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Thursday Favourites ’12’

Hi and welcome to this weeks Thursday Favourites. What have I enjoyed about the past seven days……

Warm Sunshine. πŸ™‚

The Sun has been out ( occasionally) and you could actually feel its warmth on your back. Sunglasses were worn and certain kitty cats ( thats Slinky Malinki) dared venture into the back yard for a sniff before scooting back in at top speed. I’m almost as frightened at letting her out as she is of going out though……

Family Time.

It was nice at the weekend to spend time with both sets of Mums for Mothers Day. We took Wil’s Mum out for lunch on Saturday and visited mine on Sunday. My siblings and niece and nephew were at Mums too so it was great to have a fun family day.:)

Family time in warm sunshine. :)
Family time in warm sunshine. πŸ™‚

New Baking Tins.

I treated myself to some new baking tins, mixing bowl and cake stand with some of the proceeds made from my teacup trinket stands. I hope these new purchases will encourage me to bake more.Hmmm I seem to like my polka dots.

Baking bits from Homebase.
Baking bits from Homebase.

Scary movies.

Actually watched a couple of scary(ish) movies recently which is amazing for me and my ‘hide behind a cushion when anything mildly scary is on the telly’ persona. We saw dark and atmospheric fairytale ‘Pans labyrinth’ and haunting ghost story ‘The woman in black’ starring Daniel Radcliffe ……..and yes I did watch them half behind a cushion. But at least I watched them!

Pans Labyrinth.
Pans Labyrinth.


And lastly I thought I would feature this amazing Owl made by a work colleague to encourage kids to eat fruit. Must be enough fruit in him to constitute our now ‘7’ a day recommended portions hey. Cute as well. πŸ™‚


Bye for Now.X


Thursday Favourites ’11’

Thursday soon comes around !

Here is a list of five things I have enjoyed over the past seven days. πŸ™‚

Baking. πŸ™‚

Believe it or not we have been living without an oven for nearly three months! We still had a hob and the microwave but our actual oven had broke and being lazy as we are , we couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy another. After numerous take-aways , trips out and the odd curry, Wil decided he needed to make a sunday roast quite soon….and even I’ve had a hankering to do some baking.As soon as our new cooker arrived I found a lovely recipe in the April edition of the Simple Things magazine, for Lemon & blueberry cake. Here is the result!


Mellow Yellow

I’m loving the spring colour of yellow at the moment. It just promises sunshine. I feel a yellow inspired post coming on soon.:)


Sea Air.

There is nothing better than getting away to the coast , even for just a couple of hours. On sunday we drove over to Lytham for some bracing sea air to blow the cobwebs away. I love the sea side. πŸ™‚

Marooned. :)
Marooned. πŸ™‚


We booked Paris! I never thought we would actually book it. Feeling extremely lucky as we have two amazing city breaks planned this year. Happy days. πŸ™‚ Anyway we thought stopping in Paris would feel all the more authentic if we stayed in a french home rather than a hotel. Air bnb rent out rooms and studio apartments all over the world and we found this one 15 mins from the centre of Paris belonging to Aurelie. πŸ™‚ There are all price ranges. We have paid Β£52 per night and are staying for four. Can’t wait!


Tea Cup Trinket Stands.

I put the other half to work drilling πŸ™‚ as these trinket stands are proving very popular at the moment. I love them and they are a pretty way of upcycling old tea sets.

Bye for now.x

Easy Peazy Baking and Alphabet Dating.

Well folks my boyfriend has gone off on a Dirty Weekend…………without Me!Β  Ok he is actually mountain biking in deepest darkest Wales with the boys.This involves lots of falling off into muddy ravines etc , whil’st trying to get ‘Air’. I say ‘boys’Β  though they are all in their late 30’s and some ( no names mentioned ! ) are 43. I guess it keeps them out of mischief. πŸ˜‰

So here I am Home Alone for a whole weekend. Ok i’m not strictly alone, I do have a certain black labrador for company. He mostly just sleeps and eats , dear old man. Β  Friday eve I happened to mention the word ‘baking’ though and he suddenly sprung to life before I could tie my Cath Kidston Apron strings. πŸ™‚

Jake giving me his best ' Can I lick the bowl clean' look.

So here is my attempt at making Mars Bar Crispy Cake Tray Bake which the lovely Emma featured on her blog High Heels And Pink Glitter.

Its a Tray Bake!

The results will be taken to the Zoo today ( not to share with with the monkeys Honest) and of course I’ve left a couple for when the wanderer returns. They do look a bit tempting though……………..



So the blogosphere inspired me to bake this wknd ( well easy peazy baking anyhow πŸ™‚ ) and i’ve also been following the progress of an Alphabet Dating challenge over on the fabulous blog Wrapped Up In Rainbows. Have you heard of Alphabet Dating? Laura who writes the blog and her other half Chris are busy working their way though the alphabet on their days out together.For example their first alphabet date was the letter A so they went out on an Animal inspired date. And their B date involved Beer and Bulls Icecream! It sounds great fun and I have already suggested it to Wil. I think when you have been together a while ( 8 years! )you can slide into doing the same old ,same old ,dvd date night
or aft in the local pub. Alphabet Dating should get us out of our comfort zone and doing new things. What do you think? Why not give it a go too. πŸ™‚ Hopefully October may be the month to start! <3<3

Nigella’s Peanut butter cookies.

Are you in the love peanut butter camp or hate peanut butter camp? I’m firmly in the former….unlike my bf who always looks horrified when I get the jar out of the cupboard.Nuts hey!
I have fond childhood memories of going round to my friends Emmy and Arwen’s house to play…….and enjoy their mums plentiful supplies of newly baked peanut butter cookies.Scrumptious they were too.:)
So I thought I would have a go at making Nigella’s Peanut butter cookies and I’m hoping the other half might just change his mind about peanut butter.



The recipe worked out fine though I think i did leave them in the oven a tad longer than the 10-12 mins Nigella suggests. All in all they are quick,easy to make and a real sweet treat.

Hmmm now what do you think about peanut butter on toast……..with marmite?? πŸ˜‰

Eggcellent Easter Ideas !

Love all these Easter gift idea’s , much lovelier alternatives than buying from the supermarket. Take a look at Iris’s web site.X

Baked By Mummy Iris

Make Easter a great one! Hello everyone πŸ™‚

We have lots of Easter bakeware and goodies to help you out. First up, our hen silicone mould. Oven safe too. Just add melted chocolate to make gorgeous chocolate hens!

Chicken Mould

Make your own Easter Eggs this year? This gorgeous egg is made by Kristy Giblin. Thank you for sharing your wonderful make with us πŸ™‚


We have 2 egg moulds available in mediumΒ (Β£4.50)Β and largeΒ (Β£5.50). Each medium egg measures approximately 50mm in diameter and is 65mm long and each large egg measures approximately 75mm in diameter and is 95mm long.

Easter Egg Moulds

It has been rather manic at the Baked By Me HQ. Incredibly thankful that you love our Easter themed jars.

Mini Eggs Cookie Mix

Comes with easy baking instructions. Just add an egg an butter to make 18 lush drool worthy cookies. Check them out!!

Mini Eggs Delight Cookies

They are seasonal though. So do not wait…

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Yummy Nutella Muffins.

A friend told me about this very easy muffin recipe she found on Pinterest. πŸ™‚



A jar of Nutella.
2 Eggs.
9 tbspoons Self Raising Flour.


Mix all the ingredients together.Bake in the oven for thirty minutes on a medium heat. Easy as that!


I also dusted them with icing sugar.My friend added raisins to hers and topped with hazel nuts.


Yummy Nutella Muffins.Enjoy!

Herman the friendship cake.

There might be a time soon when a friend or neighbor knocks round at yours with a tub of beery smelling cake mixture and a list of Instructions for keeping ‘Herman??’ alive. Thats what happened to me ten days ago!


Herman is a friendship cake which apparently originates from an amish tradition of baking sourdough cakes for the poor. The instructions include a lot of stirring and some feeding( adding of ingredients) over ten days. And the warning not to put Herman in the fridge…..or he will die.Yikes!.On the ninth day I split the mixture into four and gave three of them away to friends.The fourth Ive just baked into a cake .


My Herman has chopped dates, walnuts and choc chips in.And v
ery yummy he is too.:)