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My name is Shazza and I live in a small town in North west England with my boyfriend and our black lab Hugo and black cat Slinky. I work in a supermarket full time and in my spare time i enjoy reading,film,food( mostly eating it,I am a terrible cook!),taking photos,travel,camping,wildlife,spending time with my mates and hunting in car boots and charity shops for vintage teacups.This blog is hopefully going to be a collection of my fave things and musings on life,the universe and everything.Xx

Dear Emma

I really really love my phone case which has an adorable singing bluetit design on the front.Its the perfect fit for an i phone, blackberry or indeed my own samsung Galaxy and because its padded inside its protected my phone whenever i’ve accidently flung it on the floor( this happens alot as im quite accident prone!) If you like the pretty bluetit design check out Dear Emma as she makes lots of other lovely goodies too.



Kites and Beach Huts. : )

Going camping in North Wales in a couple of weeks ( Yay! ) but I needed to get a Seaside fix before then so off we headed to Lytham and St Annes for the afternoon and a bracing walk on the seafront.I love Lytham with its windmill on the green and views over the Ribble estuary.There were lots of pretty yellow flowers which according to my collins gem seashore book are called large flowered Evening Primrose.

Kite flying seems a popular pass time. I loved watching them whip about in the wind.

I had heard that 40 lovely beach huts had been built in Lytham.But could we find them!! Nope! It turns out they havn’t actually been put up yet. But we did find the show Beach hut near the Island at st Annes. It is rather pretty dont you think? Love the nautical colours.

Apparently building is starting shortly. Several will be for sale. So if you have a spare 40 grand……..
Otherwise the rest are for hire as of next year. Β£205 for the week, Β£125 for the weekend or Β£45 for a day( you can use them between the hours of 7am and 10pm). I am very tempted to book a day next year! For information check the website

After all that walking ( phew! ) it was time for an ice cream , watched more kites ( in the shape of squids! ) and headed home.

Feeling Blue.

Blue has got to be my favourite colour. Looking around i do have lots of pretty blue things. They make me feel calm and happy. : )

My lovely friend Sarah has recently made me this gorgeous blue and white rag rug. I’ve always loved rag rugs and remember helping my mum with a never ending multi-coloured creation as a child. Sarah and I recently took a rag rugging class. And now there is no stopping her!

Ragrugs are quite inexpensive to make. All you really need is a piece of hessian sack ( Tip – your local coffee supplier may sell you some cheaply), some old clothing or bedding cut into strips……and a dolly clothes peg. : ). Here’s a smaller one I made to put on top of my chest of drawers.

I could not resist buying a cute bunny at a recent craft fair. : )

To find more lovely soft toys check out catkin janes website
And the cushion is from my favourite ever shop for pretty things, Cath Kidston.
I love this sign which I found in a shop in Grange over sands.: )

And I have a pretty bird in my bedroom.

I will end this post with these lovely harebells growing in the castle grounds near where I live.

Hebden Bridge.

Ive been meaning to visit the quaint yorkshire town of Hebden bridge for a while now and as I had a day off work today and the sun was shining I thought i would hop


on the train.Poor old Hebden has had a raw deal of it recently with many small businesses effected by the floods so I wasn’t sure which shops would be open.image


And once I got there I discovered work is still going on to try and get some of the lovely shops up and running again.Luckilly for a good percentage of them its business as usual πŸ™‚ I always keep a look out for vintage teacups to make into candles and I wasnt disappointed by The Antique Centre on Hope Street.


Theres a fabulous vintage clothes shop at Hebden Mill called Lucy and the Catterpillar.Lots of lovely stuff but nothing jumped out at me today.A sweet lady shopping there insisted I had a rather yummy piece of Bakewell tart she was giving away.What friendly folk!


I really wanted to visit Feathergills Emporium which looked interesting.

And apparently before the flooding had opened a 1940s tearoom above.Sadly it was not open today so i will save that for another time.Instead lets make do with this divine looking strawberry cake made from soap in the gorgeous Yorkshire Soap Company shop.


Oh and I did sample a refreshing apple tea and some melt in your mouth shortbread at the Organic house cafe

I didn’t buy much today but I am very happy with my pretty rosie teacup and this novelty Beach h

ut soap.:-D