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Sunday Sevens 15th April.

Hi folks welcome to another Sunday Sevens, a collection of 7 or more photos from the last 7 days. 😁

On Monday eve I met a couple of friends for a date with some dogs! Isle Of Dogs is the latest Wes Anderson movie and it’s definitely got the Anderson quirkiness. The story revolves round a Japanese Cities population of dogs who are all banished to ‘Trash Island’ after an outbreak of doggy illness. One boy vows to get his beloved ( though some what tick infested! ) best friend back, so we follow the scruffy mutts adventures as they attempt to become reunited with their former humans. I quite enjoyed it. ☆☆☆☆

It was my sisters birthday recently so it was nice to get together with her little family to celebrate. We went out for a lovely meal to The Three Fishes in Mitton. I loved my Fish & Chips served on a fishy plate. 😊

My sister will probably kill me ( if she reads this!) but my favourite photo that I have loved this week has got to be a selfie she took of her and the cat. 🐱 Sis has just turned 41 and Chloe is 20 this year. Talk about the fountain of youth ladies. xx

Thank goodness Spring has arrived! Lots of colour in my local park this week. Always nice to see. 😁



Yesterday was a pleasantly warm day so we made the most of it with a couple of walks. We drove over the fells towards High Bentham, hoping to do a good hike round there.

Unfortunately we couldn’t let Hugo off lead as there were lots of ground nesting grouse in the grass. I was pretty delighted to hear their calls and catch glimpses of their eye-catching red eye flashes. I swear I saw a black grouse ( I think the one below is a red grouse) but now I’m not so sure. Anyway it was wonderful to see them….and also The Great Stone Of FourStones , a local landmark , that made us think of a mini Ayres Rock. 🙂 This glacial deposit has been used as a border marker for Lancashire and Yorkshire. It is said that it was dropped on the moors by the Devil himself, whilst on his way to Kirkby Lonsdale to fashion Devils Bridge. There are well worn steps carved into the side.



After larking about on The Great Stone we drove over to Clapham in North Yorkshire and had a wander along Clapham Nature Trail with Hugo. He had a splashing time in the brook with a couple of golden retrievers. 🙂

Thanks to Natalie at Threads And Bobbins for devising Sunday Sevens.


Mermaids in the Movies.

I have a hankering to watch a Mermaid movie, then I remembered that many moons ago I collected a sea full of sirens, all in one post. 🙂 An Ocean of Ondines, , a Miracle of Mermaids. Let me know your favourite fishy tale. X

sunshine and celandines


I recently watched Pirates of the Carabean – On Stranger tides and the plot involves the pirates obtaining a Mermaid’s tear. This got me thinking ~ what other films feature fish tailed femmes?

I’ve come up with a list of eleven Mermaid movies. A handful I have seen but a few like Mr Peabody and the Mermaid and Miranda , I really need to watch them! If you know of any I have missed please feel free to comment. 🙂

Mr Peabody and the mermaid( 1948)


A middle aged man catches a mermaid whil’st fishing on holiday. Unfortunately he is also married and his attempts at hiding her in the resorts pool and bath tub make his wife think something ‘fishy’is going on.Starring William Powell and Ann Blyth.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. ( 2005)

In the fourth Harry Potter film Harry has to dive into…

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13 Vampire Films.

October nights are drawing in. Why not cuddle down in crushed velvet and sink your teeth into one of the following…

Interview With The Vampire ( 1994). A centuries old vampire recounts his epic life story. Louis’s  tale starts in 18th century New Orleans , where he is turned by the selfish, violent and pleasure seeking Lestat. A tortured soul , reluctant to kill, yet instilled with a terrible lust for blood, Louis plots to escape his evil maker. Things are made more complicated however, when the couple turn a child. A sumptuous  adaptation of Anne Rice’s gothic horror. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst star.

Vamps ( 2012). On a lighter note, Amy Heckerling’s  ‘ Vamps’ is all fun and fangs. Reunited with her Clueless Star Alicia Silverstone, Heckerling directs a  romcom about two vampire flat mates. Negotiating a dating life in modern day NY is pretty dicey when your a blood sucking babe ! Krysten Ritter( of Jessica Jones fame) also stars.

The Lost Boys ( 1987).  Think sunkissed Santa Cruz in the 80’s and it seems an unlikely haven for the undead. But then this movie has quirky characters, a killer soundtrack and some badass leatherclad teen vampires. Two brothers move to a new town and whilst the older boy gets in with the wrong crowd, the younger brother begins to suspect their Mother may be dating a vampire.  Luckily he finds friendship in the form of a couple of garlic clove wielding comic store geeks, and the threesome go all out, to out the towns blood sucking fiends. Horror comedy with a stellar cast that includes Kiefer Sutherland and Diane Wiest.

Byzantium ( 2012). Gemma Arteton and Saoirse   Ronan   play Mother and Daughter vampires,  seeking refuge in a washed out British seaside resort, in this Neil Jordan ( Interview with the Vampire) directed horror thriller. On the run from kindred vampires,  the duo try to etch out a life by the sea, the mother ( a lap dancing prostitute ) and daughter ( enrolling as a student in high school) , but danger always lurks around the corner, for themselves….and their victims. 

Fright Night ( 2011).  Anton Yelchin plays Charley , a fairly normal college kid , who finds life is on the up when he starts dating the hottest girl on campus. He grows a bit tired of his geeky mate , who is convinced that there is a vampire serial killer on the loose, after a spree of killings in the area. But then Charley begins to suspect his and his  Mums new neighbor ( a rather dishy Colin Farrell) of deadly goings on. It all gets rather silly when Charley enlists the help of vampire expert Peter Vincent ( David Tennant) , though plenty of humour and gore makes, for a fun and thrilling ride.

Cirque du Freak : The Vampire’s Assistant (2009). Based on the Darren Shan books , this supernatural tale follows a typical teenage boy, who ends up being turned into a vampire and uses  his new powers in a travelling circus, full of wierd and wonderful performers.  Its a while since I’ve watched The Vampire’s Assistant , but I remember it having a Night Circus Vibe. Watch out for Salma Hayek as Madam Truska, the Bearded Lady. 

Let the right one in (2008). A tale as much about friendship as a gruesome vampire killing spree, this Swedish horror is a favourite of mine, despite me spending any gory parts behind a cushion ! Bullied 12 year old Oskar becomes friends with his neighbour Eli, but it seems she is no ordinary girl next door. ….. If your not a fan of subtitles, this movie  got the Hollywood treatment a few years later and was remade as Let Me In. But I prefer the more atmospheric Scandinavian version. 

I am Legend ( 2007).  Existing in a desolate New York City , after a virus has exterminated nearly all mankind and turned survivors into bloodsucking darkseekers , scientist Robert Neville ( Wil Smith) works on a cure, not knowing whether there are any other unaffected humans out there.   This for me is  a hard film to watch ( as I got to emotionally attached to Robert’s loyal dog Sam 😦  ) , but it is a gripping movie , with Smith exceptional in the role of a tormented lonely man, trying to outwit the darkseekers and keep a hold of his  humanity. 

Bramstoker’s Dracula ( 1992 ).  Bramstoker’s gothic horror is brought to the big screen in Francis Ford Coppula’s  lavish production. Dracula ( Gary Oldman) discover’s the reincarnation of his long lost love and sets out to pursue her, slaying and seducing everything in his wake. Mina Harker’s ( Winona Ryder) fiance and friends enlist the help of Vampire killer ‘ Van Helsing’ ( Anthony Hopkins) to destroy the count,  before Dracula claims Mina as his own. 

The Only Lovers Left Alive ( 2014).  Stylish undead duo Adam and Eve are centuries old vampires living in the present day. Whilst Eve still finds the world a fascinating place and resides mostly in romantic Tangiers, Adam is becoming disillusioned with humanity, mostly confined to his apartment in a run down area of Detroit. Eve returns to Adam to find him contemplating the end ,but manages to persuade him otherwise. Their reunion is disturbed by a visit from Eve’s sister Ava, who does not play by the Vampire rules.  Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston star in this cool ( and almost collected) tale of the undead ,existing amongst the living. 

Hotel Transylvania (  2012  ).   Where do Monsters go to get away from it all? They go to Count Dracula’s lavish holiday resort ‘ Hotel Transylvania’ of course. 🙂 To celebrate his daughter Mavis’s 118th Birthday, Dracula invites all their Monster Mates for a special weekend. But when a human crashes the party monster mayhem is sure to follow.  Fangs and fun with Adam Sandler and pals. There’s a fangtastic sequel too. 

Buffy the vampire slayer ( 1992).  Before Joss Whedon created the legendary TV show, Buffy was played by another blonde bombshell , not Sarah Michelle Gellar, but actress Kristy Swanson.  In the movie Buffy is trained to be a Slayer by Merrick (Donald Sutherland) and is constantly rescuing her class mate Oliver ( Luke Perry) from bloodthirsty vampires. Thank goodness then,  she has more than her cheer leading skills to fall back on when her most evil nemesis turns up in town. Silly stuff, but theres a hint of why the television series became so successful.

Twilight ( 2008).  I’ll end on every teenage girls favourite vampire movie ( maybe) , as  17 year old Bella Swan ( Kristen Stewart) moves to a new area and new school and meets the strangely mysterious Edward Cullen. He and his equally mysterious family go on frequent hunting trips , avoid the other students and stay out of the sun. Is it possible they are vampires??  Twilight is the first of several movies based on the popular Stephanie Meyer books. Robert Pattinson plays  Bella’s toothy soul-mate Edward Cullen. 

So what do you think of my list ? Is it fangtastic? Or does it Suck??


Let it Snow …….In The Movies.

So I’m doing a bit of recycling of Christmas Posts again. 🙂 A few snowy snowy movies to enjoy this winter. Let me know of any others I can add. They don’t have to be Christmassy, just snowy. x

sunshine and celandines

We all love a Christmas film to cozy up to at this time of year…..but sometimes all it takes is a flurry of snow or even a twirl of a snowflake, to make us feel like snuggling with a mug of mulled wine. Here are just a few snowy scenes from the movies!


Heartwarming adventure in the arctic with Paul Walker ~ Eight Below ( 2006).


Furry hats, Ice palaces and love in the time of war ~ Doctor Zhivago ( 1965).


An unlikely Bob Sleigh team ( from Jamacia!) qualify for the Winter Olympics in Calgary ~ Cool Runnings(1993).


Lily Collins finds her handsome prince in this sweet adaption of Snow White ~ Mirror Mirror (2012).


Inspiring true life tale about how an Alaskan town gathered together to rescue three blue whales trapped under the ice ~ The Big Miracle (2012).

the snowman film 1982

A boy builds a snowman who comes to…

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Ten Films I have Enjoyed In 2016.

So I thought I would write a movie post !  All about Ten films I have enjoyed renting or  watching on the big screen, in the past year. Please let me know in the comments if you have enjoyed any of my picks, disliked them immensely or have any recommendations for my next movie night. 🙂

The Walk. ( 2015)  On 7th August 1974 French high-wire artist Philippe Petit attempted the impossible , a daring ( and safety net free!)  tightrope walk , between the twin towers of the newly built World Trade Centre in New York.   Joseph- Gordon Levitt plays Petit, who is obsessed with pulling off the amazing fete, without permission, but with the help of a bunch of friends and believers. The film starts off in street performing Paris and ends on a high ( literally!) in the clouds of a NY skyline. It is dedicated to the victims of 911.

Crimson Peak. ( 2015) I watched this sumptuous Gothic Horror Costume drama as a guest of a local film club……and those  quite pretentious ‘film buffs’ disliked it. However I’m  a fan!  Edith Cushing ( Mia Wasikowska) meets and falls in love with the charming Sir Thomas Sharpe ( a brooding Tom Hiddleston) and after the wedding she becomes mistress of his vast sprawling and very eerie mansion. Or she would, if Thomases creepy sister Lady Lucille didn’t hold tightly onto a big bunch of keys…and  ghosts of dead previous brides didn’t seep through the cracks, in what is a living, breathing, creaky old house. Beautifully filmed sets and costumes. Directed by Guillermo del Toro of Pan’s Labyrinth fame.


Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. ( 2016)  Tim Burton cooks up another quirky offering in his film adaptation of Ransom Riggs dark fantasy.  The story centres around teenager Jake ( Asa Butterfield ) who is suffering from horrendous nightmares after finding the body of his dead grandfather, and apparently seeing his attacker. Jake decides to hunt out the children’s home his grandfather would tell him stories about in childhood, but on arrival finds that the house was bombed and destroyed in 1943. However his grandfather’s childhood friends  still live there in a protective time loop, constructed by their enchanting pipe- smoking guardian Miss Peregrine, played by Eva Green. The children are ‘Peculiars’ blessed ( or cursed) with special powers and are hunted by shapeshifters who consume their eyeballs. Kooky but enjoyable.

Spy.  ( 2015)  Here is a madcap spy comedy starring our favourite ‘Bridesmaid’ Melissa Mccarthy. McCarthy plays a deskbound CIA analyst , whose dashing  partner in the field ( Jude Law) is apparently assassinated while on duty. Our heroine takes centre stage as an unlikely agent, dressed to hilarious effect in random disguises ( see crazy cat lady above) to infiltrate the female assailants gang. There’s great cast support from Jason Statham, Law, Rose Byrne and even our own Miranda Hart. From Bridesmaids to Bond, hey why not !

The Mermaid. ( 2016)  I love mermaid films ( How exciting  that Splash is being remade!) , so was incredibly happy to find out about this chinese movie, which on release in China broke just about every box office record going.And it’s a fun ride with plenty of action, slapstick comedy, romance of course and even a strong environmental message. Jelly Lin plays Shan, a young mermaid sent by mer folk to seduce and assassinate a ruthless playboy tycoon ( Deng Chao)  intent on destroying all marine life in the bay he wants to build on. Shan’s attempts go hilariously wrong and love and chaos ensues.

Diary Of A Teenage Girl. ( 2015) American Coming-of-age drama starring Bel Mooney as Minnie, a precautious teenager in 1970s San Francisco.  I loved the retro seventies vibe and soundtrack of this movie, though the film is a wee bit disturbing , concentrating mostly on Minnie’s sexual awakening and affair with her bohemian mother’s boyfriend. Maybe not one for parents of young teen daughters then!  Diary is based on a graphic novel and also stars Kristen Wiig and Alexander Skarsgard.

Bridget Jones Baby. ( 2016)  No one was more excited than I when the latest Bridget Jones installment hit the cinemas. And happily it delivers. 🙂  Bridget is back with a bump after  liaisons with both her ex Mark Darcy and a dishy American’ Jack’ played by Grey’s Anatomy ‘ Doctor McDreamy’ Patrick Dempsey. But in typical Ms Jones style , she doesn’t exactly know who the father is. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments, old faces return and feisty new characters ( Bridget’s work pal Miranda in particular) add fun to the proceedings. . I loved the last scene where Bridget juggles holding a baby…and a glass of chardonnay. What else!

The Lobster. (2015)  ok so this is one strange little film but I included it anyway because my thoughts kept returning to it again and again after watching. Set in a distopian future where single people are sent to a hotel to meet someone within 45 days ….or get turned into an animal of their choice, this is a dark tragi-comedy ,which is wierd with a capital W. David ( Colin Farrell ) plays a guest who arrives at the hotel with a collie dog ( his brother ) but his last ditch attempt at pairing up with a fellow guest goes terribly wrong. The second half of the film sees David escape into the woods where he becomes part of a group of individuals who strive to be completely separate….and where relationships are punishable by terrible torture. Not for the faint hearted.

Eddie The Eagle. ( 2016 )  Here’s a true story with a real feel good factor. Eddie The Eagle has it in spades. 🙂  If you are  of an age ( like me!) to actually remember the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards is most probably a name ingrained into your memories of the eighties , like leg warmers, reversible mickey mouse sweaters and Gordon the Gopher. Edwards is a British Skier who became the first competitor since 1929 to represent Great Britain in Olympic Ski Jumping. How he got to be in the games  in the first place is testament to his endurance and determination. He didn’t exactly look like your average Olympic athlete!  This affectionate movie chronicles Eddie’s journey through adversary to his last minute entry in the 90- metre jump. Taron Egerton stars.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. ( 2016 )  Let us end with a magical prequel to the Harry potter films. Fantastic Beasts follows British Wizard Newt Scamander ( Eddie Redmayne) arriving in New York  en route to Arizona. He carries with him a suitcase which contains a secret world of fantastical creatures, some of whom manage to escape in the city and create mayhem.  I enjoyed the film though I possibly warmed more to the mythical beasts than to the main characters. Look out for an unexpected cameo appearance.:)

February Things. :)

Just a quick catch up post of all the lovely things that I have enjoyed in February. I must say this month has really flown by. Sometimes it has felt like Spring really is just round the corner. And at other times I’m very glad to be snuggled by the roaring fire in the local pub. 🙂

Books. This year I have decided to try and read at least one book a month. And in February I happily did. I am falling back in love with reading again. 🙂 I completed Gone Girl ( I am now tempted to call any Amys I know ‘Amazing Amy’ 😛 ) and I also enjoyed Eva Rice’s charming 1950s tale The Lost Art of keeping secrets with its ditsy characters, crumbling mansion, duck suppers and afternoon teas.

Eve & Adam.

Films. The romance of Valentines day did not really reflect in the movies I watched this month. My fave by far is an original and captivating vampire story The Only Lovers Left Alive which is actually a love story of sorts.Adam and Eve are years old vampires and the epitome of cool.They are married but live apart.Eve in Tangier.Adam in Detroit ~ his present reincarnation being that of a reclusive rock star, hiding away from his fans.Both have evolved over the years, preferring not to kill humans , sourcing their diet by other means. Eve is reunited with her lover when she senses he is growing jaded of life.The Older by maybe a few thousand years Eve still sees beauty in the world that humanity created. Their reunion is thrown into chaos when Eves younger sister ( who is quite fond of the odd midnight snack) pays them a visit. I loved this film and Tilda Swinton and Tom Huddleston are just right in their roles. Swinton especially brings a wisdom and ethereal quality to Eve. Divine.

Of course I had to watch Gone Girl after reading the book. I thought it was a pretty faithful adaptation. Although if you read the novel you do get a better insight into why the characters behave as they do. If you liked Gone Girl then you will probably also like Before I go to Sleep , a thriller starring Nicole kidman as a woman who wakes up every morning with no memory of anything from her life before. Colin Firth is her long suffering husband and Mark Strong a doctor who claims to be helping her. But whom can she trust…….
So February has been full of thrills and chills film wise. And no Fifty Shades of Grey , as yet. 😉

Paloma. 🙂

Music. Currently listening to ‘A Perfect Contradiction’ Paloma Faith in the car. Oh yes this girl has style and strength and has just won a Brit Award for Best British Female.

Tea Room Treasures. February has seen me eating out at the Garden Kitchen near Sawley with the other half and also my friend Lisa and I discovered the perfectly pretty shabby chic tea room Mellingsin Whalley. I do love a good tea room.:)

Mellings in Whalley.
Mellings in Whalley.

What have you enjoyed in February?

Arm chair Travel. :)

It might be just about now that your thinking about booking a foreign holiday, somewhere you can laze in the sun maybe,or take in the sights. Recently I watched one of my fave films ~ Under The Tuscan Sun , which never fails to make me long to explore the rolling hills and vinyards of Tuscany in Italy.  Here are a few movies that inspire me to journey to these places for real. Or just enjoy a spot of armchair travel. 🙂


Lost In Translation ( 2003 ) ~ A tired actor ( Bill Murray) and a photographer’s young wife ( Scarlett Johanssen) both find themselves in Tokyo and form a close friendship, whilst getting to grips with Japanese culture and figuring out what they want out of life. Love this movie.


Amelie ( 2001) Charming romantic comedy set in Paris about a young waitress ‘Amelie’ who dishes out good deeds along with her creme brulee.A magical film.English Subtitles.


The Way (2010) ~Tom an American doctor ( Martin Sheen) travels to France to collect the remains of his estranged son who was killed in an accident in the Pyrenees. He had died walking the Camino de Santiago, also known as ‘The Way of St James’. Tom decides to complete the pilgrimage for him and embarks on the 800Km trek across the top of Spain, meeting other troubled souls along the way. A road movie where the characters walk…..and the journey is also one of self discovery.


Roman Holiday ( 1953) ~ Why not discover Rome through the eyes of a Royal princess playing truant. Audrey Hepburn plays the princess longing to do normal everyday things in the city….and Gregory Peck is the undercover reporter showing her the sights, looking for a good story and finding himself falling in love. A fairytale romance. 🙂


Only You ( 1991) ~ To Italy again and Marissa Tomei plays Faith, who travels to Europe in a quest to find her one true love and destiny. A sweet rom com about mistaken identity and dreams coming true , with scenes shot in Venice and Positano and Rome.


In Bruges ( 2008) ~ Irish hitmen and dwarves in Bruges.This black comedy stars Collin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as assasins waiting on instruction in the historic Belgium city one Christmas, after a job goes wrong. Darkly funny.


Midnight in Paris (2011) ~ Discover the Paris of today and the Paris of the 1920s in this time travel romance directed by Woody Allen. A nostalgic writer ( Owen Wilson) finds himself mysteriously going back in time to the days of Ernest Hemingway and Salvador Dali everyday at Midnight. A homage to the citys artistic history with a love story thrown in too.


The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) ~ Based on the journals of ‘Che Guevara’ this is the tale of two medical students who travel through South America by motorcycle in the early 1950s. Enjoy the stunning scenery and find out how the Cuban revolutionary got his calling. English subtitles.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) ~ New York is the setting for this iconic Audrey Hepburn movie.She plays madcap socialite ‘ Holly Golightly’ who lives in a Manhatten appartment with her cat with no name. George Peppard is the unknown writer who falls for her charms.One of my favorite films ever!


Under The Tuscan Sun (2003) ~ Diane Lane plays a writer who whilst holidaying in Tuscany after her marriage breaks down, impulsively buys a crumbling villa. Life changes for her in many unexpected ways.A fabulous little film. 🙂

Which films inspire you to book a holiday?