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A Nights stay at the Haweswater Hotel.

An early birthday treat from my other half was a night away in the secluded Haweswater Hotel, located on the banks of one of The Lake Districts lesser known lakes. We had stayed here previously a couple of years earlier and since then a few more rooms have been refurbished in a 1930s art deco style, in keeping with the hotels history having being built by The Manchester Water Corporation in 1937. Back then the Haweswater Reservoir had been created by flooding the Mardale Valley, it’s villages and farms forever condemned to a watery grave. A picture of the former Dun Bull Inn has pride of place above the fire place in the reception/entrance hall.

It was about 3pm when we rocked up to our home for the night, enough time to take Hugo for a short walk along the lake side road. It felt bitterly cold, there was a smattering of snow on the fells. We couldn’t wait to get toasty inside.

Bad news greeted us. The heating wasn’t working! Thank goodness all the fires were lit downstairs and the hotel had raided the local B &Q in Penrith for plug in heaters for the bedrooms. We would have to make the best of it…

Fortunately our room ( Wainwright) seemed to warm up ok with the plug in heater provided. And there was still hot water. Phew! Our room was actually a lake view suite with a cosy sitting area. Quite bijou but totally fine for us and the dog. I certainly loved the decor. 🙂

The thought of a roaring fire enticed us back downstairs. The guest lounge with its huge sofas and twinkly lights was certainly very inviting.

Dogs are allowed to accompany guests into the lounge and bar but not the formal dining room, so we took our evening meal in the bar and enjoyed breakfast there the following morning. The food and service was excellent. My sticky toffee pudding was to die for. 🙂 Hugo was given some treats by the friendly staff.

The former Dun Bull Inn, the only Inn in the Mardale Valley before it was flooded.

My only disappointment was not catching a glimpse of the native red squirrels that visit the garden and bird feeders outside. Squirrel food can be obtained at the bar and on our previous visit we were lucky enough to see one of the little fellas.

Despite the heating problems we enjoyed a lovely stay at The Haweswater Hotel. The staff are so friendly and accommodating. I would definitely visit again in the future.

Manchester ~ Lunch at Hotel Gotham.

gotham manc 001

My latest Manchester Adventure with the girls started with a naughty prosecco in the park and ended with half a cider in a bar that used to be a public toilet ! Somewhere in between we managed lunch too…….in the impressive looking Hotel Gotham.

gotham manc 020

HOtel Gotham rises majestically over the various designer boutiques on King Street. Formerly a bank, this Art Deco building was designed by Edwin Lutyens and it is said that forgotten recording material by Manchester bands Joy Division and New Order were discovered in its vaults during the renovations. Now a bespoke hotel with original features such as half moon shaped windows and terrazzo floors, it also has a quirky side inspired by 1930s gangsters,prohibition , oh and Batman of course!

gotham manc 003

gotham manc 005

gotham manc 004

The hotel’s restaurant ‘Honey’ is on the sixth floor and commands grand views of the city. We started our lunch with delicious cocktails and a cheesy fondue style starter with artisan breads.

gotham manc 002

gotham manc 006

For our mains Jo and Fi decided on the Club sandwiches and I chose the charcuterie board which was both weird  and wonderful. There’s a savoury donut in there somewhere.

gotham manc 007

gotham manc 012

Its a shame the weather was the typical summer time drizzle we come to expect in the North West. Not the best sneaky peek at the view! Ooooh Fi and I did manage a sneaky peek in the private members/residents club ‘Brass’ by the way. That Fi is very bolshy. 😉  It’s all swanky leather sofas and wall to wall alcohol up there. And I can tell you the ladies toilets are like stepping into the brains of a Peacock……

gotham manc 011

Time for desserts. Fi and Jo both chose the chocolate soup with tracklements. Now being the country bumpkins that we are, none of us actually knew anything about tracklements. Do you? Well ,they turned out to be little accompaniments on the side. I think the chocolate soup might have been a bit sparse without them!  And I went for the peanut and raspberry parfait which was rather good.

gotham manc 013

gotham manc 014

We all enjoyed the food ( and the cocktails! ) but I think our experience would have benefited from some explanations from the waiting on staff. Although lovely ( and donning bowler hats) the staff seemed a little clueless about how the food should be consumed. For example one of our cocktails came with a shot of prosecco on the side. Was this meant to be downed in one beforehand or mixed in with said cocktail? Nobody seemed to know. And as for those tracklements……..

gotham manc 015

gotham manc 018

I loved the attention to detail in the restaurant and hotel interior. Vintage typewriters on the wall, retro luggage,gold bars and old fashioned drinks trolleys. What I wouldn’t give for a nosy in one of Gotham’s sixty luxurious bedrooms and suites!

gotham manc 021

gotham manc 022

gotham manc 024

For a special treat ‘Honey’ in Hotel Gotham is somewhere I would love to dine again. Where in Manchester do you recommend going for lunch?