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52 Lists ~ List the things that bring you comfort.

Walks in the country.
Walks in the country.
~ Gentle warm sunshine on my skin.
~  Snuggles on the sofa with my other half.
~  A mug of hot chocolate or a refreshing fruit tea in a pretty vintage teacup.
~ Nudges and purrs from my beautiful black cat Slinky.She is not a cuddle cat yet. Oneday!
~ Country walks. Seeing nature up close and personal is a great comfort.
~  The company of good friends.
~  A freshly made up bed.
~  Trips to the coast….and knowing i’m only an hour from the sea.
~   A slab of Wil’s delicious home made lemon & lime cake.
~ Cozy night tv eg Downton,Bake off and Our Zoo. 🙂

What would be on your comforts list? x

52 Lists ~ Morning Routine.


My Morning Routine differs, depending on my shifts at work. I do a mixture of earlies, lates and mids so sometimes I don’t know where i’m at at all. I guess I could give you an idea of a typical early morning. Here goes!

5-15am. Slinky the cat decides its her breakfast time and starts jumping all over us and generally being annoying. Her worst trick though is attacking my phone, which is also my alarm. She often bats it, sending it flying across the room.

5-30am. My alarm goes off. I hate getting up straight away though and I have it on snooze ( much to the annoyance of my other half!), but we are so annoyed with Slinky by now that one of us will fly downstairs to feed her. You may wonder why we don’t shut the bedroom door? Its because she still likes to get us up early by mowing and scratching the carpet!!! Still, we love her as she is such a cutie. 🙂

5-50am. Get up properly ( after a couple of snoozes), shower and get ready for work.

6-20am. Have some strong black coffee and breakfast, usually cereal. On earlies I sometimes end up eating two breakfasts. Toast at work later on. Very bad I know! Watch some breakfast telly and I may even check some social media. Well don’t we all!

6-45am. Walk to work. The ten minute walk wakes me up properly, and I’m almost bright and bushy tailed by the time I get there.

I think our morning routines will change again soon anyway , as we are hoping to welcome a new edition to our home in a couple of months. A dog….or perhaps a puppy. Excited and nervous! X

52 Lists ~ Weekly Shopping List.


Hmmmmmm this weeks prompt doesn’t really apply to me.  😉 Working in a supermarket as I do…means actually doing any food shopping is….well … much like a Busmans Holiday!  Ok, ok , I do buy bits and bobs occasionally….but mostly I leave it to the other half.   Terrible I know!

So my list is going to have to be a list of what I ended up buying…on my way home from work.Brace yourself! Exciting stuff.

~ Pack of tea towels.
~ Bale of white bath towels.
~ Oven glove.
~ Pack of 4 glass tumblers.
~ Cotton throw for the sofa.

The fact is I only bought these things because my sister is hosting a Phoenix Cards party at mine Fri eve.And I want the house to look nice. Hiding the reciepts now!
Do you like my Oven gloves? :))

52 Lists ~ The dreams & goals you had as a child.

My sister,brother and I.....a long long time ago!
My sister,brother and I…..a long long time ago!

~ Wear lovely ‘fashionable’ clothes and not my older cousins cast offs. As they were Olympic cyclists , my sister and i spent much of our childhood in their old cycling jerseys. Or Mum would make us wear matching outfits.See above!

~ Live in a house by the sea with lots of cats and kittens. 🙂

~ Live in a house with a telephone that isn’t in a cold pantry.Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

~ Become a librarian. I did have my nose in a book 90% of the time.

~ Go to Iceland! When i was eleven i found an Icelandic pen pal ‘Greta’ , through the IYS and all the lovely letters and postcards she sent me really inspired me to want to visit. Nearly thirty years later I will be…… long as that Volcano behaves.Fingers crossed!

~ Meet a handsome boy and live happilly ever after. 😀

What were your hopes and dreams as a child??

52 Lists : What I can see right now.

august autumn 052

Ok I’m cheating. I actually wrote this post yesterday evening after my walk. I sat out in the back yard , trying to capture the last of the days very welcome sun rays. Here is what I could see…..

~ Two hanging baskets still in bloom. 🙂

~ My 25p pack of Lidl seeds , turned into lovely blue and yellow flowers.

~ More blue. Blue painted patio furniture that the other half has jazzed up over the summer.

~ A slug! One slug is pretty good going in my back yard. The place is slug central.:(

august autumn 049

~ a mug of black coffee and a flapjack.

~ a copy of The Simple Things magazine.

~ One black cat called Slinky Malinky. 🙂

august autumn 053

Thanks for dropping by….

52 Lists ~ List the things you wish you had known as a teenager.


~ Friends are important.Do not lose touch with them just because you get a boyfriend.
~  Yep you do get a boyfriend. But he should not be your be all and end all. Not that you will listen to that one!
~  When you joke about getting a full time job at the new supermarket  in town , don’t joke, it will happen.
~  Try and do better at college (  actually turning up there would be a start) and at least apply for uni. Nope you won’t listen to that one either. Your so stubborn!
~    Thirty sounds old….but it really isn’t!!!
~  Oneday Ghd’s will be invented and your hair won’t look quite as thick and frizzy as it does now. 🙂

As a teenager I was pretty stubborn and I probably wouldn’t have taken much notice of this list!  But actually if I hadn’t taken the path I did ~ life may not be as good as it is now. Who knows hey!

What would you have done differently as a teenager?