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Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ April.

Hello there, I am joining in with Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt once again. This month I have had to rummage round in the archives for my pictures. Feeling like a Time Traveller!

Rock. Back when Hugo was a pup we took him on holiday to Baycliff in Cumbria. Our holiday cottage was right on the beach so everyday was spent taking walks along the sands. In his puppy days Hugo didn’t like water very much. Here he is 5 months old and marooned on a rock. Bless him. 😙

Swirl. I spent a little while looking for swirls and whirls and ended up settleing for this bright display of swirly plates I saw in Essaoirra in Morocco some years ago. Also tagines make purrfect cat beds. Obviously.

Wood. I don’t go to many art exhibitions but a hanging display in the woodland of Grizedale Forest back in 2009 was a really effective gallery, I thought.

Balance. 2009 was also the year we went to the South of France…and found ourselves in Cannes, when its famed film festival was showing. Pictured is a rather dapper mime, balancing two white ( and very real) cats in his arms. Very bizarre.

Letter. In those days Brangelina was still a thing and this banner is a love letter to Brad Pitt and his then wife Angelina Jolie. The crowds were waiting for the star couple to tread the red carpet. Brad’s film ‘Inglorious’ was showing at the festival. We waited too…but alas not long enough! Our friends who we were holidaying with ,had an understandably cranky 18 month old with them. Brangelina were fashionably late of course and babies and international film events don’t really mix. C’est la vie.

My own choice. To show we were really there, early morning at the 62nd Festival De Cannes.

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Looking back : Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix. :)

I’m reblogging an old post today……about the time I got to mingle with the stars at Cannes. Well kind of ! x

sunshine and celandines

Imagine a film festival with a backdrop of sun,sand, sea and Palm tree’s and there you go,you’ve thought up the gorgeous Cannes Film Festival in the South of France.The sixty sixth annual Festival de film will be held from the 15th -26th May 2013 ,with the delightful ‘Amelie’ actress Audrey Tatou hosting the opening and closing ceremony’s. I have always loved the glamour of Cannes and back in 2009 myself, Wil and a couple of friends and their boys enjoyed a holiday in nearby St Raphael in a hot and sunny May. Of course we were up for a bit of star spotting! Firstly though here are a few shots of vintage Cannes. 🙂
Grace Kelly at the festival in 1955. Grace Kelly at the festival in 1955.
Ginger Rogers poses in front of the Carlton hotel  1956. Ginger Rogers poses in front of the Carlton hotel 1956.
Brigitte Bardot on the beach in Cannes. Brigitte Bardot on the beach in Cannes.
In the sixties even the daleks posed at the festival. In the sixties even the daleks posed at the festival.
This year…

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