador, now aged eight and a half, has recently decided he doesn’t like stiles anymore. So between us we managed to hurl him over one, the others he ingeniously found gaps in fences to squeeze under. Dogs hey!

Lambing time has begun.
On the Bear Chair.

It was good to see the Bear Chair is still going strong. We originally discoverd it during lockdown walks.

Into the Woods.
Edisford Bridge.
The Ribble at Edisford Bridge.

A nice ending to our walk. But then…..

As I was heading home I got a phone call off my sister saying she had lost her purse and thought she may have dropped it somewhere. After checking at the pub we ended up retracing our steps , but with no luck. Somewhat disheartened ( and knackered! ) we all gave up the search. Happily though later that evening a nice couple got in touch, they had found the purse whilst out walking. Phew!

A Happy outcome after all.

Thanks for reading. ๐ŸŒธ


20 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch Walk To Mitton.”

  1. It looks like a nice walk, a shame you had to do it twice but just think of all those lunch time calories you walked off ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank goodness for the couple who found your sister’s purse though, at least it shows there are still some honest people around.

  2. I’m always impressed by the fungus you find. What a stroke of luck that your sister’s purse was returned; we had to get little devices called tiles for our purses/wallets and keys that can be located by an app on our phones because hubby has ADHD and is always losing his things. X

    1. That sounds like a good idea! I also have a habit of losing things, so it was definitely a surprise that it wasn’t me this time . The fungi was really bizarre, though apparently quite common. X

  3. Lovely walk! And how fortunate that your sister’s purse was found. We’ve had a walk with a lost wallet which was never seen again (cue mad cancelling of cards and notifying of bank ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ) Moss still hurls herself over stiles but with less and less grace and agility as she gets older.

  4. That tree is very cool! So glad your sister’s purse was found, that must have been such a relief. I love the idea of a boot and dog wash. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk.

  5. How lovely to see some lambs. I haven’t noticed any here just yet. And what good luck with your sisters purse being returned. It just goes to show there are still some decent and honest people around. Xx

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