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Sunday Sevens 18th December.Β 

Its  a  Christmassy Sunday Sevens this week.  If only I had some snow to show you, but its been sadly lacking in Clitheroe. And the snow I did see, whilst travelling with my friend Fi over  Pendle Hill last weekend, was beautiful if  a smidge scary. I did not want to insist that we stop her little smart car for photographic opportunitys, when we were running late for a Willow Angel weaving morning with ‘ The Willow Witch of Pendle.’ Luckily The Willow Witch was lovely about our lateness and a very patient teacher. Can you believe these Angels were constructed out of 16 bendy willow rods. Quite impressive! 

There were 5 of us who took the class and we all came away with an Angel. Some more angelic than others!  I love how Louise has wrapped fairylights round the wings of hers. πŸ™‚ 

After braving a snowy Pendle Hill back , Clitheroe was a bit of a non event snow wise..

Last Sunday I went to Skipton with some friends as there was a Christmas market on. Check out the festive Stilt Walkers!  And Christmas is not Christmas without an Afternoon Tea. πŸ™‚  My lovely friend Gill had booked us into Alexander’s

, a gorgeous piano bar and restaurant on the main street. It even has a pop up Alpine Den ( very Hygge) throughout December. I want to go back!  My Goddaughter Mady brought her 2 little ones ,and we can definitely say Alexander’s is very family friendly too. 

The Christmas Tree is up at last!  As you can see its laden with an eclectic  mish mash of decorations and baubles. Over the years I have collected and been gifted various bits and pieces. I am one of those people who find myself buying decs for the tree even in the middle of Summer. I once found a Christmas shop in Sorrento, Italy , in the middle of July…..and  a cherry red ‘ Bon Natalie’  bell, has graced our tree every Christmas since. 🌲

The living room is all properly decorated now , thanks to my wonderful other half. πŸ™‚ He has proved himself brilliant at wallpapering, painting, laying the floor and tiling the hearth. I treated myself to a textured black & white cushion from Rafffia in Clitheroe,  to celebrate. 

All that hard work deserves a couple of drinks down the pub. πŸ”₯🍻

Thanks to Natalie at Threads And Bobbins for organizing Sunday Sevens. 


Star Anise Christmas tree Decorations.


When I put the tree up I totally forgot about the handmade tree decorations I atempted a couple of weeks ago. I found a tutorial in LandLove Magazine about using old candle wax to make festive decorations. I thought these star anise stars looked very sweet.

You will need.

roasting tin
cookie cutters
star anise
candle wax

1.Line roasting tin with baking paper.
2.Melt some wax over a bain-marie.Remove remains of the wicks.
3.Cover base of tin with a thin layer of wax and place cutters on top.

4.Lay one star anise in the middle of each and fill with wax, making sure star anise still peek out. This is where I had a problem! The wax seeped out the edges of the cutters. Maybe covering with something heavy super quick as soon as you’ve poured it in may help.
5.Once cooled and set remove from cutters. I lowered them briefly into warm water to loosen.


6.Heat a needle over a flame of a candle and make a hole in each decoration so they can be hung up.Use parcel string or ribbon.


Most of mine came out to thin and broke.But I managed to salvage a couple and hung them on the tree last night.
So thats my attempt at Christmas crafting.:-D


Oh Christmas Tree

The Tree Is UP !
The Tree Is UP !

Home Alone is on the telly. The Tree is up and decorated. Suddenly feeling very Christmasy round here. πŸ™‚

Decorating the tree is one of my favourite Christmas traditions.I’m not one of those people with a colour co-ordinated tree, no siree. Its all a bit of a mish mash but that’s what I like about it. I love to open my boxes of tree decorations each Christmas and rediscover each and every one of them all over again. Through the years I’ve tried to pick up bits and bobs for the tree from wherever i’ve been on holiday. Its surprising how easy it is to find them,even in the summer. Among’st my favourite baubles are a merry red bell discovered in Sorrento, a beaver peering from behind a tree given to me by a friend when we were visiting her in Canada, a white dove I bought last Christmas in the Yorkshire Dales, a stripey bauble a friend gifted me from Harrods in London and a trumpeting Angel found on a trip to st honorat island in the south of France.

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I do seem to have lost my star from the top of the tree though so I had better get looking. Have you decorated your tree yet?