Pendle & Clarion House Walk . 🏠

It’s another walk through ‘ Pendle Witch Country’ with a couple of stops full of history and hospitality.

Walk 14 from Lancashire Year round Walks by Nick Burton. OS Explorer Map OL41. 5 and a half miles.

We parked at the pay and display car park opposite The Pendle Heritage Centre in the village of Barrowford. From here the author has devised a circular route that joins The Pendle Way with its Witchy Waymarkers , taking explorers across rugged countryside to Roughlee where The Last Clarion House resides.

Pendle Hill seen from the car between Gisburn and Blacko . At 557m , Pendle is just short of being a mountain.
Daffodils at the pay & display car park in Barrowford. Spring has sprung!

For those of you who have never heard of Pendle Hill, it is probably the most famous natural landmark in Lancashire. Steeped in history and known for its wild rugged beauty, Pendle is included as a detached part of the Forest Of Bowland AONB. Rising above the green pastures of the Ribble Valley & Clitheroe to one side and the borough of Pendles industrial towns and scattered villages to the other, Pendle Hill dominates the landscape on most of my local walks. It is from where George Fox was inspired to rally people to join the Quakers after his vision at the summit, and it is from where the alleged Pendle Witches were marched in shackles to Lancaster for the infamous Pendle Witch Trials.

On the Pendle Way path by Pendle Water.
Passing Old Oak Cottage.
Distinctive White Gatepost at Water Meetings Farm.
Heading up hill through woodland.
And onto open hillside. Looking back toward Blacko Tower.
We cross a very muddy field.
Squelch Squelch !
A crossroads of paths. We go downhill from here.
Heading down to Pendle Water and the village of Roughlee.
And some substantial Stepping Stones.
Beware, Hugo crossing. We were impressed by his balancing act.
Which was better than mine….
We pass a fairy house in Roughlee.
And on the side of the road, a witch. Alice Nutter.

Alice Nutter was one of twelve people accused of Wtchcraft from the Pendle Area in the seventeenth century. The alleged witches were denied access to lawyers and hung together at Gallows Hill in Lancaster on 20th August 1612. Most probably innocent victims of the mass hysteria and superstition of the time, the Pendle Witches have never the less caught the imagination of visitors to Pendle over the years. Alice herself was a member of a wealthy landowning family in Roughlee. Her lifesize statue made from steel and brass can be seen walking in chains by the side of the road.

Roughlee has an impressive waterfall on Pendle Water.
Dam Head is one of several former mills in the village.
From Roughlee we walk up Jinny Lane in search of a special refreshment stop. In a nearby field , a herd of Highland Cows watch us languidly.
Eggs for Sale.
Time for a brew?
The Last Clarion House.

Open only on Sundays , Clarion House is the last of its kind left standing. Built in 1912 for mill workers and their families to escape into the fresh air on their one day off ,this cosy meeting place still welcomes walkers and cyclists who happen on this special place. The Clarion movement had caught on at the end of the 19th century, a socialist ideal for working class folk who wanted to get together with like minded people. Walking clubs, choirs and cycling clubs sprang up as well as club houses and refreshment rooms like this one. It was lovely inside with benches to sit on, vintage socialist paraphernalia decorating the walls and a welcoming roaring fire. And it’s all run and looked after by friendly volunteers. For a more detailed post about The Last Clarion House, check out Michael’s Blog Here.

Roaring Fire. 🔥
2 mugs of coffee and a KitKat £2.
Dogs on leads are welcome.
Benches outside Clarion House.
Leaving Clarion House we head through a field full of Jacob Sheep and lambs.
A witchy house sign.
Not exactly a Witch? She peers over the wall at Noggarth Top Shop and Pendle View Gardens.
Pendle Hill from Noggarth.
A cute spindly 🐑 lamb.
Back on The Pendle Way.
We come across an abandoned farm.
And it’s abandoned burnt out farmhouse. Still beautiful and now the home of …….a barn owl, which flew silently out from the bedroom window. 🦉
The fields were sodden so we detoured the short walk back to Barrowford along Pasture Lane , passing the White Bear Inn.
Pendle Heritage Centre, Barrowford.

Back in Barrowford I take a quick look around the Pendle Heritage Centre which has a museum, tea room and walled garden. Situated by Pendle Water in a grade 1 1 listed manor house and farm buildings, the centre includes exhibitions about life here through the years and The Pendle Witches.

Museum gift shop window.
Inside the museum.
Manor house kitchen.
Mullioned windows.
Pendle Witches story.
Walled Garden.

Hope you enjoyed my muddy walk through Pendle Witch Country. 🧹


31 thoughts on “Pendle & Clarion House Walk . 🏠”

  1. This is brilliant! You have really whetted my appetite for a return to this area. I’d love to walk the paths you show and visit the Clarion House and spend some time at the Pendle Heritage Centre. An uncle (passed) used to live in Barrowford, in fact I spent a week there in the 1960s (first time I had a pint although it was a car journey away so no idea of the pub, just that it was packed and very noisy. Uncle and his wife met with friends there; parents of one of The Hollies).

      1. Goodness! These circles of life? I think I will have to return there. I should look for my uncle & aunt’s graves & pay my respects. I must look into that. Sharon, thanks for this marvellous post, words & photos! Have a great weekend xx

  2. So interesting. I’ve never been to the Clarion House. Didn’t know about the stepping stones. But I’ve had the odd meal in the white bear and have been to the Heritage centre plenty of times. The walled garden is lovely in summer.

    1. Hi Carol, the walled garden was definitely a bit bare when we were there. 🙂 Clarion House is a great stop off for a Sunday walk, you can take your own sandwiches. The stepping stones were quite solid, so easy to cross for once. X

  3. Good to see you made it when it was open!
    I’ve not explored the area south of Roughlee and reading your post makes me think I should. We once went to the Pendle Heritage Centre – quite a long time ago – but it was closed for renovation. I think I will add the walk from Rouglee to Barrowford to my list (but maybe when it’s not so muddy!!)
    Where are those stepping stones?
    P.S. thanks for the mention 🙂

    1. Your very welcome. You definitely inspired me to go, and I was pleased I found the walk in Nick Bs book. 🙂
      The stepping stones are in Roughlee over Pendle Watervon the left, a little before you get to The Bay Horse pub.

  4. What a beautiful walk even through nud, but worthwhile with all the gorgeous scenery, refreshments & exercise for you both & Hugo. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

  5. Clarion House looks wonderful. This area is on my list of places to visit this year. I have only ever driven past Pendle Hill, so I think it’s about time I climbed up it. Xx

  6. Brill! I get married in Lancashire next year and want to explore the area more so I’ll add this to our list! Is it easy to find where to walk? I often find I don’t know which direction to go as not all walks have great signposting. Is this one easy to follow? 😊

    1. Oh lovely, which part of Lancs are you getting married in? I must admit I easily get lost too! My other half is a better map reader than me. We did seem to manage ok with this one though. X

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