Teacup Treasures.

I was one of those kids who had a million collections of everything.Postcards, smash hits stickers, stamps off the postcards,a scrapbook of Lady Di, Pot birds( always was a bird nerd :)), Enid Blyton books etc etc.
Then as I got older and got my own place I definantly had a thing for nick nacks and ornaments.I love cats so for ages every bday and christmas present was something kitty inspired.Moggie money box’s seemed to be a reaccurring theme!
When I moved in with Wil not only did my real life cats move in but all my clutter and collections too.We had to come to some sort of compremize.I easily morph into a clutterbug.The boyfriend is more minimalist. For a while  he won ( most of my stuff was hidden away in the loft) until my fairly recent obsession with vintage teacups.


It started when a lovely Alice In Wonderland inspired tearooms Callooh! Callay! opened in town.I immediatly fell in love with it.Tea is served in vintage teapots and mismatched china.I wanted some of my own.:-D


Trips to the local car boot sale and charity shops proved fruitful.I soon had enough teacups for several Mad Hatter’s tea partys!


It was then that I looked up on YouTube how to make them into candles ( All my friends and family were soon recieving them for their birthdays, whether they wanted them or not 😉 ). Nowadays I take them to craft fairs and sell them.Its a hobby I love as there is nothing nicer than being complimented on something you have made.:).Plus I have met some fab new friends doing the fairs. All from collecting Teacups.

What do you love to collect?

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Five from my Bookshelf:)

I’ve been a very bad book worm of late and quite neglected my reading ( except for the lovely blogs I follow 😉 ), so I have had to raid my book shelf for some old favourites that I have enjoyed in the past.
DRACULA: I remember reading Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale whils’t staying in a cottage in Staithes near Whitby.Bats venturing out at dusk there really added to the eerie atmosphere as I followed Jonathan Harker, Mina and Dr Van Helsing on their quest to destroy the  mysterious and evil Count Dracula.
LET THE RIGHT ONE IN: More vampire’s again in this swedish chiller.( I do love Vampires:-D)Twelve year old Oskar is a loner, bullied at school and unsettled at home.When he meets the secretive Eli a romance tentitively blossoms between them.But she has a dark past … and present.She is a 200 year old vampire forever frozen in childhood,and condemmed to a diet of fresh blood.A heartbreaking tale  of friendship~the swedish subtitled film version is excellent too.


A LION CALLED CHRISTIAN: Love this true life story about a lion cub bought from Harrods as a pet in 1969 who quickly outgrows his owners flat and London lifestyle.Happily the tale doesn’t end in Christian being placed in a zoo.With the help of the Born Free Foundation his owners  reintroduce him into the wild…..and there is a touching reunion.x


ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND & THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: ok I have actually just reread these magical stories by Lewis Carrol.I would love to have a Mad Hatters Tea Party oneday with everyone dressed as the characters.Could I be The Cheshire Cat ^^?
THE EXMOOR FILES How I Lost A Husband And Found Rural Bliss: Not everyone is a fan of the Mail on Sunday columnist Liz Jones but I have to admit I still can’t help but read it every sunday.I loved this book she wrote about her move from London to the country so she could home her rescued animals.Its an amusing read but Liz being her own worse enemy hasn’t helped herself since then.Often complaining about her neighbors in print didn’t really ingratiate her  with them.The saga continues in her sunday column.

Are you a fan of any of these books?


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My Dream Trip.:)

I’ve had this dream of visiting Iceland since acquiring an Icelandic Pen Pal through the IYS scheme, ‘Greta ‘ when I was a first year at secondary school.Although we eventually lost touch when we went to college, I still remember how excited I was to recieve her cute air mail letters that usually included pretty postcards and newspaper clippings. There’s just something about the thought of exploring a country of so many contrasts.I love the idea that Iceland is a cold place with amazing hot springs,Geyser’s and Volcano’s.Next year ( It’s been a long time coming!) ,I am hoping to journey to the land of ‘Ice and Fire’ It will be a belated 40th birthday treat to myself.:).Of course I will be taking my lovely boyfriend too!
Here are some gorgeous picture’s I found online of some of what I hope to see there.

The Northern Lights would be fabulous.
The Northern Lights would be fabulous.

I'd love to meet some Icelandic ponies.
I’d love to meet some Icelandic ponies.

I hope to be based in Reykjavik.
I hope to be based in Reykjavik.

Maybe discover some Icelandic vintage shops.
Maybe discover some Icelandic vintage shops.

A magnificent Geyser.
A magnificent Geyser.

Yummy seafood.
Yummy seafood.

I'd love to see some Icelandic wildlife!
I’d love to see some Icelandic wildlife!

And of course a dip in the Blue Lagoon!
And of course a dip in the Blue Lagoon!

Where would you go on your dream trip?

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Ode to Social Media.

Today’s topic on #BEDM is What is your favorite Social Media? I admit I’ve become a little to much reliant on it recently.I’ve loved Facebook for a few years and since blogging and discovering Twitter I seem to be checking my phone constantly.Living with a guy who isn’t into social media at all can prove a challenge.He often says I disappear to often into my virtual world. I think he may be right! Luckily he seems to be coping so far.Not long after May is up we will be off on a camping trip where lack of phone reception may force me to live in the real world.;)
cat you tube

In the morning I take a Look
At what’s new since last night on FaceBook.
I have to know what News I’ve missed.
It’s usually quite a long list.
With my brew I like a treat.
A chocolate biscuit and a Twitter Tweet.
The sun is shining,
I’m out with the dog.
As we walk ,I think up idea’s for the blog.
With my camera phone, as I’m a fan,
I record my day on Instagram.
For more fab pics I look with Interest
at the pretty board’s I follow on Pinterest.
Maybe now It’s time for a social media Hiatus.
Though not before I update my status.;)

Hope you liked my ditty!

Making Tea cup Candle’s :)

Hi my #BEDM post today is supposed to be about my first job but as I am still working in my ‘first job’ and have been for about a gazillion billion years I am wandering off the topic today. I know i have blogged about how to make a tea cup candle before but I thought I would do a fresh post for any new followers who may have a penchant for vintage teacups.:-D

I think they make lovely gifts as they look adorable and if made in a bone china tea cup the candles give out a pretty translucent glow.

You can also scent your candle with a heavenly fragrance.I buy mine from Justasoap Today I shall make a couple of Rhubarb & Custard scented one’s.:-D


You will need:

A bone China Tea Cup ( Pick one up from a car boot or charity shop).
Soy Wax Flakes.
Pre waxed Wick.
Metal sustainer.
Blu tack.
Two long matches or reed difuser sticks.
An old microwavable jug.
An old fork or spoon.
Fragrance oil.

You can buy your candle making supplie’s such as wicks,wax and sustainer’s quite inexpensively on Ebay.


Method ( Makes one candle).
1) Thread your wick through the metal sustainer and attach to the bottom of the teacup with a small blob of blu tack.

2)Hold your wick in place inbetween two long match sticks or reed difusers.

3)Pour two teacups full of wax flakes into your jug and bob in the microwave on a medium heat for 2 mins  or until melted.

4) Stir in your fragrance oil if desired.

5) Pour the melted wax into your teacup and leave a couple of hours to set.Trim the wick with scissors if needed when set.

And Voila your candle is ready!

If you don’t have a microwave simply melt your wax in a small pan inside a larger pan of water on a low heat.

You can also use paraffin wax instead of soy wax if you wish though soy wax is more enviromentally friendly.

If you don’t fancy making one yourself why not take a look at Mrs Tibbs Teacups N Candles on facebook.:-D

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When I moved in with my boyfriend Wil six years ago everything depended on whether our seperate pets got on! He had a black labrador that liked to steal my boots and woofed at any cats he saw.I had two said cats who were such angels,they could do no wrong in my eyes ;). I was convinced that his dog would bully my cats.Ha how wrong I was.They of course were the boss of him! Poor Jake the hound was more often than not wandering round with a cat claw entrenched in his skull.The cats were actually evil geniuses.Happily Wil still let us move in and now six years later ( one kitty down, Harvey sadly passed away) we all co exist in relative harmony:).Its only in the last couple of years we have realized our furry friends are now actually OAP’s.(Old Aged Pets).Jake is 13 and Tibbs is 15, time flies too fast doesn’t it?? I can’t imagine life without them.

Jake has always loved bathing in dirty smelly bogs.He is a bog monster!
Jake has always loved bathing in dirty smelly bogs.He is a bog monster!

Tibbs quite often helps me sort out my teacups.I collect them and make them into candles.Tibbs supervises!
Tibbs quite often helps me sort out my teacups.I collect them and make them into candles.Tibbs supervises!

Jake is much to regal to lick the top off a pint....honest!
Jake is much to regal to lick the top off a pint….honest!

I wasn't to happy when I found Tibbs sunbathing on the toaster.....but I still took a photo!
I wasn’t to happy when I found Tibbs sunbathing on the toaster…..but I still took a photo!

Do you have Pets? I always think Pets make a home.What do you think?

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Birds,Butterflies and Blossoms.

Well it’s been a bit of a scorcher today folks.One of those rare bank holidays where the sun shines and all you want to do is visit the seaside ( I am well over due a seaside fix!). Before It got to warm this morning I took our aged labrador round the park and met up with lots of other doggies and their owners.Then I took myself off to the river side.Not quite the seaside but a lovely walk nonetheless. Here is some of the wildlife I found out and about early this morning.

Pretty blossom.
Pretty blossom.

Grey squirrel tucking into his breakfast.
Grey squirrel tucking into his breakfast.

Vivid blue Forget Me Nots.
Vivid blue Forget Me Nots.



brungerley walk 024brungerley walk 026
wood anenomes.
wood anenomes.

A kingfisher surveys his kingdom.
A kingfisher surveys his kingdom.


Peacock Butterfly.
Peacock Butterfly.

The Riverside.
The Riverside.
A face in a tree.Boo!
A face in a tree.Boo!

brungerley walk 025

The area I walked was The Brungerly Sculpture Trail and the Cross Hill Quarry Nature Reserve By the river Ribble in my hometown of Clitheroe. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine today. 🙂

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