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Birds that Brunch and Signs of Spring.

birdys spring feb 015

Yesterday I took my camera down the fields in the hope of capturing one of the Barn Owls I frequently see when I’m walking the hound. Yes I know, I am one lucky girl! But the enchanting creatures, who I often see hunting in daylight ( I didn’t know they did that!) proved elusive this time. Just knowing they are around ( possibly due to ground being disturbed because of new housing estates being built in the area ) gives me hope that I will get my shot one day. 🙂

The birds I can depend on not to be too camera shy are the various garden types  that feed in a gateway to the campsite near the river. Some kind soul puts food out for them every day. These birdies know how to Brunch. 🙂

birds jan 020
Female Blackbird.
birds jan 015
Long tailed Tit.
birdys spring feb 007
birdys spring feb 003
birds jan 019
birdys spring feb 006

I hung around for a while, until my feet started getting a wee bit cold. If I tell you I also saw two Jays but couldn’t get a picture, you will know how disappointed I was. 😦  But the fact that wildlife is thriving down by the river does make me happy. I frequently see Kingfishers, Herons, Dippers and Goosander. Two walkers told me recently that they have spied Otters! And of course the camera shy Barn Owl(s) are possibly the most beautiful and graceful birds I have ever seen in the wild. 🙂

birdys spring feb 011
Catkins or Lambs tails.
birdys spring feb 014

And despite the cold weather it does appear that Spring is just round the corner. 🙂

Have you spotted any signs of Spring yet?