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London ~ A Walk in the Park.

Ha the title of this post sadly doesn’t refer to my knowledge of The London Underground! I am still hopelessly confused by the city’s magnificent transport system. This post simply documents a stroll from A to B, through three beautiful Royal Parks.

london 020
Baby Cakes. πŸ™‚

After hungrily devouring these gorgeous and expensive cakes in Harrods, with our eyes, we bought a few less expensive items for a picnic in nearby Hyde Park.  Hyde Park covers 350 acres and it was just so nice  to get out of the hustle and bustle , and  into a lovely green space.

Spring Blossom selfie. πŸ™‚

Now I’m afraid I didn’t do any research about the Royal Parks. Looking up Hyde Park now, I can see it is full of beautiful sculptures and statues, which we of course completely missed !  I did however see plenty of wildlife and lots of Spring Blossom. πŸ™‚

london 027
Egyptian Geese and their brood.
london 029
Moorhen amongst the reeds.
london 030
Beautiful tulips .
london 034
Anyone any idea what the taller yellow flowers are?

We did spot  two sculptures in Hyde Park.  The marble Boy and Dolphin Fountain was made in 1862 by Alexander Munro, a friend of Alice In Wonderlands creator , Lewis Carroll.  Not far from him is The Huntress Fountain, located in The Rose Garden. Look closely and see that she has made the ideal perch for Mr Magpie.

Our stroll had taken us as far as Wellington Arch which opens into the smallest of London’s Royal Parks, Green Park.  Happily we decided to carry on and enjoy the open space. πŸ™‚

london 041
Wellington Arch was built as a Victory Arch and celebrates Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon.

The Parks are all the more pretty at this time of year , due to the gorgeous Spring Blossom. If you are in London right now be sure to head to the Royal Parks. πŸ™‚ And look out for the city’s population of bright green parakeets! Popular legend has it that  the Ring Tailed Parakeet population was given a helping hand  by rock star Jimi Hendrix , who released two on Carnaby Street in the Sixties….

london 055
Parakeet in Green Park.

We walked through Green Park towards Buckingham Palace,  the official residence of the Queen.  A carpet of stunning colours greeted us as we crossed over the road into the oldest of the Royal Parks, St James’s Park.

london 061
Buckingham Palace.

St James’s Park is a delightful place to stop for an ice cream and admire the water fowl that frequent the lake. There are also wonderful views from the Blue Bridge towards Westminster and the London Eye.

london 071
The Bird keeper’s Cottage and the lake.
london 075
Red necked geese.
london 067
London Eye from the Blue Bridge.
london 078
Grey Squirrel.
london 066
Spotted this very tame Heron watching the lake from under the cherry blossom. πŸ™‚
london 065
Very tame indeed. 

We even managed to spot St James’s most famous residents !   Pelicans have lived in the park since  1664, when the Russian Ambassador gifted some to Charles II.  They are cared for by a Wildlife Officer who feeds them fish every day and makes sure they are in tip top condition. The exotic birds  also snack on fish in the lake and their usual hangout is Pelican Rock below.

london 069
Pelicans on Pelican Rock.

Our walk had taken us through three Royal Parks and the hotel was mere minutes away. Who needs the Underground. πŸ™‚

Which is your favourite London Park? 

A Foody break in London.

Today’s topic on the Blog Every Day In May Challenge is Food. Food, Glorious Food! I’m definitely a big fan of eating it. πŸ˜‰ But cooking is not my forte.So I thought I would write about a few days spent in London house sitting with my friend Becky, which turned into quite a foody holiday. A couple of years ago Becky’s brother had to work away and needed someone to stay in his flat and look after his very affectionate yorkshire terrier ‘Julie’.We were only to happy to oblige and decided we would like to do three things while in our cosmopolitan Capital.Go somewhere posh for Afternoon tea,delight in the food halls of Harrods and dine out at a Michelin star restaurant.Becky was an absolute star and arranged everything.:)
Becky booked our Afternoon tea ( with a twist! ) at the Caramel Room at The Berkeley -Knightsbridge. The fashionista Pret -a-Portea is a sumptuous afternoon tea inspired by the latest London designer fashions.The dainty sandwiches, cakes and desserts are fashioned in on trend styles and colours. The menu is updated every six months to keep up with the most recent fashions.
We had the champagne Pret-a-Portea which is Β£49 per person. Our waitress was very attentive and described each of the mouthwatering morsels on our three tier cake stand.It was fun admiring then consuming every victoria sponge handbag and every polka dot pump cake! And so we never ran out of anything our lovely waitress constantly topped up everything.;)
We really enjoyed the experience as it was both novel and delicious.To book this decadent afternoon tea shimmy down Here.

Not far from The Berkeley is the upmarket department store Harrods.We just had to peruse the amazing food Hall there which is packed full of luxurious food items. We especially loved all the different foreign cuisines and of course we couldn’t leave without purchasing some Lola’s Red Velvet Cup Cakes.:)

On our last but one evening we ate out at Gordon Ramseys Grosvenor Square restaurant Maze..We had decided on the six course taster Menu which we enjoyed tremendously. The contemporary asian/european setting very much added to the ambience of our night.

Lamb with mint jelly.
Lamb with mint jelly.

Crab with herbs and pickle.
Crab with herbs and pickle.

pancotta with strawberry jelly

As you can imagine I must of put on about half a stone on our mini break in London. I would definitely do it again though. Maybe Afternoon Tea at the Ritz next time. πŸ˜‰