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Herdy Huts ~ My stay in a Shepherd’s Hut. :)

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Although I LOVE camping I have always been curious about Glamping. Wouldn’t it be great to experience all the outdoorsy fun of camping with some lovely home comforts too. After a little research I found the website for Herdy Huts in the Lake District and was smitten  .I just had to book a long weekend in one of their cute Shepherd’s Huts!

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Shepherd’s Huts apparently have a long history ,dating  as far back as the 1500’s. They were used as their name suggests, by shepherds tending their flocks. They are basically huts on wheels and can be rolled from location to location. The Herdy Huts current location is Hoathwaite Campsite near Coniston. The views are stunning!

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There are three huts available and I booked Gerdy hut !  Each hut is furnished in warm and bright colours with everything you could possibly need. We were surprised at how spacious Gerdy actually is. There is a snug double bed ( with a single bunk above) , a table and seating area, kitchen storage, a gas hob and a wonderful wood burner which is also an oven. A delicious aroma of firewood and fabric softener envelops you as you enter. 🙂

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The huts comfortably fit two adults or two adults and a child. A well behaved dog is welcome too. 🙂

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The Shepherd’s Huts are on a campsite so toilets and showers are shared with the campers. They are basic but this wasn’t a problem as they were kept very clean. The campsite is also part of a working farm so don’t be surprised if you come across a few friendly cows!

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The location is pretty much perfect. A two mile or so lakeside walk to the pretty village of Coniston one way and a shorter walk to Torver the other way. But mostly we just loved hanging out at our hut. 🙂 We were fortunate really that the weather was mixed. When the sun shone we made the most of the bench and brazer outside and when it rained and the wind howled, well we were nice and toasty in Gerdy. I miss Gerdy already!

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A three night weekend break or a four night midweek break in Herdy, Gerdy or Blea costs £260. £10 extra for one well behaved dog.

Have you ever been Glamping?

52 Lists ~ List the things you wish you had known as a teenager.


~ Friends are important.Do not lose touch with them just because you get a boyfriend.
~  Yep you do get a boyfriend. But he should not be your be all and end all. Not that you will listen to that one!
~  When you joke about getting a full time job at the new supermarket  in town , don’t joke, it will happen.
~  Try and do better at college (  actually turning up there would be a start) and at least apply for uni. Nope you won’t listen to that one either. Your so stubborn!
~    Thirty sounds old….but it really isn’t!!!
~  Oneday Ghd’s will be invented and your hair won’t look quite as thick and frizzy as it does now. 🙂

As a teenager I was pretty stubborn and I probably wouldn’t have taken much notice of this list!  But actually if I hadn’t taken the path I did ~ life may not be as good as it is now. Who knows hey!

What would you have done differently as a teenager?

52 Lists ~ List the Good things you have done this week.


Racking my brains to think of the good things I have done recently reminded me of an episode in Friends where Joey challenges Phoebe to perform a truelly selfless act. By the end of the show she realises its impossible as the warm fuzzy feeling she gets for doing a good deed is not selfless at all. Aw I miss Friends. Anyway I did find a few good things to list. And I admit they made me feel good doing them. 😀

~ Ironed a big pile of clothes for a friend.
~ Resisted the ‘naughty but nice ‘ puddings in the works canteen.
~ Offered to host a greetings card party for my sister as she has a new job selling them.
~ Agreed to feed a friends cats for them while theyre on hols. Purrleasure. 🙂

Bye for now.x

52 Lists: Books I have enjoyed.

Although I used to read lots ( I mean lots! as a kiddiwink I bordered on antisocial as I always had my head in a book), these days I’m lucky if I manage to read three novels a year. 😦 I don’t know exactly why ~ i think its maybe because I havn’t found anything so riveting recently, that I want to leave my life temporarily and get lost in a good story. I think I just need to find a good story!  But anyway here is a list of some of the books I’ve enjoyed over the years…..some are still in my bookshelf. 🙂


Alices Adventures in Wonderland  ~  Lewis Carroll.

Wuthering Heights  ~  Emily Bronte.

Bridget Jones Diary  ~  Helen Fielding.

Let the right one in   ~  John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Harry Potter Series    ~   J K Rowling.

Dracula  ~  Bram Stoker.

Salems Lot  ~  Stephen King.

Twilight  ~  Stephanie Meyer.

A Lion called Christian  ~ Anthony Bourke & John Rendall.

The Graveyard book  ~  Neil Gamen.

The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents  ~  Terry Pratchet.

The Cat  ~  Colette.

The Lovely Bones  ~  Alice Seabold.

The Water Babies  ~  Charles Kingsley.

Game of Thrones series  ~  George R R Martin.

What are your favourite books? Any recommendations?

52 Lists : My Hopes and dreams ( right now).

This is a difficult one as It is fair to say that if everything in my life right now stayed the same, I would be perfectly happy and greatful. However here is just a teeny list. 😉


~ Need to get the house smartened up a little. DIY is always pushed to the back of our priorities. Holidays this year.Home improvements next year!

~ Another four legged friend. We have Slinky our cat and we will definitetly be looking for a doog after our travels this year. Our beloved labrador Jakey died in January and we miss him every day. Life for us is not as forfilling without him.

~ I would personally love a camper van or even a caravan ( must be getting old! ) but there again , we always have great camping trips with our little tent. 🙂

~ I think every girl would like to get engaged ( Hint Hint !) but having been married before ( when very very young) the whole actually getting wed bit , does give me the jitters. 😛

~ To continue feeling as happy and blessed as I do now. xx

52 Lists : My Life Essentials.

mothers day candles 008

1) Good friends ~I’m always up for a natter with my besties. 🙂

2) Chocolate ~I’m a slave to my sweet tooth.

3) Countryside ~ I like to get out and about in it when I can.

4)  Four legged friend ~ even better with a happy doggy by my side….and cuddles with the cat when I get home.  ^^

5)  My other half ~ He’s not a bad old stick. 🙂

6) Tunes ~ Nothing better than sticking some music on and having a soundtrack to your life.

7) Teacups ~ I can’t go very long without hunting out vintage treasures for my little craft fair stall.

8) My Camera ~ I always have my camera in my bag…just in case. You should see my vast collection of photo albums!

9) My mobile phone ~ Sad I know! Bet everyone feels the same though…..

10) Sunny days ~ Sunshine , even on a cold frosty day. 🙂

What are your Life Essentials?

52 Lists ~ Things To Get Excited About. :)


The latest 52 Lists topic is Things Your excited about. Well, looking at the year ahead I have actually got loads to be excited about:) I still get that wonderful nervous Christmas morning butterflies feeling when I can’t wait for something good to happen. Here is what I’m currently feeling excited about.

A soon to happen marathon Game of Thrones fest. I cannot wait!

A meet up with a couple of lovely craft fair friends for a mooch round Skipton.

A little camping trip in a couple of weeks with the other half.

Camping with friends at the King of the Mountains Festival in Yorkshire and getting to see the first stage of the Tour de France.

A pot painting date at Paint Pot with my niece and nephew.

A trip to Paris in July. Its actually so Wil can see the last stage of the Tour de France. But I’m sure there will be lots of sight seeing and romance too. 😉

A city break in Reykjavik in October. Finally visiting Iceland is a life long dream of mine.

Welcoming a new dog into our home. Hopefully this will happen at the end of the year, once we have got rid of our little travel bug. 🙂

What things are you getting excited about this year?

52 Lists ~ Things To Do This Summer. :-D

Goodness I’m a wee bit late starting the 52 Lists challenge. Its week 23 already ( nearly half way through) but as I so enjoy reading Louisa’s and Janet’s 52 Lists posts on their blogs Duck In A Dress and Words That Can Only Be Your Own , I thought I won’t be shy, I’l join in too. 🙂 After all my family Surname is actually Lister so it seems its meant to be ……….

resize lists

The prompts for the challenge have been thought up by country loving blogger, Ema ~ over at Made In Hunters ( another lovely blog) but as i’m currently waiting for her to email me the rest of the prompt list, I will start off with the current topic. 🙂

Summer To Do List.

Read some novels by Colette. After all Paris is booked in July. 🙂

Paint the back of the house…..or get the Other Half to. 😉

Sip homemade limoncello in the back yard.

Rent a beach hut for the day. I would love to hire one of these for the day.

Take a ride on a Vintage carousel. Never to old eh!

Go to a vintage seaside fair and watch a Punch and Judy show.

Take a walk to a country pub with a beer garden. Its going to stay sunny right. B-)

Watch an open air film showing.

Go camping more than once this summer.

Have the courage to let my kitty cat Slinky wander outside without my strict supervision.That could be a toughie!


So anyway thats my first list done ( Hurrah!), I wonder how much of it I will achieve…. What will you be getting up to this Summer?