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Candles, Cakes and snowdrops.

February is here and at last there is hope that Spring is round the corner. The 2nd of February is celebrated as Candlemas Day in the Christian religion. Candles are lit in churches to symbolise Jesus,hope and light. Before Christianity the day was known as ‘Feast of Lights’ and celebrated the daylight hours increasing as winter gave way to spring. Whether you are religious or not, it is lovely to light candles around the home. I am sat writing this post with the lovely scent of my favourite Earl Grey Tea scented candle filling my nostrils. 🙂


Driftwood2 157
Snowdrops I saw last year at Conishead Priory.

Snowdrops have been known as Candlemas Bells and according to superstition they should not be brought into the home until now. A bunch of snowdrops symbolise  the ending of Winter and looks beautiful in a little vase. I bought my snowdrop plant today and hope to replant it in my flower bed……once the stormy weather wanes.  Even better why not see snowdrops in all their spring time glory on one of many Snowdrop walks in the UK.

In Anglo Saxon times February was known as Solmonath which is apparently translated as Sun Month and Mud month. The mud seems very appropriate after today’s Mud Bath – esque walk with Hugo!  The Saxons baked Cakes for their God’s in February. This seems like a good excuse to me to bake a cake or even better why  not book an Afternoon tea for you and a friend.  Here are a few places I’ve enjoyed  Afternoon Tea 🙂, always guaranteed to cheer you up on a drizzly day.

london 059

Enjoy your February. 🙂

Star Anise Christmas tree Decorations.


When I put the tree up I totally forgot about the handmade tree decorations I atempted a couple of weeks ago. I found a tutorial in LandLove Magazine about using old candle wax to make festive decorations. I thought these star anise stars looked very sweet.

You will need.

roasting tin
cookie cutters
star anise
candle wax

1.Line roasting tin with baking paper.
2.Melt some wax over a bain-marie.Remove remains of the wicks.
3.Cover base of tin with a thin layer of wax and place cutters on top.

4.Lay one star anise in the middle of each and fill with wax, making sure star anise still peek out. This is where I had a problem! The wax seeped out the edges of the cutters. Maybe covering with something heavy super quick as soon as you’ve poured it in may help.
5.Once cooled and set remove from cutters. I lowered them briefly into warm water to loosen.


6.Heat a needle over a flame of a candle and make a hole in each decoration so they can be hung up.Use parcel string or ribbon.


Most of mine came out to thin and broke.But I managed to salvage a couple and hung them on the tree last night.
So thats my attempt at Christmas crafting.:-D


One year of blogging and a Give Away. :)

Wow can’t quite believe my little blog Sunshine and Celandines is one year old this month. 🙂  I started my blog as a celebration of all the things I love and am interested in. There are musings about vintage finds, wildlife walks, yummy food and favourite films. I write mostly for myself but yes I do get a happy buzz and a feeling of satisfaction when someone likes or comments on a post. Yippeee!

So to mark  Sunshine and Celandines  birthday I thought I would treat you to a little  giveaway ( Hurrah! ). According to my stats my most widely read entry is What To Do With Your Vintage Teacups. so it seems appropiate that I should treat you to one of my own hand poured  Teacup Candles. 🙂

Its a jasmine scented soy wax candle in a teacup.
The teacup and saucer are mismatched with a dainty gold flowered pattern.

To be in with a chance of winning the teacup candle pictured all you have to do is leave a comment by the 28th of July. I will then collect all the commenters names in a tea cup and draw out a name at random. 🙂

Good Luck ! x