Manchester 👑🌸

It wasn’t planned to be out and about in Manchester on the day of the Kings Coronation. That’s how it happened though and actually the city was the quietest I had ever seen it.

We arrived early and Manchester was slow at waking up. A red, white and blue balloon arch had been placed outside the building below.

We headed for the Northern Quarter for wake me up Coffee and Croissants , found at a cute bakery called Just Between Friends on Tib Street. The almond croissants were delicious and the window thrown open to the city outside.

Just Between Friends.

The Northern Quarter is full of little independent shops, cafes and bars, it’s a great alternative to city centre shopping. You’ll spot various street art like the one below , box fresh and promoting a Mediterranean Lager.

After browsing a few shops we headed along Deansgate to the Castlefield area for a light lunch at Prets ( sorry, can’t resist a chain eating establishment sometimes!) , and drinks at a couple of bars.

Atlas Bar.
Peveril of the Peak Pub.

We loved The Peveril of the Peak on Bridgewater Street , one of Manchester’s most interesting looking old pubs. The green tiled exterior and the old fashioned interior with its snug rooms and bar bells ( sadly no longer in use) really add to this characterful venue. The prices were a bit of a shock though. £9.30 for a pint of ale and half a cider. Crikey!

A free of charge venture in Manchester can be found in Castlefield. The Castlefield Viaduct has long been an unused space, but recently this Victorian Viaduct has been transformed into an urban sky garden. I love what has been done here, all the separate garden areas are beautiful. An oasis of calm and serenity in the city. There are bookable tours of the viaduct in the mornings, you can now just turn up and explore yourself in the afternoons.

Before we boarded the train back home we frequented the Gas Lamp , a favourite sub terranian Manchester drinking den of ours.

What did you get up to on the Coronation weekend?


31 thoughts on “Manchester 👑🌸”

  1. Pricey pub for sure! What’s a pint usually cost these days? I’ve been out of the UK so long that I’m sure it’s not the 55p I recall!

  2. Ahh! Manchester, my father’s home town. Looking back to my childhood visits in the 50s and 60s we’d get the train from Heysham into Piccadilly and then onto a double-decker bus (us kids would race up the stairs and into the seats right at the front; brilliant). (There were no double-deckers in NI at that time!) I love your photos of the flowers and it looks like you and Will had a good time, even if the pints were phew£! 💌🙋‍♂️

    1. Hi Ashley your days out sound like lovely adventures. Coincidentally my mum who lived near Wigan would get a train with her family to Heysham for childhood days outs apparently. X

      1. Hi Sharon, in those days the Belfast to Heysham overnight ferry was our usual crossing and occasionally via the Liverpool ferry. Adventures, yes! We’d stay with my maternal Gran near Sale for most of the summer holidays with visits to relatives and day trips to Southport, New Brighton, Blackpool; all the sights! xx

  3. I’m surprised at you saying the city centre was quiet on Coronation Day, I expected it to be crowded and noisy as there were big screens up in Piccadilly Gardens and presumably most pubs would be showing it on their tv’s. I purposely stayed away from anything to do with any celebrations, whether on tv or otherwise. I’d only been in the city the week before anyway, those two murals are on my latest blog post though I couldn’t get the bottoms of them as there were cars parked in front.

    Incidentally, I’ve just been to the cinema to see The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry and really enjoyed it as it’s very faithful to the book. If you haven’t already seen it I can recommend it – I’ll be writing a review on my blog soon.

    1. It was surprisingly quiet Eunice , think everyone were having or going to celebrations or escaping somewhere away from it all. That film does sound good , from what I’ve seen advertised.

  4. Hope this comment takes. I’m wondering what my grandmother would think of Manchester these days as that is where she basically came from before her family migrated to Australia. I love the idea of the garden on viaduct and wish we were able to visit UK again. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post. We watched the coronation after our evening meal, as it is autumn here and been cold & wet, so night time TV is OK for us oldies. Take care & hugs.,

    1. I think Manchester must have changed alot, except for the Peveril of the Peak Pub, apart from the prices that is. Glad you enjoyed the post. 😁

  5. I’m spending 4 days in Manchester this week. Work, alas, not pleasure ☹️
    I’ve passed that viaduct so many times on the train into Oxford Road. I must add it to my list of places to visit.

      1. We’ll have to see! It’ll be a busy week, but luckily I do enjoy my work. Need to do a bit less of it though – I am trying!

  6. Tib Street in the early 80’s used to be full of pet shops.
    I’ve been in the Peveril of the Peak, but a few years ago now. Those prices aren’t enticing me to return! As for the viaduct, you’re seeing parts of my city that I haven’t even seen!

    1. How appropriate that Tib Street was once full of pet shops. I have had 2 cats both called Tibs in my life time, so far. My mum has a cat called Tibby and she’s had a cat called Tiger Tibs before. Apart from Tiger Tibs, they were all already called Tibs when they came to us.
      Peveril of the peak is a fab pub, but yeh the prices were very steep.

  7. It’s interesting that Andy mentioned in his comment about Tib Street being full of pet shops in the 80s. I used to go shopping in Manchester every month during the 80s but only remember one shop which was just called Tib Street Pet Shop. I got a little pure white kitten from there in 1988, called her Snowflake and was devastated several years later when she went out one day and never came back.

  8. I was at Manchester Poly many many moons ago. It has changed beyond recognition. Seems like you had a great day out. Loved the viaduct garden.

  9. The viaduct looks awesome, it might tempt me to go to Manchester which is only an hour away by train. Prices there are getting very London-y by the looks of it…

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