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Were All Mad Here ~ Callooh ! Callay Tea Rooms in Clitheroe.

Ah but where in Clitheroe can you find a White Rabbit, a March Hare, a sleepy Dormouse and a Mad Hatter taking tea? There’s a very good chance you might, at Callooh! Callay , an Alice in Wonderland inspired Tea Room on Moor Lane. If your up for a Mad Tea-party…. or simply a tea-time treat, this is the place to come. ♀♑◇♧

Now Callooh Callay has been open for a few years now. In fact I had my 40th Birthday ( or should that be Un-birthday) tea-party here, four years ago. Sob! How time flies and where’s my pocket watch. Its recently become under new ownership and happily the owners have continued with the Wonderland theme.

My friend Lisa and I bobbed in for a brew yesterday and we couldn’t resist the tempting array of cakes on display. Lisa chose a slab of delicious millionaires shortbread and I ordered a slice of starry chocolate cake. It went very well with my March Hare Perk Me Up Peppermint Tea. Delightful. πŸ™‚

As you can see everything comes served upon lovely mis-matched vintage china. Pink flamingos adorn the cafe walls.

After our refreshments we bobbed upstairs for a nosy. There are two further rooms and a cute bathroom on the first floor.

Upstairs you can browse in the newly opened craft shop and there are plans afoot for Craft and Natter mornings.

The cafe now extends to upstairs too. I love the ambience in this cosy room. Now available to hire for private parties, the dressing up area in the corner is a nice touch. I can see my niece and god daughters loving it here. 😁

Callooh Callay is open every day 10 ~ 5pm and 12 ~ 4pm on Sundays. Maybe Alice herself will welcome you!

And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?

Come to my arms, my beamish boy!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’

He chortled in his joy.

From the poem JABBERWOCKY by Lewis Carroll ~ Alice’s Adventures Through The Looking Glass.

Sunday Sevens February 4th.

Its actually Friday morning as I gather together some pictures for my Sunday Sevens post. Yesterday ( Thursday) I had the day off as I am working for a colleague on Saturday. Yay , I can hardly wait! I know I am totally spoilt really and have become to used to having my weekends off….

I have just finished reading ELeanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. The story centres round Eleanor, a thirty something office worker who exists according to a regimented timetable during the week….and buys two bottles of vodka to drink at home every weekend. Eleanor thinks her life is rolling along as it should be, in other words she’s completely fine. And then she makes a friend. I found this book to be sweetly funny, heart-breaking and unputdownable. Anyone else read it?

Linden and Holder image saved from abduzeedo.com via Pinterest.

Currently watching ~ The Killing on Netflix. I am probably very late to the party! Based on the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen ( The Crime) , The Killing is a serial detective drama set in the more often than not bleak and rainy Seattle. With Scandi Noir influences and Linden’s Danish knitted jumpers, our crime busting duo are two very different homicide detectives ,with contrasting styles of how to get things done. Although I am very definitely the kind of audience that hides behind a cushion when I think something bad is going to happen, I am seriously hooked on a good mystery at the moment. Other Netflix series that I have enjoyed recently are The Sinner, Godless and The Lizzie Boden Chronicles. Any recommendations?

Thursday and Friday have been bright and cold days. On Thursday I had a good walk round my local Castle grounds. I went up to the top of the keep and it was freezing up there! This gave me an excuse to visit a tearoom and indulge in a pot of hot tea and a slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake. πŸ™‚

Callooh ! Callay in Clitheroe has just re-opened. If your a fan of Alice In Wonderland and your tea served in vintage china, you will love Callooh!

I also did a spot of shopping. I found a couple of cute cards in Roost, a fab new Gifts and Interiors shop on Moor Lane. Plus I purchased a pretty top in a charity shop for Β£4. Can you see it is covered in little cat motifs. Slinky does not care to compliment it. That little fur ball on the edge of the photo is actually Slinky curled up in sleep ( or ignoring! ) mode.

Slinky Malinki

Speaking of which, I was disappointed to read ( yet again ) this week, that black cats in rescue centres are finding it hard to be re-homed due to them not being seen as photogenic enough for Instagram or selfies. If a person only wants a pet to decorate their social media feed, then I’m afraid they don’t deserve one. There are some eejits out there!


My final photo shows Pendle Hill in the back ground and is a view I tend to see a lot, when we are out and about with Hugo. I am hoping to #walk1000miles in 2018 and my progress in January has been pretty good. I have walked 120 miles in the first month. However I am probably only walking what I have always walked, its just that I haven’t bothered to record the distance before. If we didn’t have Hugo, would I have the motivation??? I think I would struggle!

Thanks as always to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for organizing Sunday Sevens.

A Christmas brew at Callooh!

Feeling festive ( and somewhat frazzled) after listening to Christmas tunes all day πŸ™‚ , I joined a couple of work chums for a brew and a chat in my favourite vintage tea room Callooh! Callay

Callooh is no stranger to my blog and has featured in several posts! Its a bijou Alice In Wonderland inspired cafe that serves delicious home cooked food and a varied selection of teas, named after Wonderland phrases and characters.

Since my first post two years ago , the tea room has come under new management. It is however still as lovely as ever. The tea and cakes are served in mismatched vintage china and pink flamingos are a big part of the decor. Sorry my pictures are a little dark.


As I prefer fruit teas I decided on ‘Were All Mad Here’ , a refreshing fruity burst of strawberries, elderberries, rosehips and lemongrass. My colegue K tried a black tea called ‘Cheshire Cat Got the Cream’ whils’t my other workmate C preferred a coffee. I wonder whose idea it was to order a sumptious slice of chocolate yule log.Hmmm let me see….. πŸ˜‰


Before leaving we had a nosy upstairs. There are two rooms devoted to lovely gifts and vintage goodies. One of the rooms is now a new vintage venture called ‘Tumtumtree vintage’ selling clothes and other interesting bits and pieces. I have my eye on these two brass cockerels.Roll on payday!






So if your ever in Clitheroe and fancy a pot of tea and an explore in a curiosity shop, you will find Callooh! Callay on Moor Lane ~ not to far from the castle gates. Enjoy!

Alice Pic of the week. :)


As a young girl i remember losing myself in the story of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland and ~ Through the looking glass. I have had a fondness for the magical tales ever since. πŸ™‚ With this in mind I thought I would feature a pic of something Wonderland inspired every week. Todays pic is simply of a copy of the book itself which i came accross recently on a rainy day in my favourite tea rooms Callooh Callay. ~ which you will have to visit if your ever in my home town.:-) They are Alice in Wonderland themed after all. I imagine lots of my pics will end up being taken there. πŸ™‚ But you can contribute too ! If you have taken any photos on your travels of anything Alice Inspired send me one and some details about it to ~ breadandbutterfly4081@yahoo.com and I will feature it as an Alice Pic Of The Week.

I’m off to find The Cheshire Cat. πŸ˜€

A Vintage Afternoon.

Saturday afternoon I met up with a friend for a brew, a natter and a scout round a vintage fair. The Chic Vintage Fair was held in the St Marys Centre in Clitheroe and was packed to the rafters with glorious vintage homewares,clothing and collectables. Its always fun mooching round these types of events as you often spot something that reminds you of your childhood. I get ridiculously nostalgic when I glance upon a slideshow View Finder or a Mr Frosty slush maker!
And you also come accross unique gift ideas when people get crafty with their vintage. πŸ™‚

Good Enough For The Queen. πŸ™‚
Pretty Perfume bottles.
Teacup Fairies from the fairy santuary. πŸ™‚
Beautiful trinket stands made from vintage china and glass ware. Love it. πŸ™‚
Vintage clothes rail

After the fair my friend and I went to the Exchange Coffee Company for a brew. She was short on time so after she left for home I couldn’t resist on going back and buying a string of pearls for a friends birthday and this beauty for my bedroom.

I love this teacup covered in cath kidston fabric and lace. πŸ™‚

Then as I ambled home I couldn’t resist bobbing into Callooh Callay on Moor lane for a nosy in the Curiousity shop upstairs.

Alice in wonderland fabric.

Romeo and Juliet Teapot
Retro kitchen appliance
Old Mags.

And yes you guessed it ……. I treated myself to a slice of Bakewell tart in the tearooms downstairs. Naughty but nice. πŸ˜›


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party please…..

I’ve been nosying through my old copy of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass quite a lot recently. The plan is to have a Mad Hatters type tea party to celebrate my birthday later in the year. There is a quirky Alice inspired tea rooms called ‘Callooh! Callay! near where I live , which I have booked already.Talk about organized!

So my fantasy dinner party would actually be a tea party and my fantasy guests ( other than my lovely friends ) would probably be a motley crew of Wonderland characters. The Mad Hatter would be there of course no doubt dipping his pocket watch in his tea and I would save a place for the Dodo because he looks so distinguished. I adore cats so the Cheshire cat, or at least his grin :), could sample a jam tart or two.There should definitely be some royalty so maybe The King and Queen of Hearts could reside over the proceedings.Maybe not The Red Queen as she seems a little to generous with her execution orders. The Birthday girl would like to keep her head. I would ask the Lion and the Unicorn as long as they don’t fight to much for the crown…….and they must provide Plum cake.I would be chuffed to see a rocking horse fly and maybe a bread and butterfly at the table. And Alice too accompanied by the lovely doe eyed fawn. In fact everyone should pull up a chair!
cheshire cat
alice and fawn
lion and unicornrocking horse fly

As for the menu ~~there will be lots of tea and cake of course. Researching the stories, the food in Alice and Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass is not terribly exciting…..but i’m sure it could be adapted. Plenty of bread and butter appears,Turtle soup ( hmmm maybe not! ),Mutton Pie,Plum Pudding,Comfits,Tarts and er dry biscuits. I’m quite liking the sound of Looking Glass Cake though that divides itself into portions when served. πŸ™‚

Alcohol is even mentioned a couple of times. Here is an odd little rhyme :

Then Fill up the glasses with treacle and ink,
Or anything else that is pleasant to drink;
Mix sand with the cider, and wool with the wine-
And welcome Queen Alice with ninety-times-nine!

I might stick to Pink Champagne!

This post is for the BEDM challenge.xxx

Afternoon Tea : )

One of my friends decided she would like to go out for afternoon tea when it was her 40th birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was quite a shock ! Are our clubbing days long gone?? Still it was also a fab idea of hers as going out for tea and cake is one of my favourite things ever!

One of the Alice In Wonderland quotes dotted around the tearooms.
One of the ‘Alice In Wonderland’ quotes that are dotted round the tearooms.

We decided to go to our local tearoom , the quirky Alice in Wonderland inspired ‘Callooh Callay’ on Moor Lane in Clitheroe. Jo gave Marian the traditional 40 balloon and we all got down to studying the yummy sounding menu.

Dainty and delicious sandwiches cut into triangles, scones with jam and clotted cream and a selection of scrumptious cupcakes arrived on three tiered cake stands. Yummy. : ) Everything was served in beautiful vintage crockery.

I think we all agreed that afternoon tea was indeed an inspired idea and the Birthday girl and all of us were very impressed.

Tearoom treasures : Callooh! Callay!

One of my all time fave things is discovering a lovely tea room ,especially one that uses vintage teacups saucers.Bliss : )image

If your ever in the town of Clitheroe in the Ribble valley then do bob into Callooh Callayhttp://www.callooh-callay.co.uk
on Moor lane.Its an Alice In Wonderland inspired tearooms with a quirky curiousity shop upstairs. And a teapot of specially blended tea and a yummy cupcake is only Β£3.Perfection!ImageImage

Pretty Vintage Clothes in the shop upstairs.

I love this lapwing πŸ™‚

Just Delightful.