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Blog Birthday Giveaway……Revealed. :)

It’s time to pick the winner of my Blog Birthday Giveaway!  

Up for grabs is a delightful ceramic seahorse tag made by the lovely Lisa at Tile Productions

  and my recently read copy of a book I enjoyed called ‘A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding’ , set  in Japan before and after World War 2.

Thank you so much for all your lovely blog birthday greetings and comments. I really appreciate them.♡♡

I wrote down the names of everyone who commented and placed them in a teacup. I gave it a good shake and looked round for someone to do the honors. Yep I had to ask the other half!

And the winner is………….

It is you Julie W. I will be in touch!!

Thanks again everybody. I have enjoyed reading all your blogging comments. :))

The One Planet Shop.

A few days ago my craft fair friend Lisa and I dropped by at the  OnePlanet shop in the lancashire town of Accrington. Managed by one of our fellow lovely craft fair folk Kerry, the shop is a cornacopia of ethical, fairtrade,handmade and locally sourced gifts and goodies. The vibrantly coloured shop frontage on Abbey street entices you in. There is lots to see inside!







From tasty wholesome fairtrade food to locally produced arts and crafts to enviromentally friendly pampering products the One Planet Shop has plenty for everyone. Lisa’s lovely ceramic tags and buttons are stocked in the shop too as are a small selection of my teacup candles.

So if your ever in Accrington be sure to drop in 54 Abbey street for a nosy. 🙂

Making Tea cup Candle’s :)

Hi my #BEDM post today is supposed to be about my first job but as I am still working in my ‘first job’ and have been for about a gazillion billion years I am wandering off the topic today. I know i have blogged about how to make a tea cup candle before but I thought I would do a fresh post for any new followers who may have a penchant for vintage teacups.:-D

I think they make lovely gifts as they look adorable and if made in a bone china tea cup the candles give out a pretty translucent glow.

You can also scent your candle with a heavenly fragrance.I buy mine from Justasoap Today I shall make a couple of Rhubarb & Custard scented one’s.:-D


You will need:

A bone China Tea Cup ( Pick one up from a car boot or charity shop).
Soy Wax Flakes.
Pre waxed Wick.
Metal sustainer.
Blu tack.
Two long matches or reed difuser sticks.
An old microwavable jug.
An old fork or spoon.
Fragrance oil.

You can buy your candle making supplie’s such as wicks,wax and sustainer’s quite inexpensively on Ebay.


Method ( Makes one candle).
1) Thread your wick through the metal sustainer and attach to the bottom of the teacup with a small blob of blu tack.

2)Hold your wick in place inbetween two long match sticks or reed difusers.

3)Pour two teacups full of wax flakes into your jug and bob in the microwave on a medium heat for 2 mins  or until melted.

4) Stir in your fragrance oil if desired.

5) Pour the melted wax into your teacup and leave a couple of hours to set.Trim the wick with scissors if needed when set.

And Voila your candle is ready!

If you don’t have a microwave simply melt your wax in a small pan inside a larger pan of water on a low heat.

You can also use paraffin wax instead of soy wax if you wish though soy wax is more enviromentally friendly.

If you don’t fancy making one yourself why not take a look at Mrs Tibbs Teacups N Candles on facebook.:-D

This post is part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge over on Rosalilium.