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Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ June.

Phew! What do you think of the Hot Hot weather we are experiencing here in the UK at the moment? I am definitely not used to this kind of heat. I find myself only truly enjoying the temperatures either early in the morning or after 8 at night. Reaches for a tub of Ben & Jerrys! Here are my photos for this month’s Scavenger Hunt….


Yellow. I was definitely tempted to post a flower picture here, but instead chose this photo of band member Holly Ross of The Lovely Eggs on stage at Break In The Clouds Festival ,

which we went to last weekend. Not everyone can rock the colour Yellow…but I think she can. 🙂


Starts with a T. Has to be this Tiger I saw chilling in the sunshine at Blackpool Zoo a few weeks ago.


Lilac. My Mum’s garden was buzzing with insects when we visited earlier in June. I forgot to ask her what flower this was. Any gardeners know the name of it, feel free to let me know. 🙂


Starts with a G. Back to Blackpool Zoo and a group of Giraffes. Apparently a Group of Giraffes is called a Tower. 🙂


Silver. After checking on the #30dayswild facebook group, I discovered that this busy moth I photographed in Gisburn Forest is called a Silver Y Moth. You can’t really see on this photo , but it has silver y-shaped markings on its forewings.


My Own Choice. Cute socks worn by my goddaughters at the festival we went to at the weekend.

Thanks for dropping by and stay cool…X

Spring in the Castle Grounds.

spring in the park april2016 011

Today was a lovely spring day with warming sunshine and hints of blue sky. Ignoring the stinking cold I seem to have caught, I spent an hour in the grounds of Clitheroe Castle this afternoon. There were birds, there were bees and there were blooms and buds everywhere. Here is what I saw….

spring in the park april2016 003

spring in the park april2016 018
Robin peers out from behind Spring blossoms.

spring in the park april2016 005
Glory of the Snow.

spring in the park april2016 013

spring in the park april2016 016

spring in the park april2016 008
Sunshiney Celandines.

spring in the park april2016 021
Clitheroe Castle Museum.

spring in the park april2016 006
Pink Hyacinth.

spring in the park april2016 020
Cheeky Squirrels.

spring in the park april2016 022

spring in the park april2016 023

spring in the park april2016 017
Long tailed Tit.

spring in the park april2016 024
The Castle Keep.

spring in the park april2016 009

spring in the park april2016 004

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.X

Views of Warwick Castle.

If you ever find yourself in Warwick and arrive too late in the day to make the most of the £22 per head entry fee into the town’s historic  Castle, I have the perfect compromise for you. For picture postcard views of  the medieval pile, head down to the bottom of Mill Street with its clattering of cobbles and attractive whitewashed cottages. Right at the end on the left one cottage has opened its riverside garden to the public…..and the vistas are stunning. 🙂 coombe abbey 097coombe abbey 098coombe abbey 101

The The Mill Garden  has a beautiful perspective of Warwick Castle and the £2.50 entry fee is well worth it for the great views.

coombe abbey 112

The cottage and garden has been in the  Measure’s Family for many years and is lovingly tended by family members and volunteers. The money raised is split between various charities.  There is an honesty box for plant sales too.

coombe abbey 132coombe abbey 124coombe abbey 114coombe abbey 128

Even in early March this English Country Garden is a riot of colour with daffodils,snowdrops,hellebores and other Spring flowers in bloom. The Castle makes for an impressive backdrop don’t you think? The fairytale turret you can see is called ‘Caesar’s Tower’. There are crazy paving pathways and strategically placed benches and loveseats, from which to enjoy the scenery.


coombe abbey 119coombe abbey 123coombe abbey 130

coombe abbey 125

The River Avon flows past the bottom of the garden. The ruins of a medieval bridge can be seen. Some years Swans choose to nest here.

coombe abbey 127coombe abbey 133

This little tranquil garden really is the perfect place to relax and It surely must be the best place in Warwick to photograph the castle, apart from the castle grounds themselves of course.

coombe abbey 126coombe abbey 134

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

52 Lists : What I can see right now.

august autumn 052

Ok I’m cheating. I actually wrote this post yesterday evening after my walk. I sat out in the back yard , trying to capture the last of the days very welcome sun rays. Here is what I could see…..

~ Two hanging baskets still in bloom. 🙂

~ My 25p pack of Lidl seeds , turned into lovely blue and yellow flowers.

~ More blue. Blue painted patio furniture that the other half has jazzed up over the summer.

~ A slug! One slug is pretty good going in my back yard. The place is slug central.:(

august autumn 049

~ a mug of black coffee and a flapjack.

~ a copy of The Simple Things magazine.

~ One black cat called Slinky Malinky. 🙂

august autumn 053

Thanks for dropping by….