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Sunday Sevens 17th September.

There has definitely been an Autumnal feel to the past few days. I have been taking quick snapshots on my phone of the many nuts, berries and fungi I have come accross, when out with Hugo.

Some kind of fungi in a tree stump.

It’s rained cats and dogs ,but inbetween showers there are always good photo opportunities! 


Hugo and Hips.

 I would not trust myself with identifying whether any fungi shown are edible or poisonous ! Have you ever collected any and cooked them? I remember my sister and I picking Horse Mushrooms from the fields as youngsters and Mum created all sorts of grey gloop with them for our teas. The picking was more fun than the eating! 

Below are elderberries ( edible) , Nightshade ( definitely poisonous) , Scabious flower, more fungi and new green acorns. 


Wild finds in all their September glory. πŸ™‚

We have ordered a new fire and some wallpaper. Operation Living Room commences in October!  The fire is actually electric, but looks like the real thing, especially with the log storage. The wallpaper is for the alcoves and is by Minimoderns.  The Dungerness Print is actually inspired by a real place in Kent, that we would love to visit oneday. 


Yesterday ticked one off the Bucket List and entered Hugo in a dog show. There weren’t many categories left when we arrived at The Wuffit Mix Fun Day , so we had a go at Best Working Dog. Not that Hugo has ever worked a day in his life!  We didn’t win but…..

we bought Hugo a big bone biscuit anyhow……x

Yum Yum. 

These are my 7 photos for Sunday Sevens devised by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins. 


Sunday Sevens ~ 9th July.Β 

Its been a while since I have joined in with Natalie’s  Sunday Sevens, so I thought I would collect some piccies together, and give it a go. Last weekend was a friend’s wedding, and the reception included an Afternoon Tea!  Now any readers of this blog must be wondering , why have I  been slacking on the afternoon tea front recently?  I really don’t know!! Must remedy that. The Spread Eagle in Sawley does an amazing one, which includes a tasty sandwich selection, fruit cake and cheddar cheese, rocky road, carrot cake and scones with strawberry jam & clotted cream. I must say the Spread Eagle is also a lovely wedding venue with welcoming staff and lovely interiors. 


And theres even a menu for dogs. πŸ™‚  Wil and I ended up walking back the next day to pick up the car. We had a yummy lunch there and ordered Hugo some crackerjacks. They didn’t last very long!  


Wil and I at the wedding.

This week I have been catching up on the utterly brilliant The Handmaid’s Tale on channel 4. If you have heard of the Margaret Atwood novel from the 1980’s , this series is based on her dystopian masterpiece….and is gripping, horrifying,moving, disturbing and Wow, just amazing!  Set in a totalitarian society in a modern day America, where chemical warfare has rendered most men and women sterile, The Handmaid’s tale follows the lives of  the few fertile women that are left, imprisoned as child- bearers , for the future of the population. Elizabeth Moss ( Mad Men) plays Offred and we see her struggle to survive this terrifying regime. You need to watch this show….

A year ago I blogged about the regeneration of  Holmes Mill, an old Textile Mill in my home town, Clitheroe. It is being turned into an amazing entertainment space and already houses England’s longest continuous bar. Thursday gone ,saw the new Food Hall open , showcasing some of Lancashire’s best local produce. I hope to do a proper blog about it soon, but here are a few photos to wet your appetite. πŸ™‚

 Of course , as fantastic as it looks, the Food Hall is also incredibly expensive. Somewhere to go if you want to treat yourself , I think ! 

Speeking of much less creative spaces ( sigh) here is our horrid front room, with its stunning 1970’s brick work and fire. We had a bit of a declutter yesterday, and it is actually looking a lot better than it did!  Anyway future plans ( probably next year) are to update the fire ( hurrah!) and paint the horrible brickwork white ( may need about 20 coats! , not sure it will look right though? ) as well as put wooden flooring in and change the wallpaper. To be honest I would dearly  love to take a sledge hammer to those darn bricks, but Wil is not to keen on that idea! What would you do?? 

Lost in a time warp….in a bad way. πŸ˜‰

Anyway thanks for dropping by and enjoy your Sunday.  Looks like sunshine out there! 

Easter Tree Pinspiration. <3




Pretty pastels, decorative eggs, baby animals & Spring flowers. I am becoming seduced by Easter decorations! Β My poor abandoned little twig tree ( I totally forgot about it at Christmas) will hopefully get a new lease of life…….. as an Easter Tree. πŸ™‚ I will adorn it’s bare branches with colourful eggs and fluffy bunnies. Where to look for inspiration, but good old Pinterest.




If you have one of these twiggy Christmas trees, then it will definitely double as a display for pretty fabric birds like these.


A handful of twigs gathered from the garden , hung with hand painted eggs.


Spring twigs arranged in a pitcher/bowl, make for an effective Easter display.


Glue gun Jellybean’s onto Apple Tree branches. Hmmm I suspect more of these might end up in my mouth, than on the tree.;)


And add a dapper white rabbit with a Top Hat πŸ™‚


Or keep it simple and au naturale Β like the minimalist Scandinavians.


Pussy Willow branches look adorable adorned with pretty pastel eggs.


Spring flowers, Lindt chocolate bunnies and a nice cup of tea adds to this lovely floral Easter display. πŸ™‚

For more Easter Tree Pinspiration ,check out myΒ Easter Tree Pinterest Board.

Will you be having an Easter Tree?


Bedtime blues.

Inspired by a post over on Louisa’s blog, Duck In A Dress , I thought I would share with you my favourite room in the house ~ the bedroom. πŸ™‚

The reason it is my favourite room is probably because we ( or should I say the other half ! ) decorated it in relaxing blue and white. Blue is my most prefered colour and I really do love our white floorboards, though they are a bugger to keep clean….2014-05-24 16.41.49

We have an old clock on the wall which we never wind up as it is incredibly noisy! I love the feature wall which is blue with white and pale gold flowers on stalks that look a bit like lacey cow parsley. The wall paper was from Homebase and I think they still sell it.

2014-05-24 16.24.12

Our cat Slinky seems to almost permanently live on the bed , hence the fleece at the bottom. I really want to get her a cute cath kidston pet bed , but I doubt she will even use it. I can almost forgive her. πŸ™‚

2014-05-24 19.54.37

I recently purchased a mirror for the dressing table from a little shop called Chillimoon in my local town and my lovely blue chair came from Sew To Soul

2014-05-24 16.18.33

A couple of books on my side of the bed and a teacup pincushion. :)
A couple of books on my side of the bed and a teacup pincushion. πŸ™‚

One of my teacup trinket stands , home to some of my rings and things.
One of my teacup trinket stands , home to some of my rings and things.

The beautiful waves painting is by a local artist  and was a present from some of my fab friends for my 40th. :)
The beautiful waves painting is by a local artist and was a present from some of my fab friends for my 40th. πŸ™‚
This was taken on a sunny evening. The view from our bedroom. Love my chimney !
This was taken on a sunny evening. The view from our bedroom. Love my chimney !

My vintage suitcase waiting to be swept away on a city break somewhere!
My vintage suitcase waiting to be swept away on a city break somewhere!

Queenie cup candle. :)
Queenie cup candle. πŸ™‚

What is your favourite room in your house? x