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Wild buds and blooms.

At the weekend we were blessed with actual warm sunshine and blue skies. On my walks with Hugo I took my camera along to record the abundance of wild flowers that had literally sprung up in the April sun rays.

Blackthorn Blossom.
Sunshiney Celandines. The leaves were a valuable source of vitamin C to prevent scurvy.
Paraglider enjoying the blue skies.
Early morning Wood Anenome.
Horsetail grass.
Perhaps a flowering red currant?
A leafy umbrella.
Barren strawberry flowers.
Ivy leaved Toadflax.
Female pheasant in the grass.
Daffs in Pendleton Village.
Masses of Marsh Marigolds, also known as King-Cups.
Blue Forget-me-nots.


I also saw my first butterflies of the season, a small tortoiseshell and a cabbage white, though still waiting to see my first swallow. Spring really has sprung….at last. 🙂

Twenty Things To Do This Autumn. :)

Autumn Leaves. Image via Pinterest.


I thought I would get in the mood for Autumn, and the best way for me to do that, is to make a list of course! Enjoy. 🙂



1. Go for a woodland walk and admire the changing colours.

2. Refill your hanging baskets with Autumn favourites such as pansies, cyclamen and Ivy.

3. Fill your home with the scents of Autumn. Add cinnamon sticks,orange rind,whole cloves and bay leaves to water and simmer on the stove.

4. Go Blackberry picking and make a lovely crumble.

5. Autumn is the perfect time to get cosy on an Autumn Glamping Break. How about staying in a colourful Shepherd’s Hut  in the Lakes, a luxurious Safari Tent in the Trough of Bowland or a beautiful Showman’s Wagon in Cornwall.

Poetry. Image joana-duarte-23198-tumblr.com

6. Curl up with some Autumnal Poetry , such as Emily Bronte’s Fall, Leaves Fall.

7. Dust off the Slow Cooker and make some simple hearty stews.

8. Grab the girls and head out to the movies to see Bridget Jones Baby or A street Cat Named Bob. 🙂

9. Bring Nature indoors and decorate your Mantel Piece with leaves and fruits.

Autumn Fireplace Display by Rosalilium blog.

10. Rent a good gothic movie. How about Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak or Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.

11. Jump in a big pile of leaves. 🙂

12. Fill a vase with colourful orange and gold blooms such as dahlias, crysanthemums and chinese lanterns.

Toasty.Image ~ The Londoner.

13. Grab cosy blankets, a camping stove, and toast marshmallows with friends.

14. Learn to crochet. I really need to do this!

15. Join in the fun at your local Apple Pressing Day.

16. Explore your local town on a spooky Ghost Walk.

17. Look out for an Autumn Themed Afternoon Tea to try out, or create your own..

18. Collect sloes and make boozy Sloe Gin.

Afternoon Tea. Image via Pinterest.

19. Practice your Apple Bobbin skills. 🙂

20. Get your mitts around a warming Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

What would you add to the list? X

#BEDM Hugo’s Haunts ~ A walk in the grounds of Clitheroe Castle .

Hugo is very lucky that the town we live in has an excellent dog friendly park!  Some days we head down the fields to the river on our walks and occasionally we can be found whizzing round the Castle grounds.When I say whizzing, I mean Hugo is usually about a mile ahead of me.I most probably am trying to catch up with him…..or hyperventilating in a bush!  Although today’s #BEDM  prompt is meant to be TOP TIPS, I’m just going to show you a few piccies of my local park and tiny Castle instead….

castle walk hugo 001
The park is full of beautiful blossom at the moment. 🙂
castle walk hugo 008
The Band Stand at the park plays host to a few events in the Summer including The Castle Proms.
castle walk hugo 003
The Castle Field is perfect for Sunbathers. 🙂
castle walk hugo 012
Spring flowers are so colourful!
castle walk hugo 011
Clitheroe Castle may be tiny but it has dominated the town’s skyline for over 800 years.
castle walk hugo 013
The Keep is the second smallest surviving stone-built Keep in England. I don’t know which is the smallest!
castle walk hugo 017
The Castle commands views all around.
castle walk hugo 021
The Castle’s Museum is based in the former Steward’s house but Hugo is not allowed inside.
castle walk hugo 026
A bonnie boy amongst the Bluebells. 🙂

This turret known as The Pinnacle is originally from the Houses of Parliament. Hugo is impressed!

castle walk hugo 009
But is ready for another game of ball. 🙂

Thanks for joining Hugo and I on one of our typical walks. 🙂

This post is for day 6 of #BEDM devised by Elizabeth at Rosalilium.

Happy Blog Birthday Giveaway.

Wow July is a bit of a month for celebrating!  This month the Other Half and I will have been going out Ten years. TEN Years!  Quite an achievement I hear you say. Also in July I recieved a letter from work congratulating me on my Long Service.Eeeek , I won’t tell you how long ….as it will reveal how ancient I actually am….But yay I do get a few goodies which is always nice.  Oh and I mustn’t forget the best anniversary of all ( ok the second best 😉 ).This bloggity blog has a Birthday. Its 3 years old!!  I’m so impressed that I’m still managing to find stuff to post after three whole years, that I think I will have to indulge in a little Giveaway. Just to say thanks to you for actually stopping by once in a while. IT means a lot. <3<3


So I’m giving away this pretty Wooden Flower Press. I bought it recently from The Orchid House in Keswick. With a colourful floral pattern and chunky screws it certainly takes me back to my childhood. If you fancy preserving a few summer flowers why not comment below. Simply tell me your favourite flower and your favourite childhood toy/game. All entries will be put in a flower pot and a winner randomly chosen at the end of the month.

Thanks guys! 🙂

Park Life ~ May.

May in the Castle Grounds and everything is so much leafier. Summer is definitely   round the corner.  The Squirrel population seems to be taking over though. If you ever want to take a piccie of a squirrel come to the park at Clitheroe Castle. 🙂

Squirrel Nutkin.
Squirrel Nutkin.
Horsechestnut blossom.
Horsechestnut blossom.
The early bird caught the worm.
The early bird caught the worm.
ppark life june 027
Not sure what this is but its very pretty. 🙂
And ditto!
And ditto!
This is my tree!
This is my tree!
Bluetit finds a suitable perch.
Bluetit finds a suitable perch.
Castle museum peeking through the Cow Parsley.
Castle museum peeking through the Cow Parsley.
ppark life june 042
Great tit.
Something fishy.
Something fishy.
Parks resident squirrel catcher.
Parks resident squirrel catcher.
Let me show you my tree!
Let me show you my tree!
Collared dove.
Collared dove.

Life in the Park is vibrant and colourful right now. Take a walk round yours and see what wildlife lives there. 🙂

Wildlife Wishlist ~ a look back.

Cute Bunny () ()
Cute Bunny () ()

Back at the start of 2014 I wrote my Wildlife Wishlist. I hoped I would catch at least three of the following animals and birds on camera…..

Jay, Tawny Owl, Hare, Curlew, Pied Wagtail, Sand Martin, Jackdaw, Fox, Goldfinch, Bullfinch,Lapwing,Starling, Kestrel, Red wing, Swallow, Roe deer, Badger, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Treecreeper and Kingfisher.

Female bullfinch
Female bullfinch

Me and my little Lumix didn’t have the best look with the list….but I am hoping for great things this year. After raiding the old Change bottle, myself and the other half have purchased a Lumix FZ72 which has a 60x Optical zoom. Hopefully when I’m out and about ( with or without Hugo the pup) and spy that shy jay in the oak tree over the stream, I might have a greater chance of adding him to my photo collection. 🙂 For now here are a few snaps from last years posts.

Damsel Fly.
Damsel Fly.
Long tailed tit.Soo cute.:)
Long tailed tit.Soo cute.:)
I was so excited to see the rare Bee orchids that grow in the Salthill reserve. Don't the flowers look like bees. :)
I was so excited to see the rare Bee orchids that grow in the Salthill reserve. Don’t the flowers look like bees. 🙂
Beautiful moss.
Beautiful moss.
Sammy the snail.
Sammy the snail.
Common spotted orchids.
Common spotted orchids.
Little Egret, Bolton le sands.
Little Egret, Bolton le sands.

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

Fall, leaves, fall

Today ( October 2nd) is National poetry day in the UK. As Autumn is taking hold , what better way to celebrate than with pictures of the seasons changing colours and a poem by Emily Bronte.




Fall,leaves, fall; die,flowers,away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night’s decay
Ushers in a drearier day.
Emily Bronte.


Still, I am quite enjoying our Indian Summer. Loving the oranges and pink flower hues in the castle park.



august autumn 047


Do you know any Autumn poems?