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A Retro Xmas Pud : )

Hey I found a fun Christmas recipe recently on the fabulous rosalilium blog (www.rosalilium.com) written by one of her guest bloggers ,the lovely Kathryn,writer of the equally awesome blog Kat got the cream( katgotthecream.blogspot.com). You really have to check out both their blogs if like me you love retro and vintage and pretty things. 🙂
Anyway I thought I would have a go at Kathryns Easy Peasy Retro Xmas Pud.
All you need for this 70s inspired pudding is:

1 packet of choc chip cookies
Sweet Sherry ( I used amaretto as couldn’t locate any sherry!)
small carton thick cream
small carton creme fraiche
Sprinkles to decorate ( I also used choc chips)
a retro christmas ornament( optional)

Mmmm spinkles
Mmmm spinkles

The general idea is to dip each cookie in the sherry,fix together with the cream and creme fraiche mixture,cover entirely with the rest of the cream and creme fraiche mixture,put in the fridge for a couple of hours, decorate with sprinkles and serve. For a more detailed method pop along to http://www.rosalilium.comLots of Christmas cheer going on there.X

A December Wknd.

Well it has been a cold clear and frosty wknd.Quite a change from the usual grey and drizzle.I have enjoyed spending time with friends and even finished my Christmas shopping.Sorted 🙂

On saturday i went to lunch with the girls.One of my friends is getting married in May so we had a good gossip about that.

We had lunch in the Emorium.Love these glittery disco ball stylie lights.

We had a good look round the shops and enjoyed the festive displays.


And look how blue the sky has been in Clitheroe!

Library clock and Blue Blue Sky


We had fun trying on fascinaters in one of the local shops and went for a brew in my fave tearoom Callooh! Callay!


In the evening I did a mini craft fair in a nearby village then my boyfriend Wil and I met up with some of Wils family and had a few drinks in the pubs.I had lots of mulled wine.:)

Today has been more lazy.Ive spied a few cheeky animals though.

A cheeky squirrel.
Love these Llamas!

How have you spent your weekend? x