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Blog Every Day In May Challenge!

caldbeck 019
One of my favourite bloggers , the lovely Elizabeth at the lifestyle blog Rosaliliumhas set herself( and anyone else who would like to take part) the challenge of blogging a post a day every day in May.You can write about anything you wish and as a guideline Elizabeth has included a calendar with a different topic on every day of the month. Her idea’s include waxing lyrical about your dream holiday,your fantasy dinner party guests,your favourite blogs,your 13 year old self and even the contents of your fridge. So anyway I thought I might have a go. πŸ™‚ I think it will certainly be a challenge for me as even jotting down this piddly paragraph has taken me about 30 minutes! Or maybe it will get the creative juices flowing and there will be no stopping me……

Anyway if you fancy having a go too pop over to Rosalilium and have a gander.
See you in May πŸ˜‰