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Wildlife Moments in 2020. 🦊

2020 has been tough on us humans but the natural world has carried on as normal. In fact in those early days of lockdown when most of us stayed home and the roads were eerily empty, wildlife blossomed. Many of us had time to notice the birds in our gardens , the visiting butterflies, the quiet rustle of hidden creatures going about their business. From all the negativity a greater connection to nature came about. We have so much to appreciate in our wilder surroundings.

Travel restrictions prevented me from venturing very far so my photos this year are from Lancashire and Cumbria. Still plenty to see though. Enjoy the pics. ❤️

Roe Deer spotted on the fringe of woodland earlier this year in Clitheroe.
Scarlet Elf Cups , Kirkby Stephen in March.
A sandmartin settles, the river Lune, Caton.
Round Leaved Wintergreen, Salthill Nature Reserve, Lancs.
Ringed Plovers and Dunlin, Port Carlisle, Cumbria.
Corncockle in a wildflower meadow on the Lowther Estate, Cumbria.
Red Admiral butterfly.
Little Egret with its bright yellow legs, Ravenglass, Cumbria.
Bonnie Bullfinch at a feeder in Caton, Lancashire.
Juvenile Wheatear , Cow Green Reservoir, Cumbria.
Fly Agaric on the riverside at Garrigill, Cumbria.
A Whitethroat by the sea in Heysham, Lancs.
Heather in bloom , Bowness on Solway, Cumbria.
Native Longhorn cattle on the Lowther Estate, Cumbria.
Marsh Cinquefoil , Eyecott Hill Nature Reserve in Cumbria.
Golden Plover , Cow Green Reservoir, Cumbria.
Pretty in pink waxcap , the village green in Melmerby.
Female Fallow Deer on the Dalemain Estate in Cumbria.
Bee Orchid in Clitheroe.
Little Owl in Clitheroe, one of two that perched on the tree every morning in early Summer.

What wildlife have you enjoyed seeing in 2020?

Wildlife Moments in 2018.

Its December everyone! Is it to early to do a bit of a round-up post?? 2018 has been a pretty good year for spotting wildlife I’ve never seen before. I glimpsed my first Gannets plunging into the ocean for fish off Skye, my first Stonechats darting between fence posts and gorse bushes in Ravenglass and my first Great Crested Grebes fishing in the lagoon at Hodbarrow Nature Reserve. I witnessed my first Eider Ducks bobbing along an aquamarine blue sea in the Outer Hebrides and watched for the first time, wild otters swimming and playing in a sheltered cove there.

And this year I have tried to identify and record every flower, mammal, bird, butterfly and moth I have come across whilst out and about , in a Nature Diary. Doing this has definitely got me busy looking up everything in my often neglected wildlife guides. My diary has gotten quite full, though I know there are still so many plants and animals, that I haven’t had the pleasure of viewing in our beautiful British Isles.

Here are just a few photos of some of the wildlife I have managed to capture on camera this year. 🙂

Great Crested Grebe fishing whilst sporting winter plumage ~ Hodbarrow Nature Reserve, Haverigg, Cumbria.
P1090293 - Copy
Hugo amongst Sea Lavender in Heysham, Lancashire.
Hedgehog wandering up a woodland path, Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire Dales.
Underneath the Umbels, Clitheroe, Lancashire.
Red Grouse, Great Stone of Four stones, Bentham, Lancashire.
Small Heath Butterfly, Askham Fell, Cumbria.
Compass Jellyfish on the beach, North Uist, Outer Hebrides.
Common Seal, Isle of Bernerey, Outer Hebrides.
Pretty Linnet, Askham Fell, Cumbria.
Female Red Deer, North Uist.
Blooming Heather on North Uist.
Swallow-tailed Moth, Salthill Nature Reserve in Clitheroe.
Common Spotted Orchids in the Wildflower meadow, Gisburn Forest, Lancashire.
One of the Otters we saw on North Uist. 🙂
Corn Buntings, North Uist.
Sea Holly, Crosby Beach, Merseyside.
Painted Lady, Salthill Nature Reserve, Clitheroe.
Bugles near Derwentwater, Cumbria.
Dipper, Stridd Wood, Bolton Abbey.
Skylark with lunch, Askham Fell, Cumbria.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

What are your own favourite wildlife moments of 2018?

Wildlife Moments in 2017. 

I thought I would post a few of my favourite wildlife photos that I have taken whilst out and about this year. There have been a few special moments! I finally managed to photograph a kingfisher  ( not once, but twice! ) and I was thrilled to spy a Green Woodpecker by the river Wharfe in Yorkshire.  A holiday on the Norfolk Coast proved an amazing experience for wildlife spotting and even a few days away in London gave me some photographic opportunities. 🙂 Hope you enjoy my pictures.

norfolk 076
Small Blue Butterfly  , Old Hunstanton sand dunes.
brotherswater 023
Pied Wagtail eating lunch , Brotherswater.
Kingfisher perched above a rowing boat on the River Nidd in November.
norfolk 168
Foxgloves in Sandringham Country Park.
lakes 2017 111
Comeront , River Esk, Cumbria.
lakes 2017 139
Tawny Owl, Muncaster Castle.
seaside b and c 001
Sea Holly, Rossall Beach, Fleetwood.
norfolk 014
Nesting Fulmar  in the stripey cliffs of Hunstanton.
brougham hall and dalmaine 066
Fallow Deer, Dalemain Estate, Cumbria.
london 063
Grey Heron in Hyde Park, London in April.


london 029
Moorhen in Hyde Park.
london 053
Green Parakeet ( another London Park regular).
norfolk 043
Vallarean flowers amongst the beech huts, Old Hunstanton.
ullswater aira force 066
Wild flowers on the banks of Ullswater.
harrogate 057
Kingfisher on the river Nidd.
norfolk 107
Sea Asters, Cromer.
salthill quarry 055
Six spotted burnet moth, Salthill Quarry Nature Reserve.
norfolk 308
Common and Grey Seals, Blakeney Point, Norfolk.
yorkshire 120
Green Woodpecker next to the river Wharfe in the Dales.
caves 053
Pheasant in the Dales.

What wildlife have you enjoyed viewing in 2017?


Wildlife Wish List :)


Another year and another Wildlife Wish List that I would love to capture on camera. I only started taking my camera out with me on walks a couple of years ago. Since then I have been lucky enough to see all sorts of wildlife……but I’m not always quick enough to get a decent picture. There are certain animals and birds especially, who always manage to evade my unfortunate photographic skills. 🙂


My camera is pretty good , it is only a Panasonic Lumix with a 12x Optical zoom which I have had for nearly four years. Maybe its time for an upgrade. I like the fact that it is a small camera but maybe I should go with something with a better zoom. I’m rubbish with all the technical terms !

Green Woodpecker in Silverdale. Wish I could have captured his gorgeous colourful plumage.
Green Woodpecker in Silverdale. Wish I could have captured his gorgeous colourful plumage.

Anyway here are a few animals and birds who live locally but who scarper quickly when they see me coming!

Jay, Tawny Owl, Pied Wagtail, curlew, Fox, Roe deer, Hare, Lapwing, Sand Martins, Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Tree Creeper, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Kestrel, Starling, swallow, Jackdaw, Redwing, Badger, Kingfisher, Hedgehog,

I would be happy if I manage to get photo’s of at least three of the species on my list this year. 🙂

Bluetit enjoying lunch.
Bluetit enjoying lunch.
I did manage to get a few shots of Herons last year. Hurrah!
I did manage to get a few shots of Herons last year. Hurrah!
Peacock Butterflies in the park last summer.
Peacock Butterflies in the park last summer.
Tufted Ducks at RSPB Leighton Moss
Tufted Ducks at RSPB Leighton Moss
My fave all time birdy pic. A camera shy Red legged Partridge hotfooting it away from  the paparazzi. ;)
My fave all time birdy pic. A camera shy Red legged Partridge hotfooting it away from the paparazzi. 😉

So if you see someone hiding in the hedgerows it may just be me ( Nerdy bird) hoping for that shot of an elusive Bullfinch. Lol. ;0)