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A Magical Christmas Memory.


Does anyone out there remember ever seeing Santa? The real bona fida Santa Claus I mean!

There’s this memory that has stayed with me through the years and every Christmas time I puzzle over it and think…..
did that really happen?

As a child I grew up on a farm. Weather seemed to be alot harsher and colder back then so during the winter Dad would go round the fields dropping off sheep lick blocks and barrels of treacle to suplement our livestocks diet. Yes barrels of treacle! When a new barrel was opened my sister and I were allowed a dollop each of the sweet black sticky stuff.:)

Anyway one such occasion we were out with Dad in the fields. There was hard frost on the ground and the sky was white and heavy with the promise of snow. We had nearly finished our rounds as Dad said something like “Look up now and You’ll see Father Christmas” …… and sure enough there was Santa and his sleigh pulled by reindeer rushing through the winter sky above us.

I remember telling Mum.I remember telling my school friends. I was convinced I had seen Father Christmas and Dad had too. 🙂

Even looking back now its hard to feel sceptical. Perhaps I dream’t it. Perhaps there was something in that treacle! Dad is no longer with us and my younger sister can’t remember but When I happened to mention it to Mum recently she said “Well you were with your Dad so I imagine it did happen”. So I will smile and keep it as a precious magical Christmas memory. 🙂