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Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ August. 📷

Here are Kate/Hawthorns words for this month’s Photo Scavenger Hunt. 📷

MOVING. I love this stainless steel fish sculpture in nearby Whalley. The fish appear as though they are moving in a circular motion. They represent the three local rivers in the area.

BOXES. I couldn’t find any boxes to photograph , so here’s a picture of a British beach that ticks all my boxes. Two years ago we visited North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. White sands and turquoise sea galore. At the moment a friend is filling my Facebook feed with images from an equally stunning Hebridean Island, Harris. Very envious indeed.

STARTS WITH ….D. A doggo of course. This is Bel the Bedlington Terrier who is totally the boss of our labrador. She always pinches Hugo’s bed whenever we go away with her family. Think Bel does suit pink better than Hugo though. 🙂

BREAKFAST. I snuck out for coffee and a pastry one morning whilst the Eat Out To Help Out offer was on. It was a lovely morning so I ate my breakfast 🥐 alfresco.

MAKING. I’m not really a crafter or maker , so here is a Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredient meal we were making for tea recently. It’s SicillianTuna Pasta and contains pasta, tuna, cherry tomatoes, oregano and capers.

MY OWN CHOICE. Walking past a church yesterday, and who should be walking along the wall but this cute chicken. 🐔

Thanks for dropping by. 😊

Help needed to rehome chickens.


I thought I would just do a quick post about a local animal rescue charity ( based near Settle in Yorkshire ) which is heart breakingly having to close due to financial reasons.  Two of my dear friends run it and they are absolutely devestated that this has to happen.Their priority is of course that the animals they have can be rehomed to loving secure homes where they wont be in any danger of being mistreated or sold on.  Their charity is called The Great British Farm Project. and they have a Facebook page .


If you think you can help in any way here is their email address http://www.gbfarmproject@gmail.com and also they do have a Go Fund Me Page page set up to raise funds for rehoming.

Happily some animals have been promised wonderful homes but nothing has been set in concrete yet so if you think you know of anyone who can help please contact them.

Thanks so much for reading. 🙂