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Sunday Sevens February 4th.

Its actually Friday morning as I gather together some pictures for my Sunday Sevens post. Yesterday ( Thursday) I had the day off as I am working for a colleague on Saturday. Yay , I can hardly wait! I know I am totally spoilt really and have become to used to having my weekends off….

I have just finished reading ELeanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. The story centres round Eleanor, a thirty something office worker who exists according to a regimented timetable during the week….and buys two bottles of vodka to drink at home every weekend. Eleanor thinks her life is rolling along as it should be, in other words she’s completely fine. And then she makes a friend. I found this book to be sweetly funny, heart-breaking and unputdownable. Anyone else read it?

Linden and Holder image saved from abduzeedo.com via Pinterest.

Currently watching ~ The Killing on Netflix. I am probably very late to the party! Based on the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen ( The Crime) , The Killing is a serial detective drama set in the more often than not bleak and rainy Seattle. With Scandi Noir influences and Linden’s Danish knitted jumpers, our crime busting duo are two very different homicide detectives ,with contrasting styles of how to get things done. Although I am very definitely the kind of audience that hides behind a cushion when I think something bad is going to happen, I am seriously hooked on a good mystery at the moment. Other Netflix series that I have enjoyed recently are The Sinner, Godless and The Lizzie Boden Chronicles. Any recommendations?

Thursday and Friday have been bright and cold days. On Thursday I had a good walk round my local Castle grounds. I went up to the top of the keep and it was freezing up there! This gave me an excuse to visit a tearoom and indulge in a pot of hot tea and a slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake. 🙂

Callooh ! Callay in Clitheroe has just re-opened. If your a fan of Alice In Wonderland and your tea served in vintage china, you will love Callooh!

I also did a spot of shopping. I found a couple of cute cards in Roost, a fab new Gifts and Interiors shop on Moor Lane. Plus I purchased a pretty top in a charity shop for £4. Can you see it is covered in little cat motifs. Slinky does not care to compliment it. That little fur ball on the edge of the photo is actually Slinky curled up in sleep ( or ignoring! ) mode.

Slinky Malinki

Speaking of which, I was disappointed to read ( yet again ) this week, that black cats in rescue centres are finding it hard to be re-homed due to them not being seen as photogenic enough for Instagram or selfies. If a person only wants a pet to decorate their social media feed, then I’m afraid they don’t deserve one. There are some eejits out there!


My final photo shows Pendle Hill in the back ground and is a view I tend to see a lot, when we are out and about with Hugo. I am hoping to #walk1000miles in 2018 and my progress in January has been pretty good. I have walked 120 miles in the first month. However I am probably only walking what I have always walked, its just that I haven’t bothered to record the distance before. If we didn’t have Hugo, would I have the motivation??? I think I would struggle!

Thanks as always to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for organizing Sunday Sevens.

Early Birdie.

Wandering home from work the other day I noticed this sign in my local AGE UK charity shop. 🙂


I like going in there for a teacup rummage…..but most of the charity shops in my town ( including this one) have put the prices up on Vintage Crockery. 😦 An ‘Early Bird Discount’ though was a great reason to head to the shops on a teacup treasure hunt!
So bright and early I  pegged it into town with my beadie eyes at the ready to bag a bargain. I literally galloped round the shop grabbing at cups and saucers until I realised there were actually no other early birds there ( tee hee) so I was safe to browse until the clock struck half past. In the end I only bought two pairs of trios and a hand full of vintage brooches….but they are quite pretty and were also half price. 🙂

earlybirdie 001

I have two ‘Duchess Ivy’ trios which were £2 each and two ‘Salisbury’ floral trios which were £3 each. My plan is to make them into teacup candles for my sadly neglected Teacup candle Stall . My first craft fair is booked for March so I had better get making !

earlybirdie 002earlybirdie 006earlybirdie 003

My trio of brooches were £1.50 each and my plan is to pin them to vintage playing cards and sell them on my stall too. They are so shiny!

earlybirdie 004

Whilst I took photos of my treasures Slinky the cat supervised. I think she was a bit put out that I was disturbing her cat nap though.

earlybirdie 010

Are you a fan of vintage teacups?

Teacup Treats. :)

Although I havn’t done any fairs recently I have still been looking out for teacup treasures. 🙂

At the wknd I quickly bobbed into a gorgeous Crafty Vintage Fair at the st Marys centre ( inbetween bridesmaid dress fittings and
bridesmaid hair do practices!) and was quickly confronted by these beauties that caught my eye. First off a lovely  floral trio with no markings to say who made it but pretty all the same.


Then I spied another delightful trio. This elegant pale green and white and gold pattened teacup, saucer and side plate are made by Royal Vale. I love the colours. 🙂


Of course another great place to find Teacups are Charity Shops. Sometimes you can be really lucky and bag a bargain and other times they might guess there are crazy teacup ladies in town and hoist the prices up. ( I’m one of them by the way!) Unfortunately I do find it almost impossible to resist a ravishingly retro teacup such as this one. I think my mum had the set this came from in the 70’s. 🙂 Its called Delphine.


Today walking home from work ( which does mean passing an abundence of charity shops) , I spotted this rather lovely pale rose teacup trio in Oxfam. I love the pretty scalloped shape of the cup. 🙂


Last but not least I found a stunning set of these white and gold Royal Vale teacups & saucers. I really think these beauties will make adorable christmas candles. What do you think?


So some of these teacup treats I shall keep and some I shall turn into trinket stands and candles. I suspect I may find even more at the weekend as I believe there is yet another Vintage fair on in Clitheroe. Teacup Heaven!

If you like teacups you may want to look at my facebook page Mrs Tibbs Teacups & Candles. x

Charity shop and Clothes Swap.

Todays Topic on the Rosalilium Blog Every Day in May challenge is ‘Go Green’, where we are asked to blog about our green tips.Wow! Well I have to admit I am probably not as green as I should be.I do the usual green things such as recycle rubbish, shop with my bags for life and walk to work~ though as work is only ten minutes away it would be lazy if i didn’t 😛

I do live in a small country town which has 9 charity shops so I  bob in them quite a lot. When i’m not on the hunt for vintage tea cups in Shelter i’m perusing the clothes rails in Oxfam.You never know what you might find! I recently bought two lovely dresses and I wore one to a friends hen do and one to her wedding. Thus recycling, giving to a good cause and looking fab without breaking the bank. 🙂


I found a fab drss for my friend sarah's hen do from  a charity shop.Ears recycled from previous hen do's.:)
I found a fab drss for my friend sarah’s hen do from a charity shop.Ears recycled from previous hen do’s.:)

Another way of recycling clothes is to hold a clothes swap evening with a few friends.This makes for an enjoyable inexpensive night out.A few glasses of wine, nibbles, a girly gossip and a good old rummage. And your being green too.:)
For more info on holding your own clothes swap party look here.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

On the tea cup trail in Skipton.

As I have a week off work ( Yay! ), I thought it would be a good opportunity to go hunting for some vintage tea cups to make into candles.I decided to take a bus to the Yorkshire town of Skipton which can be a bit of a teacup mecca.Today was no exception. 🙂
The First place I had a wander round was Skipton Antiques & Collectors Centre on Cavendish street which is an aladins cave of vintage treasures on three floors.I could probably have just confined my search to here! I fell in love with two cups and a dainty tea spoon ,then scarpered before I blew my budget in just one shop!

Skipton Antiques Centre.
Skipton Antiques Centre.

Next stop Emma’s Apothecary in the Craven Arcade. I love this enchanting emporium that brims with lotions and potions,cake stands and bath bombs and pretty vintage and shabby chic inspired loveliness. Of course I ended up purchasing goodies here too.:)
moby skip 547
Skipton has several charity shops spread around the town centre.They are always worth a nosy if your hunting for teacups. 🙂
Tia Greyhound rescue charity shop on the High street.
Tia Greyhound rescue charity shop on the High street.

A charity shop with a difference is The Birdcage also situated on the High street.This is more like a vintage store which holds sewing and rag rug making classes and other crafting courses in the back of the shop.
The Bird Cage
The Bird Cage

Today in Skipton there was an Antiques and Collectors Fair in the town hall. I think these are held quite regularly as most times I’ve visited there’s been one going on.I had to go in for a rummage!
At the Antiques fair.
At the Antiques fair.

For a spot of lunch I went to The Three Sheep Tea Rooms. Who could resist a cafe with floating tea cups in the window. :). I had a bowl of very tasty pepper,tomato and lentil soup with some crusty bread.
Three Sheep Tearooms.
Three Sheep Tearooms.

Other shops I had a nosy in were Sue’s Collectable’s and Wash House Antiques. I also treated myself to a birdy top in the sales at New Look.A pretty successful shopping trip all round!
Some of the pretty purchases I  got today.
Some of the pretty purchases I got today.I especially love the cute deer tub ( by sass & belle, from Emma’s Apothecary) and the bunny egg cup i’ve made into a candle.

My New Look bargain £5.
My New Look bargain £5.