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Bank Holiday.

It was a certain Black Labradors 7th birthday at the weekend. Hugo enjoys opening his own presents. Tearing off the wrapping paper and shredding it into little pieces is all part of the fun. 🙂

To avoid the Bank Holiday crowds on Saturday we headed over the border into County Durham , another county within half an hour’s drive from the caravan.

Our first destination was Cow Green Reservoir , the water of which shone a stunning topaz blue. From here we walked to the nearby Cauldron Snout Cascade, one of the longest waterfalls in England. There were a few walkers doing the Pennine Way, but mostly we had the place to ourselves.

Cow Green Reservoir.
Birthday Boy.
At the top of Cauldron Snout.

After eating a picnic lunch looking out over the water we decided to drive to nearby Killhope Lead Mining Museum in Upper Weardale. We didn’t do the underground mine tour but did spend a good couple of hours exploring the overground.

Outdoors at Killhope Lead Mining Museum.

Up until the 12th of September there are five large billboards to find outdoors, as part of The Architect Of Ruins Exhibition by Steve Messam. They look particularly striking against the rural/industrial backdrop. I was also delighted to see several Red Squirrels from the Hide in the Woodland. Dogs are welcome at Killhope and the attraction is currently free!

On Sunday we headed to Allonby , a favourite beach of ours for walks with Hugo. On the way we called in at a farm that had opened their Sunflower 🌻 field up for charity. It was amazing to see all those golden flower heads waving in the breeze.

Sunflowers galore. 🙂
The beach at Allonby.

Before we set off home on Monday we took Hugo for a walk in the grounds of Acorn Bank at nearby Temple Sowerby. The gardens, grounds and water mill are open to the public and owned by the National Trust. There are some lovely Woodland walks here, perfect for wildlife spotting and walking the hound. 🙂

Lily pond at Acorn Bank.

It was a bit of an action packed bank holiday weekend. Hopefully Hugo enjoyed his birthday. And thank you to my wonderful other half for driving. He’s definitely a good un. 😁

Visiting Family and the Bowes Museum.

Last week I went to visit my family who live in Cumbria.My Mum and younger brother have lived there a while and my sister and her family have just moved up too. Only me left now but I’m definatly a lancashire lass and I’ll be remaining right here! It is always great to visit though. 🙂
My old cat Teddy aka Teddy Sheringham( he was born during Euro 96) still lives with Mum.Like his namesake he has always enjoyed kicking a ball around, though usually the ping pong variety. He also likes to give me a playful swipe when I walk past him.He loves me really…..

Teddy perusing his fave bird book.

Mum has always been fond of discovering old castles and museums so my visit provided the perfect opportunity to drive 40 miles east to Teeside,county Durham and Bowes Museum. Bowes Museum is a grand stately home on the outskirts of Barnard Castle which was purpose built by John and Josephine Bowes in the 1800’s to house their wonderous collection of art and antiques.Avid collectors, their wish was to share their beautiful finds with the local people.Much of their collection was from France where John Bowes met his future wife Josephine an actress, after buying a theatre where she performed.

Bowes Museum

Bowes Museum is particularly famous for its beautiful 230 year old Silver Swan. I loved it! I wish my photo did it more justice.Its an automatan, one of several that the Bowes collected.It really does shimmer and sparkle.

The Silver Swan

A portrait of Josephine Bowes and her beloved dog Bernardine.

John and Josephine were passionate about building their museum but sadly Josephine died in 1874 before it was completed. John devoted the rest of his life to finishing it. we were glad he did.

A beautiful stained glass window.

After we had spent the morning exploring the museum we had our lunch in the lovely cafe there. The food was delicous and I was amused that the fries here are served in a teacup.Very Posh!

And after lunch we bobbed into Barnard Castle which is a bit of a haven for antique shops. I had a good old hunt for teacups : ). My favourite shop was a little vintage store called ‘My Generation.’ I cannot resist vintage shops.

Goodies in My Generation

It was definatly good to spend some quality time with Mum. : )