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Cath Kidston does Cozy.

I love getting cozy , now the weather is getting that little bit colder. I also love the sparky bright colours that our lovely Cath Kidston is famous for. I’ve had a quick browse through the website and here are a few of my winter warming faves.

bramley sprig pjs 50
Bramley sprig pjs £50.
robots 28
Robots Hot water Bottle £28.
ric rac lg cup and saucer 16
Wavy Teacup and Saucer £16.
woodland rose sheepskin mules 42
Woodland Rose sheepskin mules £42.
sausade dog draught excluder 40.
Sausage Dog Draught Excluder £40.
ckbillie fluffy knitted £75
Billie fluffy knitted jumper £75.
penguin bed socks 8
Penguin Bed Socks £8.
ck billie gloves 25
Billie Gloves £28.
clouds bed linen 56
Cloudy bed linen ~ Check it out in the Autumn Sale.
stripe knitted throw 75
Knitted stripe throw £75.
woodland pattened wellie socks 15
Woodland Wellie Socks £15.

Roll on Payday I say. 🙂

Charity shop and Clothes Swap.

Todays Topic on the Rosalilium Blog Every Day in May challenge is ‘Go Green’, where we are asked to blog about our green tips.Wow! Well I have to admit I am probably not as green as I should be.I do the usual green things such as recycle rubbish, shop with my bags for life and walk to work~ though as work is only ten minutes away it would be lazy if i didn’t 😛

I do live in a small country town which has 9 charity shops so I  bob in them quite a lot. When i’m not on the hunt for vintage tea cups in Shelter i’m perusing the clothes rails in Oxfam.You never know what you might find! I recently bought two lovely dresses and I wore one to a friends hen do and one to her wedding. Thus recycling, giving to a good cause and looking fab without breaking the bank. 🙂


I found a fab drss for my friend sarah's hen do from  a charity shop.Ears recycled from previous hen do's.:)
I found a fab drss for my friend sarah’s hen do from a charity shop.Ears recycled from previous hen do’s.:)

Another way of recycling clothes is to hold a clothes swap evening with a few friends.This makes for an enjoyable inexpensive night out.A few glasses of wine, nibbles, a girly gossip and a good old rummage. And your being green too.:)
For more info on holding your own clothes swap party look here.

Hope you enjoyed my post!