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Sunday Sevens 29th April.

So this week has been the week I attempted to learn how to crochet…..and failed miserably! My lovely friend Lisa booked us into a lesson last Sunday afternoon. She has been wanting to learn for a while and a crochet class is right up there on my 25 Before 45 ~ Bucket List.

However I could not get my head round it…or in fact any of my fingers! I just couldn’t do it at all. It got to the point that the teachers very patient instructions simply sounded like this. Blah blah blah blah blah. Three hours in and not anything to show for it……except a few pretty balls of wool. Slinky says I should make her some pom poms instead. 🤗🐱


Sometimes I think Hugo is a ‘Devil Dog’. Naughty things he has done of late include finding a stinky dead bird and eating it, dissapearing through someone’s garden hedge and chasing a cat and stealing his labradoodle pal’s squeeky toy and refusing to give it back. All that mischief makes him snoozy! Luckilly no harm was done to the cat or the toy. The dead bird hopefully gave him a tummy ache…but that wouldn’t stop him doing it again. Sigh. Does your dog have Marley and Me moments?

Currently watching ~ The Alienist on Netflix. Set in 19th Century New York, this dark detective series is a cross between Ripper Street and Mind Hunter. Apparently in the 19th Century, people who studied those whose natures were alien to the norm ( ie serial killers) were called ‘ Alienists’ . This psychological thriller in ten parts is proving a gripping watch.

My RSPB pin badge collection is growing. 😁 We have been doing quite a few country walks to village pubs recently and some sell these at the bar. My little niece is collecting them too now. Two bird nerds in the family then. 😊

Loving spring time. 🙂 Yesterday a walk along the river to the nearby village of Chatburn meant seeing all kinds of wildlife and gorgeous spring flora and fauna. I spied my first swallows of the season, my first spring ducklings, blackthorn blossom galore and carpets of violets and primroses . We met up with Wil’s brother and his wife for a lovely pub lunch too. 😁


Today’s walk round Beacon Fell Country Park with my niece and nephew and Wil and Hugo has brought my #walk1000miles total for this year so far to 486 miles. Hopefully next week, all being well, I shall have broke 500 miles! The Proclaimers song will be a well received earworm ! 🙂

Thanks to Natalie at Threads & Bobbins for devising Sunday Sevens.

September Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Hi and welcome to this month’s Photo Scavenger Hunt, which you can find out more about over at Made With Love. I struggled with the prompts a bit this time so you may have to use your imagination with a few of my interpretations. Anyway most of my pictures were taken at a Festival for all things wooly called Yarndale in Skipton, where my friends Lisa and Mark had a stall. Hope you enjoy…….yarndale 024
Woven ~ Eeeek even though I went to a Yarn Festival I didn’t manage to find anyone weaving ( there were so many stalls that it was a little overwelming) so I hope these knitted ( not woven) VW camper van bags I admired will do instead.

summer still 017
Repeating ~ Earlier in the month the ‘Tour of Britain’ cycle race passed through my town.In fact Stage Two of it started here. I saw this poster decorating a doorway and thought it perfect for this prompt.

yarndale 015
Greedy ~ A horrid picture of me chomping down on a chip butty in Skipton.I look pretty greedy here !

yarndale 004
Flowers ~ Pretty crocheted vibrant coloured flowers at Yarndale.These were made by people from all over the world and sent to the festival to raise awareness and money for Alzeimers.

yarndale 021
Curly ~ These very patient Alpaca were a hit at Yarndale. Maybe their coats were a little curly before they were shorn.That’s my story anyway!

vintage by the sea 020
Adventures ~ Hugo has many adventures on his walks.Here he is mastering the stepping stones over the Ribble earlier in September.:-D

vintage by the sea 005
Line ~ On the same walk came accross this line of boats on the river bank.

vintage by the sea 080
Mesmerising ~ Mesmerising ceiling Art in the grand entrance of the Midland Hotel in Morecambe.Came to a vintage fair here a few weeks ago.

yarndale 008
Triangle  ~ Back to Yarndale and one of the many crocheted bunting flags.This photo is very Autumnal.

yarndale 001
Dreamy  ~ This prompt was a challenge.In the end i snapped this sleepy cloth lady at Yarndale with her knitting.

vintage by the sea 027
Day ~ A day out at the seaside.My favourite kind of day out.This was taken in Morecambe.

yarndale 026
Whatever you Want ~ Lovely handmade tile tags and buttons on my friend Mark and Lisa’s stall at Yarndale. Visit their website at Tile Productions  for more information. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!