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52 Lists : My Life Essentials.

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1) Good friends ~I’m always up for a natter with my besties. 🙂

2) Chocolate ~I’m a slave to my sweet tooth.

3) Countryside ~ I like to get out and about in it when I can.

4)  Four legged friend ~ even better with a happy doggy by my side….and cuddles with the cat when I get home.  ^^

5)  My other half ~ He’s not a bad old stick. 🙂

6) Tunes ~ Nothing better than sticking some music on and having a soundtrack to your life.

7) Teacups ~ I can’t go very long without hunting out vintage treasures for my little craft fair stall.

8) My Camera ~ I always have my camera in my bag…just in case. You should see my vast collection of photo albums!

9) My mobile phone ~ Sad I know! Bet everyone feels the same though…..

10) Sunny days ~ Sunshine , even on a cold frosty day. 🙂

What are your Life Essentials?

52 Lists ~~ List the things you want / need to let go of…

2014-06-21 19.07.18

I’m not one for writing about negative stuff on this blog but I guess if this weeks topic is about listing the things you need to let go of….then you only really want to let go of the bad things…right.

1) My lack of confidence. I would love to let this one go. Its stopped me doing so many things!

2) Negative thoughts. I guess these are associated with the above. 😦

3) My lack of willpower. Show me a cake and I will eat it!

4) Panicking about the smallest things. I’m a born worrier.

5) Caring about what people think of me. Really bad at the ‘stuff them attitude’.

6) Being a big softy. I’ve just spent half of my’ Game Of Thrones’ fest behind a cushion.

Well thats enough of the bad stuff from me today. Feel free to tell me What you would like to let go of in your life though……..

This post is part of the challenge.

52 Lists ~ Things To Get Excited About. :)


The latest 52 Lists topic is Things Your excited about. Well, looking at the year ahead I have actually got loads to be excited about:) I still get that wonderful nervous Christmas morning butterflies feeling when I can’t wait for something good to happen. Here is what I’m currently feeling excited about.

A soon to happen marathon Game of Thrones fest. I cannot wait!

A meet up with a couple of lovely craft fair friends for a mooch round Skipton.

A little camping trip in a couple of weeks with the other half.

Camping with friends at the King of the Mountains Festival in Yorkshire and getting to see the first stage of the Tour de France.

A pot painting date at Paint Pot with my niece and nephew.

A trip to Paris in July. Its actually so Wil can see the last stage of the Tour de France. But I’m sure there will be lots of sight seeing and romance too. 😉

A city break in Reykjavik in October. Finally visiting Iceland is a life long dream of mine.

Welcoming a new dog into our home. Hopefully this will happen at the end of the year, once we have got rid of our little travel bug. 🙂

What things are you getting excited about this year?