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April ~ Photo an Hour.

On Sunday I took part in Photo an Hour on Instagram. Its a challenge Janey and Louisa organize every month and its a great chance to nosy at the everyday lives of others. I usually end up posting my pics on here too. Sunday happened to be a fresh but sunny spring day….and I spent quite a lot of it doing a stall at a craft fair with my friend Jo Jangles. πŸ™‚


8am ~ Time for coffee and toast. Ignore the time on the coffee machine. It felt early…but it wasn’t that early!


9am ~ Here’s what I was wearing to the craft fair. I love my ‘Fun’ brooch which I bought from a very talented photographer who transforms her piccies into jewellery. The Fun is from a Fun Fair sign in Morecambe.


10am ~ All set up for the Craft Fair. Be prepared for more craft fair piccies.


11am ~ Here’s the view from our stall. Ballooon creatures!


12 Noon ~ A gorgeous vintage tea pot of Jo’s. I love the colour and the shape. I heart the mouse too. πŸ™‚


1pm ~ I’m hanging out at my friends Chilli stall where I bought a chipotle chilli mix and there’s a pressie for Hugo too from the pet accessories stall. πŸ™‚


2pm ~ Cake!!!!!!!


3pm ~ Already packed up and home. We were pleased with our sales and booked again for July. Plenty more time for making. Heres Hugo playing with his new toy.


4pm ~ Wil and I are out for a walk with Hugo. I love the fact that Spring is here and when the sun is shining, our English countryside is the best!


5pm ~ On the way home we spy a friend at his allotment and he gave us some rhubarb. I honestly did think about making a crumble……I will make it this week. πŸ˜‰


6pm ~ Hugo is pooped from his walk.


7pm ~ Watching a dvd ( for the next two hours ) so no pic for 8pm. Tracks is the true story of a woman who crossed Australia on foot with four camels and a dog called Diggoty in the seventies. Great film but there was a bit of blubbing going on….by me. 😦 SPOILER ALerT ~ Never watch movies where the hero/heroine travels with a cute doggy, if you’re prone to cry babydom like me.


9pm ~ Watching Poldark. I love this new series but this episode was particularly depressing. I am also now worrying about Demelza’s cute dog…..


10pm ~ My last pic is my other fur baby Slinky who as you can see is looking very chilled here.

So there you have it! How was your Sunday??

October Photo an Hour.

Its Photo an Hour time again :).Yesterday I joined in with several other bloggers and took a photo on the hour , every hour. Its a challenge carried out every month by Janey from Is That You Darling. I join in when I can. Here goes!


8am ~   This is Slinky. She is basically telling me to bugger off and let her have the bed to herself. She thinks its her bed.


9am ~ Today I’m doing a craft fair in the church up the road. I sell teacup candles. Yep I’m the crazy teacup lady. πŸ™‚


10am ~ Just my luck , I’m next door to the chocolate stall. πŸ˜‰


11am ~ My other neighbor is Vicky from Daisy Louise Jewellery. She makes quirky pieces from objects such as cake forks.


12pm ~ Heres a shot of my fave candles on the stall. These pretty wildlife ones were soon snapped up. πŸ™‚


1pm ~ A quiet moment, so reading up on puppy training.we pick Hugo the pup up in two weeks. πŸ™‚


2pm ~ Yummy carrot cake from the craft fair cafe. Couldn’t resist!


3pm ~ Admiring a gorgeous felt owl on the stall opposite.


4pm ~ Finally home after my day at the Artisan Market.


5pm ~ walking through the park to the local pub. We fancy an hour or two ~ its weekend after all. πŸ˜‰


6pm ~ A friend joins us with his springers Ted and Molly. Here they are with an eye out for biscuits!


7pm ~  A quick pic of us in the pub.


8pm ~ Chilli nuts. Might end up being our tea!

After this more friends joined us and we stayed out until about ten, got a takeaway  ( after about five packs of nuts 😦 )and headed home. Quite a nice day really.

Thanks for dropping by….

Sea Air ~ Grange- over- Sands.

During our recent little break away to Red bank farm campsite near Morecambe, we enjoyed a couple of days out. I thought I would post a few pictures to show you where we went. On Sunday we took the car and made our way up the coast to the Edwardian resort of Grange Over Sands. Grange is a picturesque town with a promenade looking out on to salt marsh meadows and the sea beyond. Local delicacies include Salt marsh Lamb & beef and Morecambe Bay Potted shrimps. The town is only 7 miles from Windermere, yet used to be in Lancashire.

Edwardian shop fronts.
Edwardian shop fronts.

I loved the quaint little stores here and had a good look round the gift shops. I mentioned the dreaded word ‘Christmas shopping’ only once and it was enough to make my other half sulk. Typical that I found ‘potential presents’ ….but was firmly discouraged from buying any. That didn’t stop me from treating myself though. πŸ˜‰

Curiosity  shop in Grange.
Curiosity shop in Grange.

As we headed down to the sea front, we saw a sign advertising an Arts & Crafts fair called Art on the Prom. Sure enough an abundance of stalls were set up along the promenade , against the most scenic of backdrops.
red bank fm lancaster 158red bank fm lancaster 155

Apparently the event is held every last weekend of each month over summer. The last one will be at the end of September. The August fair had the perfect weather as you can see. πŸ™‚

red bank fm lancaster 152

Its a hard life, selling Art.
Its a hard life, selling Art.

red bank fm lancaster 148

red bank fm lancaster 144

red bank fm lancaster 156

red bank fm lancaster 153

Treated Myself. :)
Treated Myself. πŸ™‚

I ended up purchasing a tartan cross over bag and a cute map covered diary. πŸ™‚

Thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚

Liz ‘N’ Lil’s ~ Blackburn

After a work collegue suggested I bob into Liz ‘N’ Lil’s , the next time I was in Blackburn, I couldn’t wait to check it out. This quirky and homely cafe/bar is housed in what used to be the Grapes pub in Blackburn town centre.


Located at 108 Northgate , not far from King Georges Hall, Liz ‘N’ Lil’s is a stones throw from the shops, so its the perfect place to hang out after a spot of retail therapy.


Spacious yet cozy the homely decor includes comfy sofas and a bar selling wine & beer. Your eyes are constantly drawn to all the interesting retro nic nacs & pretty vintage touches dotted around the place.




I opted for a tasty home cooked ham sandwich which was served with a lovely salad and I also had a refreshing mixed berry smoothie which was delicious. A popular choice is the Blackburn Bake made from black pudding, bacon and sausages in a mustard sauce !Β The vintage china came out too. Always a treat. πŸ˜€ The homemade cakes looked very inviting also. And theres a great selection of coffees Β and teas.


The relaxed and quirky vibe in Liz ‘N’ Lils means it is the perfect venue for a monthly makers & craft fair which takes place every first Thursday of the month 4-8pm apparently. I shall have to go for a nosy sometime!



I found the staff to be friendly and the tearooms charming so please visit next time your in Blackburn. Liz ‘N’ Lil’s is just what the town needs. Click Here to follow them on Twitter.

A cosmopolitan Case and other craft fair finds.

2014-05-13 21.15.41

2014-05-13 21.29.57
At the weekend I took my stall to The Artisan market in Clitheroe and as usual found myself surrounded by lovely folk and their exceptional wares. πŸ™‚
To the left of me was an amazing chocolate confectionery stall ( Lethal !) and to the right was the very talented Vicky and her quirky creations at Daisy Louise Jewellery

Vicky creates beautiful bangles and rings and other pieces from old cutlery. I think hers was the most popular stand at the craft fair. There was much to admire ~ including a gorgeous vintage suitcase which certainly had the wow factor. I fell in love with it right way. πŸ™‚
2014-05-13 21.18.10
Vicky had painstakingly covered the case in hundreds of postage stamps. Lots of them are quite old and many are from various destinations all over the world. You never tire of looking at them all. πŸ™‚

Although it wasn’t priced up for sale and was actually there just for display purposes , I was thrilled when Vicky agreed to sell it to me. So now I am the proud owner of a very cosmopolitan case !

I also love the interior of my new travel companion. I tried to get my cat Slinky to model it for me but she wasn’t interested. So let me introduce you to a kooky kitty I couldn’t resist purchasing from the market too. πŸ™‚
2014-05-13 21.26.26

2014-05-13 21.18.27

I wish I could remember the name of the lady I bought ‘Crazy Cat’ from but alas it evades me. She did however say she would love to have a stall at the Artisan Market again.

I mentioned Daisy Louise Jewellery at the beginning of the post and how Vicky makes fabulous pieces from spoons. Well here is my new ring. What do you think? As usual I ended up spending all my profits on beautiful things for myself! Now need to book a night away to show off my lovely new suitcase too……..
2014-05-13 21.39.29

The Artisan Market.

On Saturday I packed up my teacups and teacup candles, vintage brooches and a box of my friend’s mum’s home made jams and headed for my first craft fair of the year. The Artisan market in Clitheroe is held on the second saturday of every month. Its a friendly fair in a local church with an eclectic mix of stalls.


I sold lots of teacup candles , which always makes me happy. πŸ™‚

Opposite my stall there was a lovely lady who made beautiful felted creatures as well as other hand-crafted bits and pieces. You can see more at Clothfelt on facebook.


I also loved these sweet brooches made by  Daisy Florence Design   with their pretty floral designs. So wish I had treated myself!

I did buy a few presents though. Couldn’t  resist. I won’t say who for  ( incase they happen to be reading this  πŸ˜‰ )  but the lucky recipicants will recieve  birthday gifts from the very talented Vicky at Daisy Louise Jewellery . She creates gorgeous pieces  often with a steam-punk vibe. And she has also been experimenting with decoupage. πŸ™‚


The folk at the fair were very friendly so it was nice to chat to other stall holders. I was immediately drawn to Pat’s( The Artistic Gardener) stall and her brightly hand-painted pebbles, rocks and field stones. Pat hasn’t got a website yet but i’m sure she will be at future events. πŸ™‚

I had the bad fortune of being placed next to a chocolate stall ( I have given up chocolate for Lent, still abstaining! ) and I also had to resist the temptation of these tasty looking cupcakes made by Sugar Tart Cupcakery . 😦

I really did spend an enjoyable day at the Artisan market and it was good to get back into the swing of things as the last fair I did was before Christmas. I just need to update my own facebook page now Mrs Tibbs Teacupswith remaining candles for sale before Mother’s Day. I ‘m so not organized!


The Artisan Market is at The United Reformed Church in Clitheroe on the second Sat of every month. πŸ™‚

Teacups and Tails.

Anyone who reads my blog may realise that I love my Vintage Crockery and I also love my animals.My blog post today combines the two.:-)

A nice cuppa refreshing Orange,mango & cinnamon tea.

Im relaxing with a cup of Twinnings tea.I love the fruity blends and this one is soo delicous.My plan for this year is to save a few teacups from my teacup candle craze, keep one of the divine cake stands I get my lovely bf to drill and …….acquire a teapot.Then I can maybe invite some friends over for Afternoon Tea. πŸ™‚

Pretty Cake Stands.

I had a fab wknd doing my first craft fair of the year and managed to sell the two beauties above.I also met a few adorable dogs with long waggy tails!Tails and Teacups shouldn’t mix but I would have forgiven a few breakages……the dogs were so cute.:-D
Anyway I sell my candles and cake stands under the name of Mrs Tibbs Teacups ( Mrs Tibbs is actually my cat and the brains of the operation lol ) so hey maybe Teacups and Tails do go together.

Tibbs not letting me use the Lap Top.
Jake the dog mostly just wants More Tea......of the food variety.

Also at the wknd I bought a frame for this lovely picture of Boxing hare I purchased from a little gallery in my Mums home village at Christmas.Love it!


Before I go I will just mention my friends dog Sparkie who went missing on a dog walk on Valentines day.

Look at This Face!
Look at This Face!

Don’t worry there is a happy ending.Sparks ran off into the woods after catching the scent of a deer. Usually he would come back but this time my poor friends spent five hours looking for him in the cold and dark before giving up for the night. They shot up there early next morning and there was Sparkie looking wet and bedraggled on the end of a kindly dog walkers lead, who had found him nesting in some leaves and mud under a tree.Tears of joy and straight home for breakfast and a kip in front of the fire. πŸ™‚

Sparkie none the worse for his time in the wild.
Sparkie none the worse for his time in the wild.

I love a Happy Ending. πŸ™‚